28 Feb

Dear Sis…

Today is my elder sister’s birthday. She is a wonderful person — sentimental, caring, sensitive towards other’s emotions, responsible, fun-loving, she pulled my leg like crazy (which I hated while growing up). She is very close to me, and I turn to her for emotional and practical support with closed eyes. Even when we were growing up, my younger brother and I used to fight like crazy, all the time. But, she was always the one who was different, more responsible and less excitable, who got scolded when one of us was mischievous because she was the elder one supposed to be in charge. Every step of the way, we have been friends. We shared clothes during college being similar in stature. She used to give me pocket money during MBA when she had a job to splurge as I deemed suitable :). We have very similar tastes in clothes and even in food. After mom passed away, she is sort of eased into her role in my mind. And her daughter, my niece, is very special. I still have very fond memories of her birth, and the time she spent with us. She was the laadli of her nani, mausi, mama and nana. Now, she is a big girl yet very affectionate and caring like her own mother.

Luckily, us sisters have such a good understanding that anything and everything is communicated with each other and if need be resolved. A wonderful mother, a loyal daughter, a dedicated wife, and the best sister for my brother and I — Renu, thank you for always being there for us.

I wish you a happy birthday and loads of beautiful years ahead! Thank you for being yourself!

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32 thoughts on “Dear Sis…

  1. How funny – it is my birthday tomorrow and my two sisters are coming over for a sleepover on Wednesday – we will have a big “cooking” session and then an evening spent walking down Memory Lane and putting the World To Rights.

    Nothing so special as the relationship between sisters!

  2. Thank you for being such a good choti behen and writing such wonderful things abt me ( which no doubt r v true :) Its been wonderful to be blessed with a younger sis n bro to lord over !

  3. Well I feel from your post that elder siblings are blessing. I am the eldest of the siblings so I don’t enjoy these blessing.

    Happy Birthday to your sister :)

  4. Happy Birthday to your Sister!
    I too have 2 elder sisters and 1 elder brother, but I am close to my eldest sister, who is 12 years older than me. She is like a mom, a sister, a friend all rolled into one, very non- interfering, but always there to guide when one wants it, I really love her very much.
    It is good to be blessed with sisters with whom we can get along very well.

  5. @Bhagyashree Yes, sisters are special, brothers are too. But 2 sisters and 2 brothers are thicker, I believe. Thanks for your wishes.

    @Jane Wow, wish you a very happy birthday. And, hope you have a ball with your sisters, the more the merrier :).

    @Alka I think there is a lot of connection between two sisters. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    @Irfanuddin Hey, thanks so much for the wishes. Looks like you have a great sister as well.

  6. @Renu Didn’t expect you to comment! You’re welcome! Hope the day went well :).

    @Talha I feel for you, man :). Elder siblings really have it tough :), but I am sure that your younger siblings love you a lot in return. Thanks for the wishes.

    @Vijay Thanks for the wishes. If you have an elder brother then that must be good too.

    @Dr. Antony Wow, seven sons — satte pe satta :). Then a sister would have been much more special for you guys and would have been spoiled rotten too :). Thanks for the wishes.

  7. @Raajii I hope so too :).

    @Prasad Thank you!

    @sm Thank you!

    @rama Nice to know about your siblings. Being the youngest, were you the most pampered? My sister is also almost 6 years older to me. I completely agree with this
    “She is like a mom, a sister, a friend all rolled into one, very non- interfering, but always there to guide when one wants it, I really love her very much.”
    I feel similarly, non-interfering yet supportive and loving. We both are so lucky!

    @BKChowla Thanks so much.

  8. Wish Renu a very happy birthday…Wish I had a sister :) I have an elder brother but it is not as good as a sister. He still dominates the same way as he used to during childhood days….But now it does not bother much…rather we both enjoy it…:)

  9. @Gayatri Thank you didi.

    @manika Yes, brothers fight a lot. I have one too :). But, I feel blessed to have a brother as well as a sister. My brother and I fought during childhood. Now, we do just fine :).

  10. Sisters are special indeed. And here’s a special toast (though a day late!) to your sister for being just that!

    I have a sister (one and only) who is just 1 yr older than I am and we used to be the best of pals in our years of growing up together. Now we’re miles away from each other, but we can just pick up from anywhere as if we meet every day! That’s the best part of being sisters, isn’t it!

  11. @Bikram Yes, sisters are special. Thank you very much for the wishes.

    @Sh@s Thank you for your visit and your sweet comment. I hope so too.

    @RGB Oh yes, we also yap on and on like we live with each other. We are also in different cities and meet physically only once or twice in a year. But, these days with the telephones, internet, emails etc., we are pretty much in touch all the time :).

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