16 Oct


I must put these down before I forget them. In his innocence, my younger son often pronounces things in his own way sometimes making them unintentionally funny. Some of these are:

Sid: Harry Potter
Gautam: Harry Copter

Sid: Avada Kedavra
Gautam: Avada Kabada (ho gaya kabada :))

Sid: Leviosa
Gautam: Simosa (very close to samosa :))

(Sid’s craze of Harry Potter reflects here)

Sid: Umpire
Gautam Vampire (shrieks!)

Papa: King Cobra
Gautam: Kumkum la

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25 thoughts on “Gautamisms!

  1. very funny this.
    sometimes when Tanvi says things like these, i too imme want to jot it down somewhere for posterity but then promptly forget :(
    good you posted the Gauthamisms

    and just a thought: you’ve named both your sons thoughtfully – wasn’t Gautham Buddha’s original name Siddhartha? was it consciously done? or just happened so?

  2. .So cute .I just want to hug them .Do video tape their activities as much as you can .We have been watching a lot of old videos of my kids as babies – so much fun.

  3. @Sujatha I know that happens, doesn’t it! About the names, there is an interesting story. When Gautam was going to be born, all of us were hoping for a girl including big bro Sid. So, we had mainly concentrated on girl names. For boy names, we had I think 10 options among which was Gautam because Siddharth and Gautam were synonymous names. But, it was Sid who wanted the name Gautam, don’t know his reason for it. And, so that came to be :).

    @Shilpa He just turned 5 :).

    @NRIGirl You are so right! Just the other day, we were watching some old videos and pics and reminiscing!

    @kavita I take pics. I have to take more videos too. Somehow, I’ve become lazy.

    @Santosh Thanks for your visit. Sure, I will visit your space.

    @david Really, I didn’t know that!

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