Vatican is a tiny city-state, the smallest in the world surrounded by Rome. Of course, as a tourist, you don’t exactly feel that you are getting into a new country nor are you asked to show any documents so well interesting trivia to know. Vatican is the seat of the Catholic Church and the Pope is Read More →

rome street

European cities are beautiful. A fantastic public transport, friendly people and an unrushed life makes for some great tourist destinations. But Europe is on  edge after the recent terror attacks in Belgium and Paris as is apparent from the large army presence at almost all monuments, railway stations and airports. There is also a raging Read More →


Have you ever looked at the sky at night? No, I am not talking about the cursory glances we city folks throw at the inky black sky. I am talking about actually staring at it and staring at it for long, observing each detail of the vast Universe. So long that the stars and the planets Read More →

Mussoorie (pronounced Masūrī) is a hill station in India renowned for its heights, beautiful flora, and breathtaking variety in fauna. A resort town atop of being a popular station, it’s in the northern part of India within the district of Dehradun, and is famous for having a history entwined with the 1959 Tibetan Rebellion. According Read More →