Hi people. I was away on a vacation and just got back today. I have so many stories to share, which I will do in subsequent posts :). Today, I want to share my story about my success with RTI.  I finally got my passport reissued after 6 months of applying.

You can read these posts if you wish to read about how I went about renewing my passport

My documents were in order, and my passport got delayed for no fault of mine. I wrote to Bangalore Police Commissioner and Ministry of External Affairs, but my file got moving only after I filed my first RTI wanting to know about the delay in my Police verification. After receiving the RTI application at their end, my police verification procedure file got moving. But, then the Passport authorities went sleeping on it. So, a month later I filed two more RTIs — one to the Bangalore Passport Office and another to MEA, Delhi. Within one week of sending the RTI applications, my passport gets ready and is dispatched to my house!
It is a great tool in the hands of those of us who are harassed by public servants, bureaucrats, and government agencies. Those of you who want to get their passports reissued — don’t bribe, go for RTI. It is a very simple procedure.  I would be glad to guide anyone who requires help. There was a great article in Outlook magazine about the success of RTI Act. Do read it here



17 Thoughts on “RTI – Right to Information — An extraordinary tool!

  1. Yes, I think it is a great tool.But no one must try and use it as a tool for harassment.

  2. WOW, so RTI really works! That’s good to hear.

  3. @BKChowla Why shouldn’t we? This is the way to get information about why processes are delayed at the end of government authorities, which is a form of harassment, in my opinion. We have all the right to get them to explain about the delays.

    @RGB Yes, it does. We even got Post Office here to speed up the payment of NSC, which needed to be transferred from another city by threatening them to file for RTI.

  4. Great Rachna, finally the common man has a weapon.;)
    U were on vacation, hmmm, I was wondering why u had not commented on my post

  5. Redtapism is so strong in the government sector. However you made it since you are educated..what will be d case of people who don’t have enough knowledge?

  6. @bbsearchingself Yeah, I would say that it is a tool for a common person. And, yes I was on vacation :).

    @Tomz Yes, it could be a problem for the uneducated. But, if you read the Outlook article there are people and groups who can guide you in filing the application. The process in itself is extremely simple. And, the problem of corruption is there even for well-healed people like us. If you and me put our foot down on corruption then we can help combat corruption to a small extent.

  7. You go girl… nice one … GLad to see that the RTI works and its a good tool.. I will keep that in mind when next time i visit india to get my property issue done which has been going on for 8 years now …

    I have some very very bad expereinces with the govt offices especially when they know i am from abroad… things suddenly manage to STOP for all the reasons …

    Now i know thanks for telling this
    Bikram’s Blog

  8. That’s cool! This is definitely an inspiration…will make use of the tool when necessary 🙂

  9. Rachna
    Honestly I didnt know such things worked in India.But when too many of such querries pile up,I dont know how it can be.
    You probably did the right thing.It is great you shared this.

  10. @Bikram Thank you. And yes, they do harass NRIs even more. Really, you must take them to task and file an RTI application. I hope your dispute gets cleared quickly.

    @Destiny’s Child Please do. I hope each one does our bit to make our country free of corruption.

    @dr. antony This one works. And, I hope that you remember to use this when faced with some government department lethargy.

  11. ya comman man’s weapon..rightly said..
    and rachna..thanks ya..u r sweet..

  12. I’m so glad you got your passport!!

  13. @Ramesh Thanks :).

    @Agnes Yeah, I am relieved too.

  14. hansel on January 6, 2014 at 10:00 am said:

    Hi Rachna,

    There has been a delay from the passport office rpo bangalore in issuing me my passport. I have paid a fine of 5000/- inr for suppressing my previous address. Now they make me run from pillar to post to get my details right. Its been 4 months now and i have coughed up more than 12k. The police clearance is done and fine. Can you give me some advice how to file the rti? Can i do it online? what details should i submit? Any help regarding this would be much appreciated

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