The Assembly Point
Hubby, me and Gautam
Saaku means enough in Kannada. I learned some new words too.

Two little kids walking in the sun for a cause they yet don’t understand.

We appreciated the shade of these huge trees

March on!

I hear of rallies and protests but normally I feel that someone else will take up the baton for me. This inertia persists in all of us and with our busy schedules often the motivation is lacking as well. But, with regular scams breaking out, and corruption emerging as the single biggest enemy of people, I decided that enough was enough. I joined the India Against Corruption’s initiative and tried my best to publicize this March through my blog and my Facebook account. And when the day came, a Sunday, I was there in the morning to do my bit.

For the first time, I participated in a march of this kind, and I am sure that most of the others who were there fell into the same category. Some of us had placards; we had also made one at home too. It was heartening to see youngsters, men, women, senior citizens and people with kids participate in a peaceful and organized manner in the March. We assembled at Gandhi statue outside Chinnaswamy stadium. There were short speeches, and then we were on our way. We raised slogans against corruption in Kannada, Hindi and English. Some of them were the common Vande Mataram, Bharat Mata ki Jai, Inquilab Zindabad, and others were specifically about corruption. It was hot but not debilitating. We had some policemen walk with us, and a Hoysala (police) van was there too. There were a couple of media channels covering the event, but the marches across the country hardly got any coverage across TV channels. Maybe, a Congress attempt to downplay people’s sentiments was at play. It just shows that unlike the image projected, the media, in fact, is in cohorts with the politicians and does not have the decency to side with a noble cause like this. We were asking for the passing of the amended Lokpal Bill, which would keep agencies for investigation into corruption away from political influence, strengthen Lokayuktas across states, and provide specific time frames and fast-track courts to ensure that the corrupt are punished with jail terms and attachment of property.

There were only 200-250 people attending this March of almost 3 kms. Apparently, thousands came on the streets in Delhi, ably supported by Kiran Bedi, Ram Jethmalani and others. This march was simultaneously held in 40 cities across the country on the day when Mahatma Gandhi laid down his life. What could be a better way to remember him than to fight for his ideals through peaceful satyagraha. We hope that this is the beginning of a people’s revolution. We will not sit quietly, and we hope to spread the message among others till everyone is involved and demands a corruption-free India. The next March will be in April. I hope that all those of us who could not make it this time will participate with our family and friends then. Please make time for your country and your rights! I will see you then. I leave you with some pictures here.

PS: TBTC (Too Busy to Care) is an initiative by Jaago Re and, and this post is written to make us aware of this TBTC Syndrome that lurks in all of us. 



24 Thoughts on “March Against Corruption in Bangalore — Some pics

  1. Hats off to you for participating in such an event as a family. Today the ‘middle class’ would choose to remain aloof

  2. Yes I was really disappointed it was not shown in any news channel even Times news. They can show people march against the government in Egypt, why can’t they our own countrymen doing the same here?
    I thought the media was above such things. But I did see the video by times news in their site where they had covered all parts of India.

  3. Nice work. May be they censored but thing is what you did was for a cause not TV coverage. You played your part with honesty that all is what matters 😀

  4. Excellent .. Way to go girl.. hope someone takes notice ..

    we all got to do something to get noticed and this is a starting point Well done and you took the kids too 🙂
    Teching them young haaan


  5. Talha: The TV coverage is not important to us, but had it been covered as it is supposed to cover, it would have inspired many others who did not join the march, to join it the next time we did such a thing, it is very important for the success of such events, to motivate and mobilise people to come out and do their bit for their country.

  6. @Jon I hope no one stays aloof because corruption affects us all. Maybe, we don’t realize the seriousness of it all.

    @rama Me too. They just shared through FB and Twitter, and there were some snippets here and there. It deserved much larger coverage, as it was a momentous beginning where people fed up with the status quo came out in large numbers in so many cities across India. It shows that we have reached a brink of our patience. I strongly feel that it is the politicians who stopped the news from reaching more people.

    @Talha As rama beautifully explains later, it is not for self publicity that we wanted media coverage. It is to get more people mobilized and for the spread of the cause. We can move mountains and bring any government to its knees if we are united. This is what the political parties fear. They are always trying to make us fight in the name of religion, caste, language etc. while they unite in their corrupt methods. There is not a single party in India or a single babu who is not corrupt.

  7. @Bikram thanks! We will make them notice. Trust me there is a dissent among people with the current rampant corruption, and I am sure that more of us will be out on the streets demanding what is justly ours and punishment for those who snatch it away from all of us. Oh yes, the kids must learn what it is to stand for values important to oneself even if it means sacrificing a Sunday and marching in the sun!

    @rama Beautifully said!

  8. well done u guys..keep the ball rolling ya..the mission is noble..

  9. an effort which is worth app-laudable..u deserve it rachna…

  10. We change,and the world will follow !
    A good start !

  11. @Ramesh I hope that we continue till some change is seen.

    @rohini Thank you! I think the organizers deserve a huge kudos for arranging it across so many cities. We just attended it, no big deal really.

    @dr. antony A good start, aptly said!

  12. Very nice work..
    Hats off to you..
    We will change one day..

    Sushant Jain

  13. nice to see u participating in that…. though i tried at my city but could not do… as here only signature campagin was carried out…. anyways you did your part in the best way possible… congrats….


  14. @Sushant and Irfanuddin Thank you and I hope that everyone can join in.

  15. Dear Rachana,
    Good Evening!
    Hearty Congrats to you and specially your little ones who walked the miles for a noble cause!
    Let the spirit lead you to be the leader of more actions against vices!You have inspired the readers.:)
    Well Done!

  16. admire you – getting proactive for a noble cause.
    if only all youngsters did the same!
    change now should come from the people. all our hallowed institutions are tainted, sadly.
    we could use social media tools to create momentum for the movement against corruption – as was done in egypt.

  17. @Anupama and Kochuthresiamma Welcome here. I am humbled by your warm words. Really, I think that as right-thinking citizens it is our social responsibility to stand up for our rights. Thank you again. Your appreciation energizes me.

  18. arre vah rachna ji ..nice all went there for the march !That was nice.

  19. That was a comprehensive coverage. You should send the link to India Against Corruption so that they will put the pics up on their website.

  20. @Vani Thank you.

    @Cyber I had put up the link on India Against Corruption site’s wall.

  21. Great post, Rachna. It is wonderful to see someone doing something about it rather than only talking or writing about the issue.

    All the best for the contest.

  22. @thatandthismumbai Welcome to my blog. Thank you for your warm words. This is what I am aiming for, create awareness and make more and more people come out and do something. There is a lot of strength in united people’s power. Thanks again.

  23. this is vijay , ccordinator for IAC in bangalore. pls contact me on so that i can inform u about the next event. thanks for turning up . loved the pics 🙂

  24. @vishwa Thank you for liking the pics! Actually, I am following IAC’s page on facebook, so I do get updates about your next March and anything else planned. But, I will store your email id for any information I might need. Thanks a ton!

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