Anna Hazare, the tough-as-nails Gandhian is fasting so that the Jan LokPal bill, a strict bill against corruption is passed by the Parliament. Every government since decades has been dragging its feet and delaying this bill. It is no wonder because in the politician-babu-bureaucrat nexus, each flourishes on corrupt practices. The cancer of corruption has spread too far and too deep in this country and is threatening to consume the so-called progress. Corruption affects each of us in every sphere of life. Whether it is getting documents for your home, your passport, your birth certificate, most government work moves only after greasing the palms of unabashed government officials who demand bribe with such impunity that it is seen to be believed. Yes, we can afford to close our eyes. We can bribe our way to bliss. But, that is exactly what has brought India to a verge of despair. 
There is poverty and hunger as most of the population struggles with survival. Funds given by you and me as taxes are siphoned off as multi-million dollar scams into the pockets of these politicians and bureaucrats as bribes and kickbacks. You and I have seen it for far too long. And, it is time to say enough! We have a movement now.  We need to do our small bit to contribute. We want this bill to be passed as law so that an independent body can control and punish this unbridled corruption.
It is time for all Indians to show support for this movement in whatever way they like. But we have to ensure that this intensifies, becomes larger and ensures that the government can no longer get away with inaction. Thank you Anna Hazare for showing us the way, the same way as you did many years ago during the freedom struggle. It is heartening to see the youth and elderly alike supporting this movement. We hope that this agitation will see our demands reaching fruition.
My husband and I will fast 12 hours during the day every single day to express our solidarity with Anna. We hope you take a small step too!



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  1. yes i absolutely support this and i do hope the bill is passed . yr way of showing support to this cause is admirable.

  2. It is really surprising to see people’s reaction abroad, I am not talking of the ones that have been shown on the TV, but a friend of mine living abroad made it sound so casual, as if people here are so stupid to fight for a bill, which she believes will never see the light.
    I mean she is good person but being an Indian,& not even being aware of seriousness of things that are happening here is really shocking.
    I am happy that all the Indians young and old, hindu, muslim, sikhs and christians have all come together in thousands all over the country, fasting/ or just being there to support Anna Hazare, and joining him in raising the voice against corruption.
    I feel so proud of seeing so many college students and school students coming, knowing fully well the reason for this hunger strike, raising the voices against the corrupt leaders.
    What irritates me is these NRIs who live comfortably somewhere, keep complaining about our country, and not only do nothing about it, but also are so pessimistic, when they do see us take up a cause with passion.
    Anna Hazare is a true inspiration. I too fasted for the whole day to show my support to this great man who is fighting for all of India.
    We are also living somewhere in India, but we can appreciate the people of Egypt, Libya, Yemen for fighting for the rights and we are also inspired by them.

  3. I pray that your efforts go rewarded!

  4. the over whelming response by the people from all sections of life shows clearly that Anna has won the war even the battle persists…..

  5. @nituscorner I think all Indians are up in arms against corruption and truly fed up. This is the time to come together to achieve something concrete.

    @rama Someone from India should know what people’s power can achieve, or perhaps they did not read Indian history in school carefully. Sometimes, it frustrates me that some people can remain so untouched by such events yet crib all the time. I guess one must just try to spread the word and hope that the sensible would carry the crusade forward. Great that you showed solidarity with Anna just like so many others. Indeed, it is heartening to see so many from all walks of life coming together. With social media, online forums, blogs — this revolution will surge ahead.

  6. @Jane Thanks! I hope that the voice of the people will prevail.

    @Irfan you have rightly said it. Anna has truly galvanized us out of our inertia to demand an end to corruption.

  7. Rachna,

    Excellent post. Really liked it.


    It is not true about people living abroad.

    As a matter of fact, I wrote an article on on Jan 29. Here is the link

  8. Gooood .. Excellent decision I do hope things change for the better in india … other wise its chaos


    I jsut posted a poem..
    Jsut hope and pray someone hears and what needs doing gets done ..


  9. @A thank you. There are all kinds of people in every society. Some are only sensitive to their needs, others are sensitive to those of the society too. Irrespective of where one lives, there will be some naysayers everywhere. I read your post,and I had participated in that March on Corruption in Bangalore and urged others to do the same. Looks like everyone’s little bit is paying off now.

    @Bikram I hope so too. Looks like there will be a breakthrough soon. I will read your poem too :).

  10. hmm not into politics but… i hope the corruption ends soon… hope all will be sorted out and that we g et a brighter future for india.

  11. @emmy Happy to hear the news that the government has given in. This is the first step in our battle on corruption.

  12. By a happy co-incidence, I am in Delhi right now. I had a chance to go to Jantar Mantar and witness the outpouring of people’s anger. I am so glad I got this opportunity to express solidarity. It is the least I can do.

    It was really amazing. There were as many young as there were old. Shouting, sloganeering – drowning out the silence of indifference. I’ve written about it in my blog and also posted some pictures. Do take a look if you get a chance.

  13. Out chalta hai atitude had always frustrated me and when I see now the movement going on in India, I feel very very proud.

    I have full faith that the bill will be implemented now and that the politicians will be aware that we are not really stupid and can stand up and change what we want.

    I hope that the unity and solidarity shown by us on this issue continues for other causes too.

  14. It gives a little ray of hope that such persons are still living. Here in Cochin was also some demonstrations practiced in support of Anna Hazzare..

  15. @Deepa I did read your post and was really charged to see the pictures and description you posted.

    @bbsearchingself Somehow, all of us have started seeing a glimmer of hope that things can change for the better.

    @Tomz True, he mobilized the nation and spurred everyone on like no other I have seen in recent times.

  16. It’s about time sumbody took things into their hands to do sumthin bout the system n as seen wid the support n solidarity, it connected wid an underlyin sense of helplessness n frustration tht all we citizens feel bout the system. We needed a Haraze a long time back n this is only the start of a new type of ‘revolution’. People power is takin new dimensions, as seen wid the Jasmine Revolution n am glad it’s started in India finally.

    I hope the Lokpal bill comes out as somthing powerful but I’m glad that a start as been made. People hv found a new form of expression which is potent enuf 2 change the system. India as a democracy, I feel, has started 2 shine.

    Nice one, Rachna!!

  17. yes nice article
    we must support Anna

  18. @R-A-J I too feel that this is a momentous event, and that something big will come out of it.

    @sm thank you.

  19. I support his efforts. I wish I could do as much.

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