Living Room has got a bright orange with a lovely peaches and cream

 Finally, the massive cleaning operations are over :). Here are the pictures as I promised. Hope there is enough proof that I have done a good job at decluttering:).

Living Room — Another view!

The kitchen wall has a pretty brick brown shade

The boys’ room in shades of blue


Guest Room has my work area

Staircase in mustard

Lounge in green

Our bedroom in maroon red

One more view



28 Thoughts on “Pictures

  1. All so colorful and lively 🙂 Good job 🙂

  2. Looking good Rachna – can you come and do mine for me?

  3. Wow.. beautiful Home .. and excellent job done ..

    now all that remains is inviting some people over ..



  4. Colors do add drama to a room. Every room looks interesting, and it must have been so much fun doing it. Every room must have a story to tell.Very beautiful.

  5. Simply cool!! Beautifully done home! 🙂

  6. @Insignia Lively they are. Thanks so much :).

    @Jane So sweet. Sure, why not!

    @Bikram Always welcome to drop in. Any time any of my blogger friends are in the vicinity, ping me and come.

    @rama Thanks for the lovely words. Homes have such wonderful anecdotes attached to them.

    @Shilpa Thanks a lot :).

  7. Very colorful!!! Nice.

  8. Your home is so beautiful Rachna.Colorful ,bright and lively.Thanks for sharing :):)

  9. Looking good !!!
    Did Guru manage to get hands on for the painting job this time too. 🙂

  10. Beautifully done….
    Color combinations are so good n lively…:)

  11. beautiful…it would be more beautiful at night i am sure…

  12. Loved the way you’ve made every room have its own individuality. Guest room looks so inviting. Loved the kitchen too!


  14. Beautiful home Rachna! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Vibrant Colors, Energetic… treat to the eyes…. Also the TV set in the living room needs a facelift…:)

  16. @A, Kavita, Irfan Thanks!

    @Sujit No, he didn’t :). But, he did a lot of supervision work.

    @Jon You are absolutely right. The colors look so rich at night but my pics at night were coming really grainy :).

    @Swapna Thanks! I love the purple in the guest room the most too :). It is after all my work space, so I love being surrounded by this color. The kids room color was selected by my son, Sid.

  17. @Bhagyashree and NRIGirl Thanks so much!

    @vidyadhar thank u. Actually, this TV is almost 10 year old now and we do have an LCD too, so we will keep this old horse Sony for as long as it lasts :).

  18. Chota sa ghar, hai yeh magar, tum isko pasand kar lo….! Was reminded of this song from Darr. Your home looks warm and cosy.

  19. Lovely place you have..I liked the boys room best.

  20. @Deepa Thank you. Awesome song! I would prefer to sing “Yeh tera ghar yeh mera ghar, kisiko dekhna ho gar…”

    @Renu Thank you. Siddharth was so happy that his color choice was appreciated the most :).

  21. Very nice color combos

  22. Thank you BKC

  23. you are absolutely a creative person..

  24. Thank you Tomz 🙂

  25. You have good color sense.

  26. Loved all the colors of your house .Mustard looks so lovely.

  27. @Doc and Raji Thanks a lot!

  28. I love the peach colour of the living room wall! So pretty/ And yes you most definitely did a great job cleaning…. your home looks spotless!

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