Curious cat!
Caramel in all her splendor.

This is Caramel, a cute cat who is living with us since the past 1.5 months. She belongs to a neighbor who will be back by month end. When we had painting work going on in the house, we let her out of the house to play. She is out most of the time and comes mewing when she wants food or at night to sleep inside.  She is so cute in the tones of mewing that she communicates in. She is very playful, clean around the house and damn scared of dogs. Oh yes, she is adventurous and likes to climb tall homes or trees and then mews to us to rescue her.

On the road in front of our house

We have lost count of the number of times we have rescued her from atop tall structures. She hates water!

Ok, I don’t like this bed at all, and this collar is too big for me.
He likes to laze around the birds
I love to be hugged!

Now this is Coco, our 40-day-old Labrador pup. We just got him home last week. He is a baby in every sense of the word. He is playful, sleeps during the day, and plays in the night. We are back to cleaning potty and poop routine that we had thought that we were done with since both our sons were past that age. Oh, why doesn’t someone invent dog diapers? That would be a help and trust me would sell well too. Coco is on Cerelac for now :). And, in the past week, he has learnt how to go up and down the stairs. He hates to sleep in his bed, and we have to constantly stop him from chewing our clothes and shoes :). Luckily, he is not yet able to climb our bed but will do so pretty soon. The funniest part is the grunting noises he makes like an old man that has us in splits :). Hey and he is so gentle around our birds and kids too, which is a good change.

What is even funnier is having both of them together in the house. Coco is curious around Caramel, and Caramel is all wired up, ready to pounce on him. She has increased her outdoor hours since Coco came. At other times, we keep them on different levels or different rooms. Let’s see how the saga continues… Meanwhile, all of us are happy to welcome Coco into our home and our hearts!



29 Thoughts on “Caramel and Coco

  1. Both are so cute. They sure would get along each other pretty soon 🙂

    And yeah taking care of dogs and cats is as good as taking care of kids.

  2. We had cats and dogs together for years – the cats always ruled the roost though, no matter how big the dog the cats always had them in check.

    You will love your pup, and the house training doesn’t take long, providing you are consistant.

  3. Coco is so sweet, and the collar is too big for him. I just loves puppies, they are simply adorable.

  4. @Insignia Thanks. I hope they get along before the time for Caramel to go arrives.

    @Jane Cats are something else — majestic and hugely independent. I can imagine them always feeling superior to dogs. Yes, we are consistently taking him out but he is too young just now. We will take it slow and easy.

    @rama Yes, he is like a stuffed toy but so much more loving and playful. Labs grow so quickly, before long he will dwarf the collar :).

  5. Congratulations on Coco Rachna! I am so happy for you as I love dogs. I may never own one for two reasons:

    1. Sharon is allergic to animal dander
    2. Israel is not all that fond of any pets.

    To make matters worse here in the US, you have to carry the poop in a bag and throw it away or else you will be fined.

    As much as I love dogs, I hate that thought. So, we will leave it at that…

  6. beautiful both of them , though personally not a fan of cats .. but am a dog lover got 7 of them myself but back home in india ..

    Lovely picutres you put and coco is handsome 🙂 Love him already ..


  7. Lovely Post…so cute they are…

    and its good idea about Diaper for pets, who knows, some one dropping at ur blog post and gets an idea of doing something for it, so don’t get surprised if you find the same in near future……:))

  8. wah..cats and dogs..I am quite scared of any pets, so can admire from a distance only.

  9. Aww… you have a cat, dog and birds too… I wish I could have atleast one of them…

    I had a cat.. but gave her up a year back when we were moving..
    Love dogs even more… and waiting for the right time to get one.

  10. @NRIGirl I love dogs and I can understand what you are saying. I know, I have lived in CA for a couple of years, but even if it is not mandatory in India, I feel it is only right that we pick up after our dog. I intend to do that :).

    @bikram I am not a big fan of cats either but did have a fun time with Caramel. Of course, she is not ours. Coco is so adorable and we all love him.

    @Irfan I hope so then I will try to claim some money for the idea :).

    @renu Oh, that is fine. You can then admire them from far.

    @Aathira I know! Actually the cat is here only temporarily. For you, owning a dog is a fair time away because you have a little baby and that would be like having two babies at home :). I took a whole lot of time to get one after both my kids are grown up and my husband really wanted one.

  11. well a lovely puppy, I would definitely love to own one like that

  12. so cute both of them..
    I love coco…and diaper thing …omgd..thats even cuter..Rachna you would be changing indiapers all the time…it will be added work …dun you vouch on that,
    love the co-existence,
    cute pictures.

  13. I try to stay away from cats and dogs but my cousin sister despite of knowing the sheer fact, deliberately try to up close me and her kitty. uuugggrrrhhh!!

  14. So cute .Love their names.The first picture is my favorite.Even we had cats and dogs together at my parents.My husband is allergic to cats but we do have a lab.

  15. Very very nice

  16. @Vijay Thank you. I hope you do some day.

    @Harman Thanks so much :). The pottying has become a little better but the peeing till he is trained will take some time to be better.

    @Prateek She must not do that if you are scared of them. I guess she does it in fun.

    @kavita Thanks! My husband is the one who was being pushy about the dog. Else, I would have wanted to wait some more time :).

    @BKChowla Thank you Sir.

  17. You are lucky, Coco and Caramel are soooo cute.

  18. Thank you Alka :).

  19. We are not ‘pet’ family. Because my daughter has allergies to dogs/cats/dust etc. we kind of stay away. But it is nice to have pets.

  20. Rescuing cats from heights sounds painfully familiar! I have four pet cats and by now, I have almost learnt to ignore their incessant mews for attention!
    That is a couple of very adorable pets you’ve got there! 🙂

  21. @A It is nice to have pets. Their love is so selfless and ours is without expectations :).

    @Priya Yeah, we are quite tired of her landing in trouble all the time. Otherwise, she does not demand too much attention and is relatively easy to have around :).

  22. Lovely pets!! Coco is so very cute!! LOL @ Diapers for Dogs!! I so very badly needed them few years ago for our brat dalmatian, Pepper!
    The kids will surely have a great time with Coco!

  23. cute Caramel and lovely Coco..

  24. @Shilpa and Tomz Thanks! Yes, we are having a fun time with both of them.

  25. Really sweet, Rachna. They look so cute and I loved their names too! When it comes to looks, cats rule! When it comes to trust & loyalty, there’s no doubt, its D.

  26. @Ben and Swapna Thanks so much!

  27. Coco is soo cute… The first pic (Caramel) is lovely !!! Love both cats and dogs…!!

  28. @Emreen Hey thanks for the visit. Nice to know that you are an animal lover.

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