No, this post is not about the humble banana. It is actually about this incident that happened this Friday.Β  G and I decided to have lunch at a Japanese restaurant some distance away from the house. We decided to pick up Gautam from school as he is left off by 1. By the time Sid comes home, we assumed that we would be home after our lunch outing. So, after picking up Gautam from school, we drove towards the destination. We were just 5 minutes away from the restaurant when I get a call from Sid’s school on my cellphone. He was having a severe stomachache, and I was asked to pick him up.Β 
So, we turned right around. After driving in the mad traffic, reached school and picked up Sid who by then was feeling quite fine :). G and I ended up having a meal at a thali place as we were ravenous by then. This is called “Kela ho gaya.”



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  1. LOL, accha huan. Sid ko chod ke lunch date……kela ho gaya he he

  2. this is proposes and god has happened with me so many times

  3. @Renu, thanks for the translation. A colleague of mine has something similar, and is prone to say: if you want to see god laugh, try making a plan πŸ™‚

  4. i didnt know kela ho gaya means man proposes , god disposes. lol.

  5. @Bhagyashree Arre yaar, kya achcha hua. Laut ke buddhoo ghar ko aaye :). I doubt if kids would appreciate Japanese food so the intention was not to leave them out but why drag them to something they would not relish.

    @Renu Absolutely well put!

    @Bart You are right but luckily, all plans don’t end up this way.

    @nituscorner It actually means “F*****” but this decent one will suffice :).

  6. nice- kela ho gaya :))

  7. hahahaha…lols!

  8. hahaaaaa….”kela ho gaya”…better you said ut this way…:))

    this waz new to me..”kela ho gya”

  10. Better luck next time Rachna! πŸ™‚

  11. Okay it is the North Indian expression to indicate general failure just like the Marathi version of”Popat ho gaya re”. Am I correct?
    And here I was looking forward to hear your review of the exotic Japanese Cuisine.
    I am sure you all enjoyed the Thali.
    A really twisty tale.

  12. Have you heard of a Phrase in Hindi ” Daane Daane Pe Likha Hai Khanewale naamm

  13. @Kiran and Raam Pyaari Thank you for visiting my space. :).

    @Harman πŸ™‚ It is a typical Mumbai expression.

    @NRIGirl Oh yes, hopefully the next time around, we will have Japanese food :).

    @rama Yep, it is slang, more Mumbai slang and very similar to Popat ho gaya. No, we did not enjoy the thali. It was below run of the mill but at that time accessible and we were hungry, so we had to make do :).

    @BKChowla Sure. Us khane par hamaara naam nahin likha tha :).

  14. Awww….that was unfortunate. Some other time maybe πŸ™‚

  15. indeed I have heard this term before too… πŸ™‚ and alot like that especially in boys …

    I hope he is doing ok… but i liked the first comment he he heeh Akele akele .. aloe alone lunch date .. not so easy now ha ha ha aha


  16. Lolz .Happens to all of us but only few can write an interesting post on it.Good luck for the next time.Have a happy happy week ahead πŸ™‚

  17. @Insignia Yep, some other time certainly :).

    @Bikram Oh, he was fine. Ab kya kare kabhi kabhi akele akele bhi karna padta hai :). Par poore plan par paani phir gaya.

    @Kavita Thanks! At least some encouragement from some misery :).

  18. Rachna,

    Well that is life. I hope Sid is fine.

    I lived all my life in Delhi and it is the first time I heard use of “Kela” being used to describe your situation. May be I am old fashioned or it is a recent slang.

  19. Is it about any typical usage, phrase or proverb in Hindi..happy to read abt ur nice family affairs..

  20. @A Sid is fine; he was fine when I went to pick him up. And, I think this slang originated in Mumbai :).

    @Tomz No this is a slang phrase but it fitted my situation perfectly :). It is definitely not a proverb in Hindi :).

  21. lol
    kela ho gaya

  22. Thanks a lot Rachna for dropping by and for the sweet comments… !!!

    Have a great weekend !!

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