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Sun walks off!
It is pretty amazing what teachers and little tots can churn out these days. Yesterday, there was a “Jungle Safari” at Gautam’s school. He was a “sun” among all the animals. It takes a lot of innovation for teachers to include all the kids in their program. In our days, only the obviously talented kids who were not scared of the stage were selected. That led to a lot of kids never ever getting a chance of stage exposure. Anyway, among this bunch of kids, some of them spoke about animals. The lines must have been learned over a period of months, and they were performed confidently in front of a crowd of gawking parents with their cameras almost thrust in the kids’ faces. Some parents actively tried to wave to their children, I am sure making them forget their lines in the bargain. A few kids did forget but that was okay. We cheered them louder than the others. At one point in time, an ornamental fruit tree fell on top of the Principal. That was a funny sight to behold :).
There was also a song and dance with kids dressed as animals celebrating the lion’s birthday. The kids and the teachers did a marvelous job. The costumes were superb, and the stage lighting and decoration was all really well done. There were some more kids giving a lot of nice information about panda, lion, tiger etc. One thing that amuses me about children is that they all speak in that sing-song tone winding up with a Thank–you (sounds like a tank-you). Maybe, they are taught to speak rhythmically. And, the little fumbles, their cute gestures etc. add to the beauty of their performance.
And, my son, very shy by nature, was trying very hard not to look at the audience and to merge with the background. Even while taking the final walk when all the kids wave to parents, he was looking the other way and trying to run off :). It was ingenious of his teacher to use him as a sun because a sun does not move and does not dance :). But, he was all proud that he was the sun because there are many trees and flowers and butterflies and animals, but there is only one sun :). What a charming thought!

And that reminded me of a little girl, almost of a similar age, way back in Allahabad who would be crying all day long in kindergarten wanting to go home to mummy. Mummy would always find her in some corner when she came to school to pick her up, and her teacher would comment that this girl does not participate in any activities and is extremely shy. So much so, that once this girl’s friend had gone to her house to meet her. But, this shy girl went and hid under her bed for a good half an hour and did not come out despite repeated pleas from the mother. She was so shy! She could not understand why people didn’t leave her alone? Oh yes, that was me! 

So, is my son following in my footsteps? If he is, then he will turn out just fine :).



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  1. Kudos.. nice efforts.

  2. Aww proud moment for u isn’t it. You have got a wonderful school for ur kids Rachna and the play as described bu u must have been superb.
    Shy and You? can’t believe
    Give Gautam loads of hugs from my side. I suppose now he must have graduated to Grade 1 isn’t it?

    • Thank you Bhagyashree! Actually Gautam will be going to Grade 1 after this year, and he finishes by the end of March. I like how much effort the teachers put in with all these activities. Really hats off to them!

  3. congrats…way to go..

  4. A proud moment indeed, and loved the “One Sun” thought!! 🙂
    I was smiling all the while reading this, coz I had the chance to witness Aaryan’s school drama academy too! Agree completely with “Thank You!!” Here too ALL the kids said their thanks in a sing song manner!! May be they are taught like that! :))
    A shy mother this side too so a lil bold child makes the mother very very happy and glad! :))

    • Kids are ingenious. Even if they are not doing anything significant, they know how to promote themselves :). Glad that both of us are similar and experience the same joy seeing our kids perform even though mine hardly had any performance to speak of.

  5. 🙂 yayyyyyyyy to the little one ..
    and yes there are a lot of trees and otheranimals but SUN is ONE.. THE ONE ..

    well done to the the little one.


  6. I truly admire the teachers who have such a great influence on the kids.

    Interesting post!

  7. Could feel the pride in your ‘sun’ and loved the confidence at the end of the post. Hugs to both of you!

    and thanks for restoring the name/url option 🙂

    • Thank you, zephyr :). I actually did not wish to enable the Anonymous option because I like people commenting with their own names. But enabling name/URL somehow enables Anon too, that is the only hitch.

  8. Great ! I can see ‘our Sun’ brightning up the stage.Now a days with inclusion of Environmental Science as a major subject kids are much more aware of their natural surroundings and animal world than we were at their age .I don’t remember EVS as a subject back then.And acts like this make them know the subject more .Kudos to teachers as well as the kids .One thing that annoys me at these functions is the hyper parents with their cameras ,they make it impossible to enjoy the event by blocking the view of others even though the school provides the VCD as well as the still pictures later.
    Loved knowing about the little shy girl who now is a bold and beautiful woman that many admire.Have a great weekend 🙂

    • Yes, we did not have EVS in our days and not so much exposure. There was so much good information mouthed by these KG, some of which even parents did not know. I know, I hate the hyper parents. Maybe,they are waiting to upload the videos on FB, youtube. They are such nuisance and don’t care about others whose way they come in. I find it so silly. But, kya karen. Welcome to the hyper gen of parents.

      And thank you for your beautiful words. A great beginning to the weekend for me :). You have a good one too!

  9. hmmm…. , m sure all shy kids(me included) turn out to be thinkers , writers n silent will ur son!!

    Hey dear! am from Pakistan n was just browsing through good blogs to find smart writers like you to befriend. Nice blog outlook and interesting write-ups. I write on relationships mostly as well as some funny stuff.
    I hope u can be a follower if u like my blog? Don’t forget to comment please !!
    The Emotional Lava
    Best of Luck for ur blogging.

  10. this is one of those wonderful memories both for the parent and the child but mostly for the proud parents
    and i agree about the part where yo said it takes lot of effort on the part of the teachers to organize/plan/execute such a good show

    and kisses to your “sun”
    sun walks off -hehhehe

  11.’s always lovely to see kids performing on stage..And for a parent to watch their son/daughter is such a proud feeling. Yes, sometimes it’s just the same people who get the chance. But the teachers are the ones who should encourage all the talents! It’s nice to see your little shining sun charming away in the stage!!

    • Actually, in my kids’ school, every single child in every class gets to participate in all cultural activities and Sports Day drill. That is pretty amazing, accommodating all students and giving each one a chance to be on stage even if it is in a minor role.

  12. These are the proud moments of a mother. After all she is the one behind all these. Lovely kids. Enjoy every moment with your children while you can Rachna.

  13. I Just love to watch kids performances 🙂

  14. A very sweet post, Rachna! Thanks for sharing those lovely moments you had in your kid’s school and finally to see how your son has inherited your traits! Beautiful and engrossing writing:)

    • Thank you Rahul. I just hope all of us parents understand that being shy is not a crime and all kids are not meant to be extraordinary on stage.

  15. No movie, no show can beat the charm and innocence of kids performing on stage…And you studied in Allahabad? My entire maternal family is there in Naini, Civil Lines and Mumfordgunj!

  16. True about the first sentence. I just did kindergarten and 1st standard from Allahabad, moved on to Sitapur, then Lucknow and finally completed my studies in Bombay. My maternal family stays in Unnao.

  17. Aww…that was really sweet. Especially the last line 🙂

  18. The contents are really good…

  19. First time to your blog Rachna..Nice meeting you.

    Hey what I loved in this post is how you could connect you the ‘nature’ of your son.Most of us parents tend to forget the same and push them…Cheers !

    • Hi Melange! Thank you and welcome. And, you know what, that was the exact point I was trying to make. I am so glad that you felt that pertinent. In our mad rush to make stellar performers of our kids, we are often blinded and easily forget that it took years for us to evolve and succeed.

  20. I am sure he would grow up to be a confident young man.. a kid who realizes that there may be many trees, flowers and animals, there is only one sun is a genius in the making.

    And yes, kids make their performances special by their sheer innocence!

  21. Rachna, you said it, he’ll turn out just fine :-)))

  22. so cute..:)Nice way to justify only sun ..:)I have my son’s sloka recitation coming up this weekend. He is doing just fine except that he forgets the first letter of each sentence..Donno if I will be able to help him out on the stage..Man, it’s a mission for the parents as well!

  23. Welcome to my blog, Found in Folsom. You are right. Getting things right with small kids is a tough act for any parent. I am sure your son will do just fine :).

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