Traditionally, people think of fathers being the ones who teach their sons how to live their lives, and mothers being the role models for their daughters. However, fathers can teach their daughters a lot about life too, and mothers can be equally important role models for their little boys as their dads. If you’re lucky enough to be a mom blessed with sons, make sure they learn these lessons from you:

  1. It’s OK to show emotion and affection. Boys and men are taught early on that girls are the more emotional of the two sexes, and that boys are supposed to hold their feelings in and put on a strong front. However, while most girls will readily admit that they are more outwardly emotional, they will also tell you that they love when boys show emotion and affection as well. Show and tell your sons that it’s ok to give hugs, and it’s ok to let your emotions out every now and then. Putting on a brave face is great, but so is letting your emotions shine through.

  2. How to navigate around the kitchen. Little girls shouldn’t be the only ones who learn how to cook a decent meal; little boys need to gain some familiarity in the kitchen too. While you may be more inclined to pass along special recipes to your daughter, your son can get just as much out of learning them too. e’afrgafHe’s not always going to have his mom around to cook him dinner, so cherish the time you can spend teaching him to cook while you can, and rest easy that he’ll be able to put a meal on the table when you can’t.

  3. To appreciate women for their brains and personality. Both men and women are physical people by nature, and we are attracted to things we deem pretty. But beauty doesn’t just rest with a pretty face, and it’s important to teach your sons to look for intelligence, personality, and humor in a mate. You can do this by emulating those characteristics yourself, because you will always be the most beautiful woman to him.

  4. That empathy goes a long way. Encourage him to volunteer, to donate his time, and to serve others selflessly. Serve alongside him, and regularly talk to him about the importance of helping those less fortunate. Teaching him empathy for others is a characteristic that will serve him for a lifetime.

  5. To accept others, regardless of how different that may be. Don’t let him judge others on their differences. Instead encourage him to love everyone because of their differences. While you don’t have to befriend everyone, you can accept people for who they are, faults and all. 

Mothers have the innate ability to add a gentle touch to their sons’ lives. While boys will likely always be the rough and tumble of the two sexes, there are certain things that they can learn from their mothers that will help soften them just a little, and thus live much richer lives.
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84 Thoughts on “What Sons Can Learn From Their Moms

  1. True on all counts. It is the mother’s responsibility to teach the sons to respect women in general.

  2. I guess I qualify as a mother who has given just these lessons to her sons! 🙂

  3. Point 1 and Point 2 are totally bang on. Men do show some restraint while showing emotion and sometiems cooking. Sometimes they want to, but they dont want to as well. The topic of the post is very unique. Liked it!

  4. Wonderful Must Learns for Boys!
    Expressing emotions is vital for emotional development and there is no harm in crying too.
    Learning to cook a bit and helping around the home is a necessity now-a-days!

  5. And also to develop a hobby. Most of the guys I have met during college and work have been in an alarming state of vegetation with no hobbies whatsoever.

  6. Excellent post. Will book mark this and read it now and then to remind myself 🙂

  7. Rachna, this becomes very important in today’s world for the boys to learn it all from the mom as it goes a long way, including, cooking , helping at home and in raising children when they have their own:)

  8. Very insightful post. Yes, mothers are very important in a child’s early formative years. Only later does the father start having an impact.

  9. My husband is at work more than home so I’m sure my kitchen influences and mood swings have”aught” my boys plenty:)

  10. Hmmmmmmmmmmm os very true rachna, and I can bet if the boys learn all this from the moms they will turn out to be lovely human beings for sure 🙂


  11. So true …and much required things for a mother to know, if they want their son to be a good person (which i guess every mother wants)!

  12. I agree with her and more with 1st and second point. That’s a very insightful post.

  13. MAAAAAAAAA….You are right.