With rapidly increasing incidents of child abuse, it is time that parents spoke to their little ones about this often taboo topic. Read my take on “Good Touch Bad Touch” on Parentous.com, an initiative of Blogadda.

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Have you spoken to your child about it?



23 Thoughts on “Good Touch Bad Touch!

  1. Well done Rachna .. glad i read it ..
    its very important to teach this


  2. yez i go with bik:)

  3. Going to your post right now.

  4. Rachna,extremely good post.Posted my comments there

  5. So correctly said Rachna!

  6. Rachna,

    Very timely post and I hope all parents do read this.

    Take care

  7. Apt post at the right time. Good to see you spreading awareness via this means

  8. Left a comment there.A good job you did

  9. Well done. going to comment there.

  10. I really don’t believe in this good touch bad touch stuff. It has become a cliche. A mere look conveys much more than a touch.

    A touch can be interpreted in a million ways. Look at a touch in the Metro train or a crowded bus. Who do you blame?

    Keep silly psychology away. Let’s get practical.

    • Well, I am getting practical and that is why children are being told about these issues. Just because you don’t understand it, it does not become silly psychology. Are you trying to say that a child is able to judge a person’s intention by his look?

    • I don’t think a child can tell a person’s intention by someone’s look. And that’s exactly the reason, why we need to tell kids about it. I really don’t understand what Mr. Matheikal meant by getting practical here.

  11. Useful tips for parents. Guess one prevalent theme in your parenting posts is importance of transparency of communication. That is not achieved through threats and fears. When I was 10 years old, I was even scared to tell my parents when I suspected a dog might have inadvertently scratched my foot with its teeth. I by myself read about rabies from knowledge bank books parents had got me and agonized over the possibilities without telling my parents anything. My fears were worsened when the dog died in the next 3 months.

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