Sheena and Rohan had been going out for a month now. Rohan was a strapping 6’2”; his burly frame belied his gentle and generous nature. He had a huge build and a rough look that gave a raw edge to his masculinity. Sheena on the other hand was diminutive at 5’4”, and her slim frame made her look even younger and more petite.
They first bumped into each other at a coffee shop where a mutual friend introduced them. They found each other pleasant, and their friendship took off when they found that they worked in the same company albeit in different sections. Sheena was outgoing and fun. Rohan was quieter and had a warm, sensitive nature. Slowly, they were drawn to each other like moths to fire.
They felt their relationship progress from a casual like to spend time with each other to want to be around each other all the time. And, both of them went from handshakes to warm hugs and peck on the cheek. Sheena was not your typical obsessed with the latest fashion trends girl and enjoyed dressing simple and staying well groomed. Rohan was a typical male who found using moisturizer on his skin akin to make up. With great difficulty, he pushed himself to shave once every few days.
Sheena hated his unkempt look. His shaggy stubble, she really disliked. It scratched her cheeks and lips, and she quickly winced inwards.  The thought of going anywhere close to his face filled her with dismay. And, she could sense his confusion when she never showed any interest in kissing him. His deep eyes seemed to question her quietly, but he never asked her. And, she could just not bring herself to tell him directly.
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Back from work, she was flipping the channels absentminded when she chuckled loudly. She immediately picked up her purse and went out of the house with a mischievous smile on her face.
The next day, a neatly wrapped gift arrived at Rohan’s house. He was in a rush to leave for work. He took it and quickly unwrapped it feeling very inquisitive about what it contained. It was from Sheena. She had never gifted him anything this far. He was puzzled to find an uneven package inside. It had a plastic brush normally used to scrub clothes before washing them. He was deeply puzzled. There was nothing else in the package and certainly no note. He was holding the brush and moving it in his hands when he saw something and a quick sheepish grin came on his face. Smiling to himself, he locked his door and went out.
Sheena was anxiously waiting to hear from Rohan. He did not call her the entire day. He had received the package, and she was wondering how he took it. She was tempted many times to call him but waited. By evening, she was clearly at the edge of her seat when she received an SMS from Rohan. It simply said, “My place at 7Rohan!” She immediately got up and left for his place.
Her heart was beating rapidly when she rang his doorbell. Rohan opened the door. It was dimly lit. She could not see his face. As she walked in, she could smell a delicious aroma of vanilla and cinnamon. Some lovely candles were lit casting an eerie glow on the dining table. A bottle of wine was also chilling there. Behind her, she could sense Rohan watching her. And then, she saw her “gift” displayed on his table showing the words “Shave or Crave” that she had scribbled in bold letterswith a heart around then.
She immediately turned and found herself looking into Rohan’s chest. Glancing up, she did a double take. Rohan was clean-shaven and looked positively edible. His boyish features were clearly accentuated and a delightfully masculine after-shave hit her nostrils. She loved the musky smell. Her hands flew to his face cupping his smooth skin. She loved the touch of him. She felt a thrill of excitement go up her spine, as her pulse quickened. His eyes mirrored her own passion and also had a hint of laughter in them. All he said was, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” With a huge smile and a wink, her hungry lips reached out for his making impossible any further conversation!
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Much later in the night, she silently thanked Gillette’s Shave or Crave commercial that she had seen on television the previous day. He was indeed going to shave every evening. Wasn’t it a win-win situation for both of them ;-)!
Many years later, his son also grimaced at his prickly stubble. The guy has no escaping. He has to shave not only for his wife but kid as well!



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