On 31st evening, we caught a cab from outside Bangalore International Airport to drop us home. We took more than a couple of hours in the traffic clogged streets, it being New Year’s eve. We were tired and exhausted with all the traveling and waited eagerly to reach home. We reached around 7 pm. Eagerly took all the luggage and got in. The driver was a lively, talkative man with Mega Cabs, a cab company in Bangalore. Flash forward to 8th January 2013!

We wanted to download a few pics taken during our vacation when we realized that our DSLR was missing. None of us could remember where it was and we quickly understood that it might have been left in the cab. The driver had given his card, and we did have the cab bill too. A call was placed to the driver, a man named Swamy, who immediately said that he had the camera in his possession. He had no clue who it belonged to since he only found it when one of the later passengers pointed it out to him. He had also informed his cab office about it.

To cut a long story short, we drove down to a place close to his home in North Bangalore last evening and got our DSLR back in its own bag with its accessories and our memory card with the pics untampered. I took his picture while thanking him intending to write about him and share his story.

A camera worth around 30K and many precious pictures was handed back to us more than a week after it had been left by mistake. If this is not amazing than what is. And, Swamy, thank you so much for your honesty and goodness. I hope Mega Cabs appreciates this employee of theirs who is a shining soul in these times of dishonesty and misconduct. Thank you Good Samaritan Swamy. Hopefully, we can still continue to believe in goodness in human beings!



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96 Thoughts on “Good Samaritan

  1. This is nice!!
    I once left my brother’s tripod stand and we never got it back, no matter how hard we tried..
    Goodness still prevails haan!!

  2. Goodness goes around, Rachna:)

  3. Wow! Heartening to read!

  4. Nice story – you were very lucky and I hope the plug does Swamy good too.

  5. such stories are so heartening and they restore my faith in humanity !

  6. So true. In times like these, when we have lost all hope in humanity, such people are like sunshine.
    Well done, Swamy.

  7. Nice. There will always be good people everywhere.

  8. Hats off to Swamy. Indeed an honest guy here. My friend once left his passport bag in the rick (which was stamped with the UK visa BTW), but never got it back. Passport actually has the details on how and where to report a lost one, but still no luck! Taking a passport doesn’t make sense at all, and if it had been a dslr, there was no way that could have been retrieved by my friend!

  9. We need more such people! God bless him!

  10. Wow! That’s simply awesome! Good to see good people around! 🙂

  11. Honesty is such a rare trait these days…I once left a shopping bag which had nothing but two new t-shirts in a cab. I guess it was Meru.
    Called up the driver and their call center the next day but never got those back. I can’t believe people can do such a thing for nothing bigger than two tops!

  12. Love this piece!!! Thank you Swamy for bring faith in humanity! Gratitude! So glad it happened to you Rachna and you could write about it…sunshine spreads…

  13. I think world still didn’t end only due to not few but many good people who out number bad.
    Congrats on getting it back rachna
    Next time be careful 🙂

  14. Good people do exist.With so much of negativity around,it is such a pleasure reading about Swamy

  15. It’s so nice to hear a heartwarming story like this! Brings hope!

  16. It’s good to see that there are such good people who still exist.

  17. im glad u took his pic and put it up.. such people should be lauded… it is a whole lot rarer than u think .

    • I agree Roshan! That is the reason why I wanted to share his story. To stay honest when temptation is near is a true test of character.

    • These people show up in our lives to let us know that we are not alone, that there is hope, and that this is what should be trending instead of hate politics and lust bling. The response of clicking his pic and putting up this post is the magic of change. We can only pray that some day the arrogant and the dishonest will also savor the joys of hope and responsible living.

  18. That’s so nice. On the same day, i.e., 31st, I returned from Goa and hired a cab from the airport. And he literally took us for a ride thinking I wasn’t from Mumbai. A sound lecture later, he agreed to take less money than the actual amount showing on the meter. A contrast!

  19. if the world is filled with only bad people..imagine our plight..like trees offering shade in hot summer swami types r that keep our hopes alive and joy intact

  20. That is great. So we can keep hopes alive

  21. It is heartening to find honesty these days as we are sick of corruption all round.But we do find it in unlikely places some times–a cab driver could have used these 30k but he did not.Contrast this to those who lead lavish lives yet plunder you ,me & the nation.

  22. Rachna,

    It is his kind of persons, though in very small number, which keep our faith in humanity still going. May his kind of breed increase. God bless him.

    Take care

  23. Rachna! you are lucky, not for getting the equipment back, but for meeting such a person!It is so touching.

    I got to know lots of good auto drivers in Hyderabad who will go back to the house they remember and give the stuff back! I think I am lucky to get o know them, and my faith in our country increases!.

  24. GOOD MAN…

    indeed a gentleman. people like him are making this world a good place to live in ..


  25. There are still good people out there, he is indeed one of them.

  26. A honest man and good story that you shared with all of us…He definitely deserves praise and popularity 🙂

  27. It feels so nice to read about such rare act of kindness! Cheers!!

  28. Lucky you are to take a cab with driver like Swamy.It is such persons that keep alive our hopes on the goodness of man in general.I am sure you would have rewarded him in appreciation

  29. That man is indeed wonderful! Such a good Samaritan indeed. It is very rare and extremely heart warming to meet such people and it helps us believe again. Very happy that you got your camera and memories back and also met a wonderful human being!

  30. Good to know that honesty has not died totally!

  31. He is a rare guy. I lost two Levis shirt outside a shopping complex some years back and never got them back. I had to go and buy the same set again because I really liked them.
    You are very lucky that you got the camera back.

  32. Humanity still prevails. You are really lucky 🙂

  33. There are many Swamys around us. The paper almost every alternate day carries small news items of drivers returning valuables and even refusing the rewards. Rachna, your episode has thrust the point that goodness and honesty can never ever completely go away. Hats off to Swamy and his values.

    Joy always,

  34. How wonderful and heart-warming to read this, Rachna. I’ve had some great experiences like this! :D. Thanks for sharing. God bless Swamy and his dear ones!

  35. People like him restore my faith in humanity and goodness..

  36. Swamy, you rock.

  37. Lucky you for travelling in Swamy’s Cab that evening.

  38. Keep up your good works Swamy! You too Rachna keep it up! Thank you for introducing Swamy to the rest of us.

  39. People like him are rare but are a symbol of hope in this mad world.

  40. When you told me about getting it back after a week, I was dumbstruck. After all, he could simply have sold it and not informed the office about it. Such stories make one believe that the world still has hope for humanity.

  41. i am not sure whether he will be reading it bt i m quite sure that his heart wud be more content than urs, honestly is a bliss..trust me

  42. lucky u ma’am .. and people like Swamy do exist in this mean world ..!

  43. It is good you wrote about him, it rare to find such an honest man, and also his company which had kept the camera safe with them, to be returned to the rightful owners.

  44. So glad there are still honest people like this in the world! And that you got your camera back, Rachna.

  45. Just awesome. Its heartening to read these kind of incidents as well. Truly a good man

  46. It is incidents like these that confirm that there are more good people in this world than bad ones. Thanks for writing about this incident. Brought a smile. 🙂

  47. Hi Rachana,
    Good to be here. I am here via Sub’s blog page, you have a wonderful blog with lot of good contents
    I appreciate your for taking time to post this note about the gentleman called Swamy. We can still rejoice that humanity and truthfulness is still around us. Thanks for the notification about the wonderful deed of Swamy. But sad to note that the picture you took is in a poor taste, that wonderful person’s face is not visible at all! Sorry is that pic taken by the same camera DSLR? I doubt. So sad. How this happen.
    Anyways thanks.
    PS: Let me repeat the word I posted at Subo’s page: I can’t understand why few of us do this in their blogs? what’s the use? if some one want to comment on your page by quoting few words or sentence from your text its not possible at all, and people hesitate to comment in such occasion, and another thing i noticed here at this comment box is that the spell check facility is totally not available so pl/ note these and do the changes, since we are living in a busy world, and every one got their own busyness no one will take pain to type it on their computer’s MS Word and do the spell check and post it!!!
    Best Regards,

    • Thank you Philip for visiting my blog and for your comment. If you click the pic, you can see an enlarged version where you can see the driver clearly. About copy pasting, I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you and other readers but I disabled copy pasting because matter was plagiarized with some of my posts. Don’t worry about the spell check though I wonder why it isn’t working.

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