Akanksha Dureja, like her blog name — Direct Dil Se, speaks right from her heart! A vivacious, young, beautiful, modern Indian professional, she has her heart and her values in the right place. She speaks her mind fearlessly and  pens lovely poetry and prose that will have you reflecting. It has been a pleasure knowing her. I thank her for inviting me to do this a Guest Post for her blog!

In a country like India, corruption has seeped through our values, our governance, our society and our conscience as an incurable cancer that seems to claw its way further and further into our ecosystem. In this grim scenario, there are a few who try to speak up and fight for a change. Those from within the system who try to confront and correct things but do they succeed? In this post, I outline what happens when a choice has to be made between honesty and life sometimes. Do read my entire post here:






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23 Thoughts on “Honesty versus Life!

  1. Hopping over 🙂

  2. Thanks Rachna for bringing Akanksha to this blog! I met her for the first time last week, but have now known her through her writing for sometime!

  3. That was nicely and forcefully written.Left my comment in the host’s blog

  4. That was a very nice write up Rachna!

  5. A nice post, its a tough life now a days. Its a fight, to live a honest life. Thanks for bringing akanksha blog to the fore :).

  6. A very thought provoking post, Rachna!

  7. I can give you 100s of examples.
    look at the case of Ashok Khemka who exposed Vadra’s land deals

  8. Read there 🙂

  9. That was a lovely introduction and I am not sure if I deserve all that praise 🙂
    The post brought back memories of a recent incident, which anyways I know I won’t forget for a long time to come. Whenever we anticipate the winds of a better change, something black and brutal happens which reminds us that nothing has changed in the past and the hope dies a slow death, yet again. But still, somewhere beneath the ashes, there is a fire burning. I hope we live to see a better India, we’re striving to see it happen. We’re trying, and I guess someday corruption won’t be a way of life in India.

  10. I liked the solution provided in the movie ‘Anniyan’ to be the apt response to corruption of the system and of the person.

    Think its too seeped into our country’s veins to be ex-purged.. we need drastic solutions for drastic problems


  11. Emelia Noronha on May 2, 2013 at 5:48 pm said:

    I loved reading your strong post .

    i was wondering if you could answer my following curiosity :

    Why do you blog ?
    Is it for yourself alone like in a diary, is to connect and network with new people, is it to connect to people you know, is to improve writing skills in English or is it something else?

    If you had to choose one what would it be ? what would the second choice be?

    Emelia N.

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