They were walking on the street quietly. A rather large-sized lady passed by. She waved to another and said, “I just came from the pool.” He nudged his partner and said out of earshot, “And left the pool empty (with a naughty glint in his eyes)!” She looked at him and howled loudly. He had said exactly what she had thought. The exact same words!

There are times when your words come out of another’s mouth!

He and his partner woke up early. They had a race to win – a race with the rising sun. No matter what, they wanted to catch the sunrise on the amazing beach. At the beach, the signs of last night’s revelry of the noisy crowds were strewn all around. There were some stray dogs defecating. A few early joggers were already in their act. And a bunch of fishermen at a distance were coming back with their catch done with their day’s work. Together, they found a nice spot and slowly watched the red sun climb up from behind the trees. Higher and higher the red ball went as it gained heat and intensity. That was truly a mesmerizing view, one they never got tired of.  Dusting themselves, they took off to walk on the velvety sand. Each quiet and lost in thoughts and yet so in tune with each other!

Sometimes, silence connects in a way words never can!

She yelled at the kids. Why is it that they conveniently ignored what she said? Most often they attributed it to not having heard anything. At other times, they just didn’t care! Till she raises her voice or threatens with a privilege removal, they don’t move their butts. And in no time, they are after each other at the dining table, screaming, yelling and quarreling. It is a daily story. Why can’t they sit and eat in peace? Why can’t they listen for a change? At the end of the day, all she desires is some good old-fashioned quiet!

Sometimes silence is bliss!

She was troubled. She had a pressing concern. It was not letting her concentrate on her work. She picked up the phone and called a close friend. A few thoughts exchanged, some reassurances from this person who mattered, and it was as if a curtain had lifted. She was suddenly calm and at peace – ready to face the world with a cheerful face!

Sometimes all we need is a few soothing words from someone who matters!

They had a terrible row. He said some really ugly things to her. She was angry and hurt. She expected him to come and apologize. He never did. In his mind, he felt she deserved them. Why did he not watch what he said? Why was it so difficult for her to get as offensive or cantankerous?

Sometimes, words can singe you deeper than bullets!

Words or the lack of them have the power to take us to the dizzying heights of ecstasy or to the ultimate depths of depression!



101 Thoughts on “Games words play!

  1. How lovely this post is Rachna. I have this smiling, calm peace within me.

    Sometimes the words written on a cold glass screen by a person you’ve never met applies a much needed balm to your wounded soul- even without intending to.

    Thank you. Really, really thank you.

  2. Words are very very powerful things. ! I think they have a power to make a break a relationship. But then I also feel that sometimes silence is also as important as words !

  3. Sometimes the words spoken and sometimes the words not spoken can both cause much impact.You had given good examples.

  4. So true Rachna. Words can change and challenge, create or damage. But it is the words that shape into thoughts, thoughts that become actions that I fear the most.

  5. Sometimes words can have more effect than a slap on the face
    Nice word play 🙂

  6. Very interesting. A really different kind of post.

  7. So very true. We can change the world for good or for bad with the power of our words.

  8. It is true that the arrow that left the bow and words that left the mouth can never return and leave the hurt behind!

  9. I think words have a lot of power. Both good and bad. Some great orators have started revolutions with power of their speech.

    When it comes to relationships..words can make or break a relationship. I now firmly believe that “Actions speak louder that words” is all bull when it comes to friends, family and loved ones…

    • Absolutely agree with what you say, Vinita! Actions speak louder than words only when it comes to good behavior and causes. As you rightly pointed out, words matter a lot especially when it comes to our family and friends. Words can break or brighten a relationship. Sadly, so many don’t understand it or choose to ignore their power. Thanks for reading!

  10. This is such a feel good post. Words indeed have a great impact on our lives. Better keep them sweet and short and use them judiciously.

  11. Beautiful thoughts Rachna! Words can make or mar relations. One must measure the words before uttering them..

  12. We don’t even realize how hurtful words can be. A lovely post.

  13. It is the said and unsaid words that make or mar relationships Rachna! Silence is not always golden nor is speech.

    There is a Tirukkural that says “Burns from a fire will heal but what will never heal is a wound caused by words”. I am freely paraphrasing “Theeyinal sutta pun ullarum aaradhe naavinal sutta vadu”.

    • Exactly, Suresh! Different circumstances demand the lack or excess of words. Silences can be beautiful if they bridge distances not create them. And words can injure deeply, even written words. Once written or said, even if regretted or erased later, the negative impact stays.

  14. Aaah beautifully said. Words and absence of it, both can be equally powerful!

  15. Wow…. beautiful! perfect post to read on a crappy day! For I know , I’m having one !!

    Enjoyed it thoroughly Rachna 🙂

  16. Lovely. Sometimes prose is poetry, profound and it resonates within – this blog post is one of a kind

  17. “Silence is silver. Speech is golden.”

    I read that somewhere. We need both. It’s the timing that makes all the difference. Sometimes you get just the opposite of what you need!

    A really nice post, Rachna. I was going through the comments and everyone seems to be getting something different and new from it. 🙂

    • Thank you, DC! Yes, everyone connects in their own. That is the beauty of blogging, and I love what each one takes from a post and how they share their own experience. Glad so many could connect with it.

  18. Beautiful thoughts written wonderfully. Sometimes, another’s words on a blog post can touch your lives thus. Thank you! 🙂

  19. One of the most beautiful posts I have read on blogosphere. Thanks for a wonderful start for the day!

    • Thanks so much, Saru! I can’t tell you how elated I am with this compliment of yours, as they come from someone who weaves sheer magic with words!

  20. Very nice post Rachna ! Words and many times, silences speak volumes. Its a gift, the ability to speak the right thing at the right time and to hold your tongue, when you know it can do irreversible damage.

  21. I absolutely agree with you. I am not sure why people can’t sit down silently for a minute. Even in a beautiful forest, or waterfall or beach, most of the people are not ready to soak in the silence. Someone told me that she keeps her TV on, so that she feels there is someone in the house. Why do we fear solitude?

    • It beats me too, Sabyasachi! I think silences can be so beautiful. They give us an opportunity to absorb and ponder. I’ve always found solitude fascinating, not that I don’t enjoy talking or writing.

  22. And you’ve played with the words flown out of you so marvellously! Loved this post so beautifully woven with words, Rachna 🙂

  23. I have a soft corner for writing about writing, but this has to be one of best pieces of yours I have read. Have come back to it a few times already. 🙂

    • Thanks Subhorup! Like I told you, appreciation from you means a lot! I am so glad that these few words touched so many. I have always been fascinated equally by silences and words.

  24. Yes Rachna silence can be blissful & words are potent ,two edged daggers–they can work either way.
    This reminds me of an old couplet–
    Think before you utter,words that cause another pain,
    Wounded hearts are slow in healing,if they ever beat again.

  25. Such a lovely post. Very nicely written too.
    There’ve been so many instances where my words came out of somebody else’s mouth (only it’s never been about weight. 🙂 I’m on the plump side myself 😀 )

    The passage about the couple who just watched the sunrise reminds of the friendship quote The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you’ve ever had. 🙂
    So beautiful!

    Have a great weekend, Rachna.

    • Thanks Divya! Haven’t we all gone through these, the rollercoaster ride with words. Yes, the best kind of friend is indeed that. You have a great weekend too. Thanks for stopping by!

  26. While I read this, I wish my lil one shuts her non stop mouth and keep quiet while putting the puzzle pieces together…ugh!!!! Loved this post..words mean a lot…and u said it all..:)

  27. LOvely! I relate to the yelling at the kids and they not listening one! It is so crazy I tell you!

  28. One expression…OMG,This is the first time am reading your post & am spell bound. I like the inbetween phrases u mentioned,they makes the lines so meaningful….

    I need to work so much on my writing.:(


  29. Beautiful post Rachna! And such a calming, soothing start to the day. Thanks you for sharing this.

  30. Rachna, this is one of your best yet! Powerful words….about the power of words – if only we’d realize how our words can make or break people. Thank you for writing this.

  31. Ey Rachna, I loved this. Reminds me of a story about a little boy and his dad about hurtful words that I posted long ago on my blog. 🙂 Hugs!

  32. Beautiful words interwoven with such apt examples! Words scattered, unspoken, constructive, encouraging or critiquing… They have an everlasting effect on you!

  33. Look at that – your poetic soul finally broke free! This post sounds more like me than you, my friend! Impressed 🙂

    • hehe This post just surged out of me! Thanks, Iliana! Somewhere, aren’t we all connected by our thoughts and feelings? The power of words, said and unsaid, touches us all.

  34. Had a splurge of emotions , while reading this post Rachna..

  35. Oh how brilliant! It’s like words have their own moods, isn’t it? Sometimes joyful, at other times PMSing!

  36. What a wonderful post rachna. Words certainly have the power to make or break relationships.

  37. Love the way you wrote this Rachna, so evocative and thought provoking. So much we can change, so much more we can do. Well said indeed! I’m glad I stopped by too!

  38. Words, or the lack of it, are so powerful! Lovely, thoughtful post indeed, Rachna!