In my last post on Help a Child Reach 5, I had outlined the importance of regular handwashing in reducing children mortality in villages. It is heartwrenching that little children die due to lack of hygiene. It is every parent’s worst nightmare, and it must be avoided at all costs. Even in cities, we need to inculcate the healthy habit of handwashing to cut down on diarrhea that children are at risk of due to poor hygiene.

15th of October is being celebrated as Global Handwashing Day. More than 200 million people from over 100 countries are participating in spreading awareness for this noble cause. Just the simple act of washing hands can cut down more than 40% of all instances of diarrhea in children. It is surprising that most mothers are even not aware of the power of this simple act. And, we must all work towards spreading this awareness both to the children and parents. Talk to your helpers – house helps, baby sitters, cooks, vegetable vendors and others and explain to them the importance of this act.

Just like Gondappa in the video above, we need to act now so that the children in our cities and villages grow to be 5 years and above.  Lifebuoy is tirelessly working to make Thesgora, Gondappa’s village, reach a stage when all its children will live beyond 5 years. Let us join in the effort with whatever we can do.

What can you and I do?

  • Tweet the above video with the #HelpAChildReach5 hashtag to create more awareness
  • Pledge your support to the cause and join millions globally in this noble initiative at Lifebuoy’s Facebook page here

Spread the message:

Global Handwashing Day is being celebrated across all continents with the emphasis on helping every child reach the age of 5. Younger children are more vulnerable to dying from diarrhea. It must be remembered that children are being targeted to spread this awareness because they are normally receptive to new and better information. Once aware of the importance of handwashing, they can help educate their parents and other adults in their community and can help everyone safeguard precious lives.

Global Handwashing Day is being endorsed by a plethora of government organizations, NGOs, international agencies, corporates and involved individuals. Let us stop 2 million children from dying every year. Let us all promote the cause of handwashing and save our kids! Every bit counts!

This post has been sponsored by Lifebuoy, but all thoughts are my own.




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12 Thoughts on “Sponsored Video: Lifebuoy presents Help a Child Reach 5 and Global Handwashing Day!

  1. I am ashamed to admit that I’ve never even heard of Hand Washing Day… thank you for enlightening me Rachna.

  2. Nice post, Rachna! It is amazing how one simple habit can be so beneficial – life changing, even!

  3. I am and so is my family particular about hand wash hygiene.
    I must confess ,I didn’t know of 15 th Oct.Thanks for sharing

  4. Washing hands is surely a must for all of us. I learned this habit only when I was around 17/18. Before that, I was unaware of its consequences. Informative post, Rachna.

  5. I love this ad – a very powerful narration. It’s so hard to think that they things we take for granted are not always available to others. The good thing in this case is that we can make a difference! I’m glad Lifebouy is doing just that!

  6. Manika on October 20, 2013 at 8:08 am said:

    It is overwhelming to see people recognising these small efforts…Not sure if you have seen ‘Roti Campaign’ during Kumbh mela on similar thoughts. Do watch this video:

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