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Becoming a parent has made me more patient, calmer and a worrier for life. I no longer take my decisions frivolously. I worry about my children’s health and safety every living minute. This has also made me more conscious of my own choices and living. Though I live in the present, I plan. This is because I would like my children to have good opportunities at leading healthy fruitful lives. I want them to have education, health and happiness.

I am also aware that in the face of poverty, illiteracy and lack of resources, thousands of children die globally every day. Pregnant women do not have access to healthcare, medicines and nourishing food. Little children die needlessly often before their 5th birthday, as they do not get vital vaccination and adequate food for growth.

Did you know that 12 children below the age of 5 die every minute around the world?

This is a staggering, heart-wrenching statistic. It makes me sad to read about this. Nothing is worse for parents than losing their own child. Nothing! How I wish that no child would die in this world. While we have no control over nature, what we can do is help in whichever way possible.

What is tremendously sad is that many of the others who survive do not live long, healthy lives, as they never get access to food, clean water, sanitation and education. These tiny, vulnerable children suffer from malnutrition and disease while we splurge on extravagant meals and expensive healthcare. It breaks my heart. I appeal to every parent and human being out there to be the voices of these hapless children. Let us all endeavor to donate whatever we can to help a child somewhere.

I contribute to organizations like UNICEF that are working for providing food, shelter and education to children.


You can become a UNICEF Global Parent by your donation:

As little as $39 can provide vitamin supplements to two pregnant women and reduce the chances of mortality at birth, miscarriage or still birth.

$69 can provide 88 sachets of fortified milk for children to supplement their nutrition

$89 can help vaccinate 250 children against measles

Any amount contributed by you can help save the life of a child.

Your donation can make a difference! You can also donate for any of the multiple causes that UNICEF supports.

Open your hearts and your purse strings. Every single dollar counts!





14 Thoughts on “UNICEF — Become a Global Parent Campaign

  1. The world has so many problems and there is so much we can do simply by donating a tiny proportion of our income. I know an aunt who contributes 10% each year from her household income. It’s not easy for her, but she’s determined. She is my hero really…

    Also, I feel, these organizations should be addressing a larger issue – have as many children as you can take care of. I have seen my house help living away from her family for almost all her life just to take care of it financially. I know these are two different issues, but we do need to take out that notion of children being God’s gift for their own good.
    Nisha recently posted…An Ode to my adorable NieceMy Profile

    • So true, Nisha. Seriously, we need to think very carefully before having children. It breaks my heart to see small kids work, beg or eke out a living to help their parents. Your aunt is a real hero for all of us. I am also contributing some part of my income to these causes every year. But there is so much more to be done. Thanks for reading!

  2. UNICEF is a great cause.
    Do wish we solve all the problems & every child gets to live a great life…
    Anita recently posted…At The Graveyard…My Profile

  3. good to see this post, we do need more awareness about these issues. Keep on bringing them to the forefront….
    Prasad Np recently posted…Pushkar Resorts: A Family Fun destination in RajasthanMy Profile

  4. Thank you for writing this. We could all use such reminders, and I will do my part 🙂
    I Romanticize recently posted…Autumn RitualsMy Profile

  5. Whether it’s for this cause or any other cause, it’s not just every dollar, but every rupee that counts. The important thing is to ensure that we donate to organisations which will utilize donations for the stated cause.
    You’ve given a timely reminder during the Diwali season that we can spend a little bit less on ourselves and donate the saved amount for a noble cause!
    Proactive Indian recently posted…A brighter Diwali!My Profile

  6. Of course it’s a great initiative ..UNICEF..But,can’t we our bit closer home where we can ensure benefits directly to the beneficiary?
    B k chowla recently posted…TOLERANT HINDUSMy Profile

  7. Thanks for writing this Rachna. We need to be reminded now and then to do our bit. I have set aside some money in my financial plan for donations. I think we should plan for this as well.
    Asha recently posted…The Great Indian RoadsMy Profile

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