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Becoming a mother has been a thoroughly fulfilling yet fearful experience. Before the babies were born, all that I worried about was that they be healthy. I didn’t care how they would look and what personality they would have. Just let them be healthy, God! Though all babies are wrinkled and look like little monkeys, when they are placed in the arms of harried parents, they are the most precious and beautiful kids ever born. The initial euphoria gone and the days falling into a feeding, diapering, bathing, putting to bed, repeat routine, I finally started wondering how they would be. The debates about nature versus nurture had made me a firm believer of both playing a big role into who your child eventually evolves to become. Here are some of my good traits that I hope they would imbibe:

Sensitivity: I have often been commended on being β€˜understanding.’ I am fair even when dealing with people who have not exactly been kind to me. And, I do try to give the benefit of doubt. But, I have my limits. After all I am a true blue Scorpio. πŸ™‚ All these years on the earth have given me the understanding to know that most people are trying to do their best – partners, parents, friends and relatives. This helps you to judge them less and empathize more especially when they screw up. Also, I find myself being affected by so many social causes. Being sensitive is not being sissy. It is being human.

Rationality: I guess my being a Science student helped with a rational, thinking approach in life. That and my interest in Psychology. I question. I seek. I thrash out arguments. I am open to diverse views. I think it is very important to operate from a rational viewpoint even while you retain your sensitivity and emotional makeup.

Honesty: I know honesty seems overrated in the world today when everyone is in a mad rush to amass wealth by any means. As old fashioned as it may sound, one has to be honest to oneself and the life one leads. One also has to be clear in conscience of not doing intentional harm to others. One has to be honest in one’s relationships and one’s profession. My father is the person who showed me by his life how to live honestly, with integrity and yet be successful in one’s calling. I sure hope that it passes on to the next generation as well.

Affection: Never be afraid to hug someone. Never be afraid to show your affection and caring (does not imply an overload of emoticons of social media :)). Again, it is not childish or silly or feminine. I love deeply and with a lot of heart. I give of myself very openly despite setbacks.

Diligence: I like being a problem solver. In my own life, I hate ambiguities and issues left hanging. One way or the other, I want to resolve them. And I seize situations not waiting for someone else to act first. This is a quality that I have seen many in my own family laud. Hope for the kids to catch this one.

There are many traits that I would rather not pass on to them too. However, let me not go there just now. πŸ™‚

Nova IVI

I also take this opportunity to commend Nova IVI Fertility Clinics that has achieved and completed 5000 successful pregnancies in the last 3 years. With their ethical IVF treatment, they have provided hope to thousands of families who were unable to conceive naturally. They are celebrating this milestone this January by organizing meets with parents who benefited as well as events and press conferences across the country. Nova IVI Fertility Clinics are present in 8 cities across the country – namely Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Jalandhar and Hyderabad.

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37 Thoughts on “Five Traits I would like to pass on to my kids

  1. Haha….a typical Rachna post, I’d say – all valid points intertwined with bits of humor πŸ™‚
    Yes, I am from the same family of thought too – as parents and humans, we all have good and bad sides. Hopefully we can continue to inculcate the good behaviour and weed out the bad (both from within ourselves and the kids too).
    Sid recently posted…So, you want kids?My Profile

  2. Even as a non-parent I appreciate this gentle reminder to keep working on myself to become more rational, more sensitive, more affectionate and caring, more diligent and more sincere and honest. It is a life long work, isn’t it? A good post, Rachna.
    Beloo Mehra recently posted…All is Not WellMy Profile

  3. Good post Rachna, I like it particularly because as a woman you value yourself and identify your strengths. This is also a good learning for kids as they learn by observing the parents. Kudos. I can imagine the ‘eyes rolling up’ when we have the talk (read lecture) but children naturally imbibe some of our traits during upbringing and develop some of their own.

  4. Maniparna Sengupta Majumder on January 16, 2015 at 12:48 pm said:

    “Being sensitive is not being sissy. It is being human”, well said Rachna…wish everybody could understand this …sigh …

  5. Touched by your motherly concern. Very valid points. Every parents should think like you πŸ™‚
    Ravish Mani recently posted…1 Understanding That Will Transform Your Life ForeverMy Profile

  6. Hard to select specially when the mother(s) have such a plethora of virtues .. πŸ˜› ;he he
    Jokes apart – All valid points as these are the integral ones which makes the core of the person .. i so wish all the kids to have these values Rachna … keeping the honesty and sensitivity and rationality on top πŸ™‚
    Bless you for the nice post and dear you are a real friend and a true blogger as you displayed the first point from the post with me by being understanding regarding my being irregular due to kids stuff- CTs, projects and PTMs .. πŸ™‚
    Kokila Gupta recently posted…Try : HaikuMy Profile

    • hahaha Kokila. You take care. Children come first. I totally understand. Don’t stress. Yeah, all mothers have plethora of virtues. Just don’t ask our families to attest. Shhhh πŸ˜›

  7. Those are good points every parent should teach or pass to their kids, world will be a better place for sure..
    and as much as I know you Rachna, I am sure you are doing just the same .. and that Kiddie’s will and are surly learning all the good ..

    you surly are doing a great job .. you area good person πŸ™‚

    ok enough enough.. not so good you still have not FED ME .. he he he he he he he πŸ™‚
    Bikram recently posted…Day 15 :- Thursday Challenge (56) – REDMy Profile

  8. Very important traits indeed. How I wish I had passed just my good qualities to my son. He has diligently handpicked all my vices. πŸ™

    Good to know that you are a Scorpio Rachna. I am one too.
    Preethi Venugopal recently posted…About a School Bag, an Auto rickshaw and GoodnessMy Profile

    • Preethi, I guess it happens with all of us. But I am sure your good traits more than balance out the not-so-desirable ones. Hi-Five to the Scorpio bit. πŸ™‚

  9. Good thoughts, hopefully the kids will agree with you for we never know what the kids plan are. But more than anything else it is the thought process of parents that shapes the personality of the kids.
    Prasad Np recently posted…desi Speaks at Delhi University about Social MediaMy Profile

  10. Some lovely traits there. All of which I can relate to. Although I am probably more organised than rational, to be honest. I operate a lot from the heart and that has been both great and landed me some kicks in the gut. But, yes, honesty, affection are all things I share and expect for my child too.

    Love the tone of this post, Rachna!
    Shailaja V recently posted…Over 1000 Facebook Friends; Really!My Profile

  11. These are wonderful lessons that you are teaching your kids.
    //Being sensitive is not being sissy. It is being human.// Wow you said it so beautifully. I am sure you kids are going to be fine human beings πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Rajlakshmi. Since I have boys, this sissy comment is something they hear often especially in the context of sensitivity hence the emphasis on that. Glad you liked the post.

  12. The children learn everything from us, good or bad. They look up to us in the formative years to learn things. Once it is settled in their mind, they use it when they grow up. This was the reason I was always frank with us. When they asked questions about anything, I tried to explain them and if I myself didn’t know the answer, I frankly told them I didn’t know. What you have said here is very right. All your qualities might have gone into them. I too feel that only good qualities should go to them. I know my draw backs! Hope they take minimum of them!

  13. My husband is a Scorpio too πŸ™‚ I have relatives who became proud parents using IVF not at this centre though . It’s amazing
    jaishvats recently posted…Happy Bhogi and Pongal…Let it go !!!My Profile

  14. You’ll be surprised how much your sons are imbibing from you. Rachna. Sermonizing never helps, they learn from example.
    purbaray recently posted…Behind a Monkey Cap is a Shivering BengaliMy Profile

  15. A perfect ‘ to do’ list and am sure including a few like helping mother in kitchen and household chores would help in not defining areas of what is women’s domain where they too can contribute:)

  16. That was a nice set of traits to pass on.

  17. From what little I know of you, I am pretty sure they will imbibe all your traits. Don’t know about the little one, but very much hopeful about Sid. πŸ™‚ They are all meaningful traits that you are wishing them to learn from you. You make me think, what are mine? πŸ˜€

  18. Those are wonderful traits to have and knowing the way you have brought up your boys, I would say that they possess them already! πŸ™‚
    Roshni recently posted…1000 Voices for Compassion: calling all peeps!My Profile

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