All of us watched with amusement as we saw President Obama of the United States chewing gum while enjoying the Republic Day Parade in Delhi. Some even wondered about the brand. President Obama has openly spoken about the struggles he faced in quitting tobacco use right from his teenage years. His doctors have officially declared him tobacco free though he still consumes the gum occasionally. The credit of this goes not only to his determination to kick this dangerous habit but also to nicotine gum. This gum helps tobacco users help kick the addictive habit.

While all of us are aware of the ill effects of tobacco and its consumption, it still makes sense to reiterate that almost 50% of the cancers diagnosed in India can be attributed to tobacco use whether it involves chewing tobacco or smoking. While scary symbols, revulsion-producing ads and statutory warnings have not worked very well in deterring tobacco consumers, awareness campaigns may help. Instead of showing frightening visuals that make you want to throw up your food and flick channels in a hurry, advertisements like this one help by driving the serious message in a humorous manner:

How can you kick the habit?

Chewing tobacco and smoking are addictive habits. If you suddenly try to stop after regular usage, your body undergoes nicotine withdrawal. You crave your addiction and find it hard to completely give up. For this reason, many smokers and tobacco users who wish to give up this habit often feel helpless at their continued inability to do so.

What is nicotine gum?

Nicotine gum which is US FDA approved is now sold over the counter even in India. Kwicnic is a popular Indian brand in this segment. Until now nicotine gum was sold only by pharmaceutical companies. With Kwicnic, it is easy to buy this at a retail outlet near you making it very convenient to buy as needed. Kwiknic comes in exciting flavors like mint and paan. These Indian flavors are easy to like and enjoy. Kwicnic is a wonderful companion in kicking this terrible habit of tobacco consumption.

As per the directions of your doctor and depending upon your current smoking habit, you chew a certain number of nicotine gums in a day.

Nicotine gum releases small quantity of nicotine in your body that helps you to take care of that craving that comes once you have stopped consuming tobacco. You have to keep tapering your nicotine gum consumption over weeks. Done in the right manner, you will find that you can give up the life-threatening habit of consuming tobacco. It is not chewed like normal gum. It is first chewed a little until a peppery taste comes into the mouth. It is then kept on the side between the cheek and the gums. Then chewed again slowly after some time.

To all my friends out there who are struggling to quit tobacco, if there is one #NewYearResolution that you definitely stick to, it is #QuitTobaccoWithKwiknic. Use Kwiknic nicotine gum to help kick this terrible habit. It will benefit you and your family immensely.

If Obama can, so can You!




18 Thoughts on “Get that gum and kick the habit

  1. Rachna,…..I think I am amongst the most experienced person in your friend list as far as this subject is concerned .
    No amount of medicines,gums or force can make anyone give up smoking.
    I also do not agree that only smoking doesn’t.If it did,Winston Churchill would have died before he was born.
    However,I am not supporting smoking.
    I was a 40 per day cigarettes smoker.I realised I was not doing the right thing,but,it was difficult to give up till one day I took decision….No More Smoking for me.
    One needs to have a will power …or ..Will NOT power and that is the only answer.
    B k chowla recently posted…BABA ADVERTISINGMy Profile

  2. I wish it helps at least a few smokers out there. Have seen my dad smoke all his life(outside the house)…never got out of it…rather he never tried I think. Will power plays a very major role and the willingness to get out of it. I liked the last line 🙂

  3. The problem is serious but the video is really funny. Looks like a great product and Indians need it.
    Saru Singhal recently posted…I am a Girl And…My Profile

  4. Anything that can help people quit smoking is worth trying. Because smoking not only impacts the smoker but also people around. I don’t smoke but would sure want my friends to quit
    Prasad Np recently posted…A Drive With SOUL: Rediscovering PassionsMy Profile

  5. The ad is hilarious! My husband was a smoker for many years. He tried to quit by reducing the numbers but he was not able to stop smoking completely. Then one day he told me ‘I didn’t smoke from yesterday morning’ with a beaming face. It was a festival day and his sister’s family and others were at home. Everybody cheered. I knew it was difficult for him. But he did quit! Now it is 16 years since he quit! Only will power helps.

    • Kudos to your husband, Sandhya. All smokers who give up smoking cannot do it without willpower. But some do face withdrawal and perhaps these products can help them.

  6. Very relevant post, Rachna. Today is World Cancer Day.
    The last line is very inspirational. Hope people kick bad-habits and remain healthy.
    Anita recently posted…Discovering Women In Literature And SocietyMy Profile

  7. Expertise in cessation abounds, but damn, that gum tastes like you are eating cigarets, Rachna. Not what I would like to be doing. Varenicline (Chantix) is another option but if you read about user experiences, you will want to stay away from it as well. Might as well enjoy the ride to hell.
    Subhorup Dasgupta recently posted…Is WordPress Blogger Infidelity?My Profile

  8. gums and patches help but end of the days its your own will power that needs to be strong.. I have a people i know who have jsut not been able to leave the habit because of weak resolution..

    but it is a nasty habit not because it effect the smoker but it effects others who dont soke MORE.. and I am not ready to risk my life because someone smokes.. I move away and when these friends come home they been told TO not smoke Or else no need to come near me ..

    Bikram recently posted…January Blogathon – Othe amla de hone ne nabede kisse na teri Zaat puchniMy Profile

  9. A very sensible post Rachna. For some reason I had always found chewing gum as very rude. But when it comes to smoking tobacco, I guess chewing gum is literally nothing and infact maybe a tad nobler as well.

    Like you said – If Obama can, you can too :)..
    vinay nagaraju recently posted…Comment on Time Management: 10 Tricks For Absolute Mastery by Vinay NagarajuMy Profile

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