As a parent of two boys, I can’t help but look back at the days when they were babies with bittersweet emotions. Times have flown by quickly. While bringing them up is challenging, nerve-wracking and exhilarating sometimes in the same day, no parent can deny the amazing repository of memories that children leave us with. It seems like yesterday when the tiny bundles of joy were placed in my arms.

Their wrinkly faces looked the most beautiful in the entire world to me. As the husband and I got busy with the nitty gritties of feeding, burping, putting them to bed, diapering and repeat, our harried selves could not help but be delighted with their love, smiles and gurgles. I remember the single biggest challenge for new parents was to get the babies to have an uninterrupted sleep at night. My elder son had sensitive skin and soon developed diaper rash. We had to try many brands before we settled on Pampers that suited his sensitive skin. I also got to know that the diaper which seems dry outside may actually be wet inside leading to diaper rash and making the baby cranky. No wonder he had repeated episodes of crying at night. Based on a study carried out by IPSOS and Pampers, it was found that 96% of mothers rely on sight and smell to change their baby’s diaper instead of checking the inside of the diaper physically just like I did before I understood better.



The best time in the day for me used to be the time when they woke up after a restful night’s sleep. I remember, my husband would eagerly await my elder son waking up. He would sit by impatiently for him to stir. The little one would open his eyes, give his father a lazy smile while dad smothered him with kisses. Meanwhile, I would have his bottle ready that he would hungrily grab with both hands. After he was fed and his diaper changed, the husband and I would love to play with him. I remember both my sons were the chirpiest and happiest in the mornings.

Diaper has its own tales with my children. I remember with my first boy, I was a complete novice at changing the diaper, so the first time that I was drenched in his hot pee, I laughed at the incredulity of it. Yes, I did not know then that as soon as I opened the diaper, I had to keep his penis down while changing it. Else, he sprayed his urine all around the room in a fountain. We have some really hilarious memories till we learned our lesson.

I truly bless the person who discovered diapers. It is a life-saving contraption for sleep-deprived parents. I remember that with Pampers bringing up my children make so much less stress free. For both my boys, I would always put on Pampers diapers at night to give them a good night’s sleep. Pampers diapers have a super absorbent Magic gel that keeps the diaper dry for upto 12 hours by not only preventing external leaks but internal ones as well. 


The amazing benefit of this is that the babies rest well and grow even better. Studies have shown that the babies who get a good night’s sleep grow faster and better. Besides, all of us want nothing but the best in quality and comfort for our children. Pampers pants for older kids are fantastic to facilitate potty training. I remember how easy it was to slide them on and off.

I am so happy that Pampers made my children’s baby and toddler years a breeze. I would recommend that you try the product by getting a free Pampers sample here.

Also see this cute ad to understand more about why dry babies are happy babies.



8 Thoughts on “Happy mornings and Active Babies with Pampers

  1. Quite a journey it is being a parent..And it entails so many things! Parents are super humans , if not more!
    nabanita recently posted…The Whole Shebang Called LifeMy Profile

  2. India is still way behind when it comes to using diapers …I still have so many relatives who use diapers only when they take the children out… But I thi k times are changing
    jaishvats recently posted…Two times one is two together!My Profile

  3. I was a pampers endorsing mom too! 🙂 And though iv not had much problems with sprays (i have a daughter), i have learnt my own diaper lessons oh yeah.. The most memorable ones are when my lil one was getting potty trained. It was hilarious how she would find such comfort in pooing and peeling in a diaper and the horrifying faces she would make if i made her sit on her lil potty! She would sing, talk about various stuff seemingly of global imperative.. only leaving the essential part of actually using the potty.. 🙂

    Sigh! Good times. And good that they are done!!! LOL!

    Lekha Warrier recently posted…The little mayhem called lifeMy Profile

  4. Oh..I love pampers….they are the best diapers 🙂 But used them only for 6 months as they are expensive. Tried huggies but didn’t like them as much. Finally settled with the Costco brand which were affordable and Costco maintains its quality nonetheless 🙂 Though I miss kids as babies, I don’t miss those diaper changing nights man…ufff
    Found In Folsom recently posted…The Day My Boy Looked Grown up!My Profile

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