There was a time when 500 MB of space on your computer’s hard disk drive (HDD) seemed adequate. Yes, I remember those days a decade and a half ago when there were no smartphones and no digital cameras either. All we used our computers for was just files and documents. I remember I never worried about running out of space. But now, even 400 GB seems less. With music, videos, pictures and other content being regularly stored on the computer or laptop, the hard disk drive increasingly is in a danger of running out.

I remember that all my kids’ baby pics and videos consumed so much disk space that we were at a loss as to where to store them. They were priceless, as they were something we would always like to have and hence they absolutely must be secure and stored away safely to be accessed whenever needed. I had my own wedding video on a CD back then. Its quality deteriorated over time, as it developed scratches. Then came the DVDs which could store more data but the problems of the picture quality becoming bad or just not reading became common. I can’t tell you how many pictures and videos I have lost in this manner.


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As time went on, I also have movies and music on my laptop that I wanted backed up. And then there were the pictures. My smartphone, digital camera along with the SLR is always brimming with pictures. Each of these High Resolution pictures are 3 to 4 MB files. While some can be deleted, others need to be stored somewhere. Add to this are all the pictures that I take randomly which may be needed for some of my blog posts or professional work. I also have loads of my articles that I would like to keep a backup of. Hence, the gist of the tale is that my desktop/laptop soon starts exhausting the Hard disk space. And, it starts getting slower too. I have had enough of CDs and DVDs so I remember a decade back I opted for Internal Hard Drive from Seagate. This was because my friends highly recommended it for enhancing my laptop’s HDD. The only hitch, one had to open the system to install it.


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A few years later, I was thrilled to hear about a Portable Hard Drive. Seagate is one of the most reputed and best known brands around and hence was a natural choice. Seagate Backup Plus Slim Portable Drive was the Portable Hard Drive of choice for me. I prefer portable hard drive because as compared to internal hard drives, these do not require opening of the system and installation.

Portable hard drives are easy to store, carry and transfer data to. Also, they can be reformatted and hence re-used over and over again as per requirement. The quality of the data stored remains the same which is a huge relief.

Seagate Backup Plus Slim Portable Drive has the following features:

  • It is a lightweight, thin drive that is easy to carry and store.
  • It has up to 2 TB of space that can contain multiple movies, videos and pictures easily.
  • It can easily store mobile date using a handy Seagate Mobile Backup App.
  • It shares files seamlessly between Windows and Mac Computers.
  • It can also backup Flickr and Facebook data and share on YouTube.
  • Easy to setup and use as it uses simple USB 3.0 plug and play which my latest laptop had. My old system, however, has USB 2.0 and would need something else.
  • Hardy and sturdy and thus portable and reliable

I am extremely pleased with my Seagate Backup Plus Slim Portable Drive. Seagate comes with an array of portable drives that will fit all your needs. It also has wireless drives. Do get one of their Portable Drives and backup all your data today. This way you will never lack storage space ever again.



12 Thoughts on “Backup your data securely with Seagate Portable Hard Drives

  1. A good advice that I must follow soon.
    KP recently posted…The new found thrillMy Profile

  2. Aah…the hard drive Saga!
    More is now less! But yes, Seagate is rather reliable as a brand and their products are pretty good too.
    Sid recently posted…Shoes? Oh yes!My Profile

  3. Yes, totally agree on the need for an external hard drive. We have a 1 TeraByte Seagate and it is STILL not enough 😛 Clearly, I store a lot of data. Okay, wait. My husband uses it more than I do 😉
    Shailaja recently posted…No more candlesMy Profile

  4. Good thoughts..

    Btb it will work with USB 2.0 also, no extra thing is required
    Shrinidhi Hande recently posted…Annalaya Fine Dining restaurant NungambakkamMy Profile

  5. Oh I keep feeling that there is so much data to save and so little space to do that! When did we reach this point..What would we do without external portable devices?
    nabanita recently posted…Frozen Summer & Columbina : A ReviewMy Profile

  6. Awesome info Thanks For Sharing This.

  7. Nice Post Keep it Up

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