Ahmedabad is a city that I am very fond of. One of the reasons could be that I held my first job after MBA in the city and have some great memories of the time spent there. I also got married from here. And, I regularly go back not only for my dose of khakras, patra, dhoklas and fafda but also to meet close family there.  Everyone is aware of the Gujarati’s affinity for the sweet and the namkeen (savory).  Havmor and Vadilal ice creams do brisk business in the city. They are my personal favorites. It is no surprise then that many health conscious parents are actively seeking a nutritional consultant in Ahmedabad.

I think this is a great trend. As we see people developing lifestyle diseases like diabetes and also suffer from obesity due to excessive consumption of junk food, it only makes sense to make changes in one’s diet to avoid future illnesses. Children are even more prone to obesity and illnesses at a young age exposed as they are to varied and high-calorie junk foods on a daily basis. Not only does one need to inculcate healthy eating habits at home but it helps to consult a professional to help devise nutritionally balanced diet plans. For this, a dietician in Ahmedabad can be consulted. This is to ensure that fad diets that do more harm than good are not followed.

Though most of us do not shy away from visiting a doctor when we are sick, there are some who may be apprehensive about seeking dietitians. The field of nutrition and health has its own issues as a number of self-styled health consultants and fitness planners have flooded the market. It is often difficult to ascertain if a consultant is actually a qualified professional or has just gathered information from the internet. Hence, it is absolutely imperative that only a professionally qualified nutritional consultant in Ahmedabad be consulted for optimal results. You may try reliable online resources like the one shared in the links above to find good nutritionists in your area.

It is important to be prudent and to take preventive steps to safeguard the health of your family members. Prevention is the best approach. Even if someone in your family suffers from a lifestyle disease, you can manage the disease well. Just reach out to professional nutrition consultants and plan your diet better. Also do not forget to include exercise in your daily routine.



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