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It was a rain-washed, downcast day on a July evening. I had just arrived at his Apartment complex and pinged him in advance, as I waited in the car. He was ready. I liked that about him – his punctuality, very in tune with mine. I watched him come out of his house towards me. A huge smile played on his face. He looked quite smart as well. We were going to a work colleague’s party who was celebrating his daughter’s first birthday. I had the gift with me, neatly wrapped. The gift was always my job, I wonder why. Not that I had much clue about what kids wanted. I spent all my time at my new job and was still a free bird, so to speak. I hope that the child would like the gift I had chosen. I had in turn entrusted the task to my sister.

And, then the smile on my face disappeared. Really? He had worn smart trousers and a complementing shirt with sports shoes. My jaw dropped. What happened to those delicious branded shoes , the leather beauties that he usually word. Or at least those classy casual shoes that went well with both casual and formal attire? This was just not working. I could not help but make him change his shoes. With a groan and a very vocal protest, he went back and changed his shoes. He did give me a cold shoulder for the entire journey, later.

But seriously, why did men do this? I have seen them going to work in this attire – trousers, formal shirt and sport shoes? Hey, that does not work. Sports shoes especially the wonderful kind that you get these days complement your casual attire really well. In fact, I love pairing mine with jeans especially if I have any walking to do. They are after all so comfortable and really good looking too. Hey, and they are so easy to maintain. I just machine wash mine after a few times. Come rain or hail, they are sturdy and easy to wear. Yet, one cannot team them with formal wear. Period!

His mood took a bit of lightening up later. Nothing that a few jokes could not cure. πŸ™‚

Do you wear casual/sports shoes regularly?

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22 Thoughts on “Sports shoes for regular wear

  1. Sports shoes are so comfy and yet we cannot wear them everywhere, when will style and comfort go hand in hand?
    Pooja Mahimkar recently posted…Mother’s Day Giveaway! – Jabong.comMy Profile

  2. Nothing is more comfortable to wear than a sports shoe. Feet remain most relaxed in a well fit sports shoe. With so many designs and varieties available these days I do wear them sometimes with my leggings and kurtis too & of course they are best teamed up with jeans.
    Swati Bassi recently posted…The Unexplained ConnectionsMy Profile

  3. Very well written!
    I do wear sports shoes but never with formals..(a matter of my old fashioned mind set, a couple of days back I saw pictures of some style icons wearing them with swanky formals, but the idea somehow doesn’t appeal to me).

  4. I wear sports shoes only at gym or running or trekking, or else its my wedges that make me happy πŸ™‚ nice article πŸ™‚
    shwetadave09 recently posted…A-Z Challenge – W – WaryMy Profile

  5. Only when I need to walk a lot otherwise strapped beauties or wedges are my companion !
    Nice one Rachna πŸ™‚
    Kokila Gupta recently posted…Pass : HaikuMy Profile

  6. I wear sports shoes during my regular evening walks. Otherwise, flats, wedges, stilettos…according to the occasion and outfit.
    Nicely done Rachna… πŸ™‚
    Maniparna Sengupta Majumder recently posted…Haiku: Buried in MossMy Profile

  7. I hardly wear sports shoes. Trekking shoes work best for me, even in office πŸ™‚

  8. oh yes these days the sports shoes are so good, you forgotten the pics i put of the shoes i bought a few months back .. I wear them with a suit sometimes .. its the new fashion


    Bikram recently posted…Thursday Challenge(60) – BEAUTIFULMy Profile

  9. Sports shoes with formals are so uncool!! I love wearing sports shoes but then I also like my flats and heels, boots and mojris, crocs and kolhapuris too. πŸ™‚
    Shilpa Garg recently posted…AtoZ Reflections #AtoZChallenge @AprilA2ZMy Profile

  10. Sports shoes are best for travel, but with formals? The idea doesn’t gel.
    Indrani recently posted…My Gurukul ExperienceMy Profile

  11. Agreed!!
    And, I’ve also seen men wearing it with kurta-pajamas…that is the absolute last straw!!
    Roshni recently posted…What it’s like to be an introvert married to an extrovertMy Profile

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