After my last post which detailed the huge scam perpetuated by BudgetAir, I reached out to the airline, Etihad, to help out with the refund. Their social media team engaged with me over twitter, shared an email id with me to give more details of my case and promised to look into the refund when their Customer service person called from Abu Dhabi. They even promised refund through their Bangalore office. I was very impressed with Etihad who had clearly gone out of their way to help out a customer in distress.

After Etihad team engaged with me, magically woke up from the dead. They sent their first email with a reverse invoice mentioning full refund on 20th August, 2015 after our tickets were cancelled on 19th August, 2015. Hallelujah, we rejoiced but it was too soon. The email mentioned that the refund was processed and we must check our bank accounts. Like kids waiting for Christmas gifts, we kept checking the bank account. Nothing materialized.

Aug 21, 2015 – Same email. Check your email. Refund is processed.

August 25, 2015 – We would like to inform you, we have not taken any money from your account. we have stop the payment from your bank.” This was a bizarre message because they only issued tickets after we had transferred money to the Travix account in Netherlands. We asked them to explain.

August 25, 2015 – Email in response to the above email said We are very sorry for the inconvenince caused to you, we had already processed the refund with in 48 hours its reflect in your account.”

August 28, 2015 – Email said “Kindly check with your back , from our end its already refunded.

August 31, 2015 – Email said “We are very sorry for the inconvenince caused to you, your refund is under processed , with 8-12 weeks its reflect in your account.”

September 1, 2015 – Email said “We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused here. Refund was processed from our end on 21st August. Please check and confirm If amount is now reflecting on your account.”

It was not only the grammar and spellings which was bothering me about the emails. Continuous lies and more lies and the conflicting statements took the cake. What is also pertinent is that no transfer reference number or transfer details were shared clearly showing that they are sleeping over the refund.

Etihad did process our refund on 24th August pretty quickly by all accounts but sent it back to the travel agents, BudgetAir. Of course, that is normal procedure because we had bought the tickets from not Etihad directly. But there was nothing normal about this case. I had hoped and pleaded with Etihad to do the refund to us directly. In any case, they could have raised a flag for this particular transaction. How could they send the refund back to BudgetAir when we had expressly told them not to? Yet, they still promised that BudgetAir was going to process our refund within 5-10 days. Taking solace in that, we waited. But the 10 days are up. We are still waiting.

These constant flip flops by the thieves and crooks that BudgetAir are have been wreaking havoc on the entire family as you can imagine. Of course, they never provide any address in India or even a phone number so that we can reach them here. Their invoice has an address in the Netherlands. Last 2 emails had a name — Rati Rakheja Sahu whoever she is.

Fed up of lies and evasive replies, I am contemplating legal action. The first steps for which I am at the moment putting in place. I am also going to write to IATA to remove BudgetAir from their fold.

A word about Etihad too: You disappointed me. After almost giving us the refund you went ahead and gave it back to the scamsters leaving us at their mercy with nowhere to go. I still request you to get them to refund our money. You can do it. They are your contractors. Don’t let them get away with harassing and humiliating your fare-paying customers.

You will earn immense goodwill, not only of this family but of all those who read my story on the net.



46 Thoughts on “BudgetAir scamsters are sitting over refund

  1. Utterly ridiculous what they are putting you through, Apart from the torture of being made to wait for the refund, don’t they realise that you/ anyone else can easily make this a legal case? I suggest you go ahead and file the legal suit. That alone should make them sit up straighter. Nonsense!
    Shailaja recently posted…Anatomy of grief #PoetryMy Profile

    • I don’t know what they are thinking. Perhaps, they have gotten away for far too long by cheating customers. Well, I would like to believe that perhaps in this manner more and more people will be educated about their true colours. Hoping to hold strong to see this case to its logical end. The notice being sent to them is the first step. That is being put in place. Thanks for your support and help, Shy. I need all the RTs.
      Rachna recently posted…BudgetAir scamsters are sitting over refundMy Profile

  2. This is so pathetic attitude from this shady website. I think the only solution is to share this as much as possible so that no new customers are cheated. I also suggest you start researching for your legal options too…

    The attitude of airline here is also not acceptable in such case they should put the payment under hold or observation and keep the customer in confidence … before sending money back to the agent….
    Prasad Np recently posted…Top Travel Blog Lists from IndiaMy Profile

    • You are right, Prasad. The intent behind writing these posts is to let everyone be aware of BudgetAir so that no one else gets duped in the future. Yes, I am already researching those options. This is not small change that I will just let go.

      I agree. I was quite surprised with the turn of events at Etihad. How could they give the money back to BudgetAir and then just leave it at that? It does not take much for them to pressure them to process our refund. I had expected better from Etihad for sure.
      Rachna recently posted…BudgetAir scamsters are sitting over refundMy Profile

  3. This is ridiculous! The emails are conflicting in itself. I think they were getting away with this kind of behaviour already. Taking legal action might be the best!
    Vinitha recently posted…#MicroblogMondays – Keeping up with the ‘Word of the Year’My Profile

  4. Wow, well that’s crap! I am so sorry, I’d be frustrated beyond belief despite my resolutions to remain all zen…:) I really hope somehow it works out for you.
    Colleen recently posted…The Prairies That Whisper To MeMy Profile

  5. Ridiculous in Caps Bold and Italics! Such fraudsters definitely need legal action against them! Sincerely hope you get your money back, Rachna!

    Just today, got to know about another fraud company… Fat Cat Gaming who promised to give 100 Euros (Happy Hours at IB) and now when it’s time to encash the shares, they are absconding!
    Shilpa Garg recently posted…Tornado Giveaway : All AboardMy Profile

  6. Rohit Jain on September 3, 2015 at 4:45 pm said:

    Horrible experience! Check out for some more info, including name, address and phone number of the domain registrant.

    We recently booked a hotel in Amsterdam through Expedia India, and the hotel charged us an unexpected amount, at an unexpected time, through an unexpected biller name. Thankfully it was booked through a credit card, so the first thing we did was to cancel the booking, cancel the card and dispute the amount. However, four months later, the issue is still unresolved, and while billing had happened, we’ve not yet paid due to our outstanding credit card dispute. In the meantime the hotel assured Expedia that they’ve refunded the money, which doesn’t seem to be the case.

    Incidentally I too had to engage Expedia India through Twitter for them to come to the table to help.

  7. Their emails make no sense, they’re contradicting themselves! Perhaps legal action is best in this case. Inform Etihad again, because the last time BudgetAir woke up with you got in touch with Etihad directly.
    Sreesha recently posted…The Man In The CornerMy Profile

  8. Sue them financial loss, plus interest, defamation and mental trauma….its needed! Etihad is their raw nerve press that they will revive again.
    shwetadave09 recently posted…The Missing Babloo – Hasya RasaMy Profile

  9. Bizarre atrocious. . Did you contact your bank.. why don’t they reverse the transaction. In uk that’s first thing that would have happened.

    Etihad are good I had a issue ages ago and they helped.

    I hope this gets resolved soon. .
    What a sham
    Bikram recently posted…HelloMy Profile

  10. This seems like an unending nightmare. Keeping fingers crossed.
    Beat About the Book recently posted…The Time TravelerMy Profile

  11. Horror story. Looks like legal action is the best way forward.
    C. Suresh recently posted…Trek to Valley of Flowers with GIO – To Valley of FlowersMy Profile

  12. When is the nightmare coming to an end? And how senseless do their emails sound? Stupid, idiotic people. They will rot in hell for sure for troubling customers and looting away your money. I can’t curse them enough. I hope no one ever buys any more tickets from them. And Etihad could have been more sensible in doing what they did. All the very best with the legal action.

  13. This is atrocious. They still haven’t given the refund and no response too. This is absolutely shoddy treatment that one can expect.
    Somali K Chakrbarti recently posted…Google has a new logoMy Profile

  14. Now that is really silly.. what the bank say I think k they are also running away from some responsibility. .

    So what happens if we transfer money by mistake .. just a thought ..
    bikram recently posted…HelloMy Profile

  15. Sad . Unnecessary nuisance this has become. As far as scams go this is just horrible. I hope you take legal action, you have lost enough peace of mind over this.
    Jaibala Rao recently posted…Aamchi Police CampaignMy Profile

  16. Hi Rachna

    It’s really sad that you haven’t gotten your refund yet. Last post I read of yours was about this scam, and then I had to go offline for some days. Anyway….

    The point I’d like to aware you of is don’t opt for legal options immediately. Aap court ke chakkar lagate reh jaoge starting from lower courts upto Supreme Court. I’m telling you this from my Personal Experience of Indian Judiciary System.

    Let me cite you a recent story I read recently about a girl who won a date with Hrithik in a contest of Coca Cola in the year May 22, 2000. When the company failed to arrange the date, she filed a suit against the company in June 2003 and the case appeared on list in August of 2015 asking the company to file a counter of the petition. You can read about this here:

    So, my suggestion would be to involve media and build pressure through media. You can ask newspaper or electronic media houses to cover your story. Go on their website and search for contact options or try to drag their attention on social media.

    May you get your refund soon!
    Ravish Mani recently posted…The Hidden Letters by Purba ChakrabortyMy Profile

    • Thanks, Ravish. Yes, I am aware of how tardy the legal system is here. But this company is based out of the Netherlands. And, their legal system is not this tardy. Besides, they would be foolish to add the cost of litigation to their refund money. Hope they act upon it soon and give us what is our due. I have already initiated the process there through some friends.

  17. That’s a very stressful experience Rachna ….sadly refund is always done after a lot of hassles
    jaishvats recently posted…Onam – Pookkalams Holidays and moreMy Profile

  18. Too stressful an experience…I hope it gets sorted soon Rachna…
    Nabanita recently posted…Tell Them Off…#MondayMusingsMy Profile

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  20. Just unbelievable! This is truly daylight robbery!! I can’t understand how these people hope to get away with it as they will definitely be investigated soon! Best of luck! I know you will get the refund considering the airlines is now involved but what a lot of tension you all had to undergo!
    Roshni recently posted…“Who cares?!” The beauty of nonchalance and being differentMy Profile

    • I don’t know either. They are probably swindlers who think that they will never be pulled up. I have already sent them a notice and if needed larger action will follow. I am just shocked that Etihad did something as dumb.

  21. Udayashankar on September 11, 2015 at 1:38 pm said:

    I’m sure Etihad if not BudgetAir will respond to ur notice as we Indians are one of their biggest customers..

    • Etihad has been a big disappointment. They say they want to help but it does not seem that way. No one is really doing anything to resolve this issue except empty words and flip flops.

  22. Bhavana Rao on September 13, 2015 at 1:20 pm said:

    Oh my goodness.. how did I miss this post?
    I really wish you will get the refund. That is huge sum of money!!

    We had similar experience. but for buying DSLR camera. We had paid to similar ghost website from UK and lost nearly 1000 USD.
    Grr.. damn them!
    Crossing my fingers for you Rachna…

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  24. Very bad experience..Thanks for sharing. Hope you get the refund soon.

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