Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund‘s #JanoTohMano video above took me back to my college days when we used to pass chits around to convey messages. Seriously those days seem so far away and unreal now. Yes, no mobile phones, WhatsApp or even easy access to emails back then. It is not to say that there wasn’t a certain charm about living like that. While the relationships did feel more close and personal, we all remember how sending a letter and receiving a reply made us chew our nails anxiously as the wait was just long. The time and distance in communication was cumbersome. While we may wax eloquent about handwritten letters, none of us are about to give up our digital communication any time soon. Imagine if we did not have the ease of online communication, you would not be reading this post right now. I would not be able to work online. Gosh! Life certainly would not be rosy.

While communication has made rapid strides with the advances in technology and internet spreading its tentacles far and wide, I think the one thing that has benefitted us all especially in India is how services have now reached our doorsteps. And I am not only talking about shopping which has become a breeze now. Apparel, furniture, groceries, jewelry, lingerie – you name it and it can be bought online and home delivered. We really are living the dream of convenience with technological advances. With your smartphone, you can shop on your mobile instantly. I personally make complete use of this. And these being the times when the consumer is actively wooed with lots of online deals and cashbacks, this really is the best time to shop online, get the convenience and save money. Seriously, a win-win situation!

But it is the services that have seen such an amazing makeover. These days, you can get a tailor, a beautician, a plumber, cleaning service, electrician, repair technician right to your doorstep. Where finding quality unorganized service providers was always a pain point, this is a blessing in disguise.

This amazing new phenomenon has made living in big cities where we struggle with traffic jams and commutes every step of the way so easy. Hey, I can even manage my finances on my smartphone. Seriously, the innovative ideas and Apps floating around have made it easy for all of us.

So how has your life changed for the better from the old ways? Do share in the comments



7 Thoughts on “Changing for the better

  1. Right, life is easy now. For me, I am more connected to all my friends and relatives now. Technology has a lot to do with it.
    Saru Singhal recently posted…#ThePatchUpMy Profile

    • It is quite easy. The other day an older friend was telling me how easy it is for me to work given that I can work online from home. So many didn’t have that luxury. I couldn’t agree more.
      Rachna recently posted…Call me S!My Profile

  2. Oh yes. Technology has definitely made life easier. For me the biggest happiness is being able to pay my bills online – electricity, telephone. Those long queues would drive me crazy. Oh and online reservations and bookings – such bliss. I still remember waking up at ungodly hours and queuing up waiting for the counters to open and even then not having the guarantee of a confirmed ticket.
    Beat About the Book recently posted…When the Help need helpMy Profile

    • Oh yes, those damn queues. Yes, bill payments has become so easy. Also netbanking and reservations especially railway. It was not so long ago that one had to stand in long queues for a tatkal ticket. Shivers at those memories. Thanks for reading.
      Rachna recently posted…Call me S!My Profile

  3. I totally agree with you! It’s funny I went through years of “hating” technology and social media but now I feel the same way. My life is easier. So much. As you say there was charm to the way things were f\before, no doubt but I find the opportunities now overwhelming when it comes to things like writing online! It’s really amazing!

    On a more personal note, my life has improved because I hate using the telephone and if I can avoid actually “doing” something I usually will. I can use email or FB or online reservations etc, rather than dealing with people face to face. That sounds horrible but I like this better. I like to choose my face to face interaction. 🙂
    Colleen recently posted…Tea: Comforting Habit or Dangerous Addiction?My Profile

    • Oh yes, truly, Colleen. It works for people like you and me who wish to work flexibly. I completely enjoy how I can work from home and do so much online including connecting with lovely people like you so far away. I get that about face-to-face interaction. I am actually that way too. I prefer to make a phone call or use an App instead of going all the way.

  4. Technology has certainly made life easier! Like you, I work from home and currently I am far away from home (Kerala) and the same technology helps me stay connected with family and friends. I video chat with my parents daily, so the distance doesn’t really seem too much. 🙂
    Destiny’s child recently posted…Fur ball of joyMy Profile

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