Do take the 6 minutes it takes to watch the touching video above. It is just an ad you say. Yes, it is but based on a true story. And what a heartwarming story  of love and mutual respect it is! Yes, I did brush a tear away when I was seeing the ad. Sentimental, you say? How can one not be? There are so many mixed emotions and tears one experiences when one is traveling away from loved ones. I am reminded of a few words uttered by my brother. A few years back, my brother, sister and I had converged for a family gathering. We all live in different cities now and don’t meet as often as we’d like to. On this occasion, I was heading back home a day later and she was leaving that same night.

As he and I went to drop her to the railway station and bid her goodbye, my brother said, “It cuts through you to drop loved ones when they are leaving.” I nodded with a heavy heart. For a moment going back in time when we siblings lived together in the same house. How life changes? Inevitably, we move away from our parents and siblings and set up a new home. Slowly, we get busy in our own families. Our family, our parents and siblings, always there at the back of our minds, resurfacing in some warm memory, sometimes a regret when a special occasion comes by and we are not around, an anguish at the physical distance that separates us and the longing to be together more often.

A lovely bond that heals #FuelledByLove

Just like the grandma in the ad who misses her son as she travels away from him. It is difficult, isn’t it? And then she forges this unlikely yet beautiful deep bond with a  stranger, a flight attendant,  who belongs to a different culture, generation and milieu but understands her pain and love perfectly.  Sometimes, it is a comforting smile or a warm gesture that can be soothing to stretched nerves and troubled emotions. The grandmother reminded me so much of my late mother. She was as lovely, as hospitable, as emotional and as welcoming, striking instant friendships with strangers and always welcoming people to eat at our home and loving back with a deep, tender affection.

There is something really striking about India – our festivals, how the families gather together and enjoy delicacies and love and share the happiness with neighbours and friends. The benign grandmother, the head of the family takes charge as she gently guides the younger generation about the rituals, supervises the food being cooked and regales all with tales of family. Fuelled by love, the festival and the celebration feel so satisfying and soul enriching.

It is the season of love. And I leave you with the thought to share your love this year with someone in distress. Who knows if it would give you much more in return?

What do you think? Have you struck a deep bond with a stranger that later turned into a special relationship?



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26 Thoughts on “A lovely bond that heals #FuelledByLove

  1. I really like this beautifully it depicts a bond developing between two totally different people
    Prasad Np recently posted…March 2016 Calendar: Download Desktop WallpaperMy Profile

  2. Exactly the reason i love India…not matter how much corruption or mess we are in because of other issues, we still have deep traditional and cultural values (up to us if we follow them or not).

    Your post reminded me of my home and how we feel when we separate. Tragic!

    • You must be feeling the nostalgia even more as you live far away. Sometimes, one wonders why things have to change so much. I wish I lived in the same city as my siblings and father. How wonderful that would have been!

  3. The crazy part of your final question is that my answer is yes and most of those strangers who are now close friends are from my blogger circles 🙂
    In spite of all the differences (age, culture, religion et al) we are thick as thieves today and I am truly grateful for that.
    Roshan Radhakrishnan recently posted…Recipe – Chettinad Pepper ChickenMy Profile

    • I can completely imagine how you would make friends out of strangers easily, doc. You have that kind of personality and a warmth that you share openly.

  4. That is a very sweet video. I love the way the two women bonded. I do know it’s an advertisement yet I like to believe that there is something extra hospitable and sweet about us Indians. It still is more common to hear people say ‘come over for dinner’ or ‘have cup of tea’ rather than ‘let’s go out for coffee’.
    Obsessivemom recently posted…Sports day and a regretMy Profile

    • Yes, there is something really beautiful about us. The warmth and inviting a stranger home — we’ve all done that. How lovely was the grandmother? Really loved the actor who portrayed that character.

  5. Oh, such a beautiful video!! Stirs emotions. Yes, I loved both of them. Sometimes, you feel a certain connection even when you don’t know that person, no?

    Lovely post, Rachna. It’s really difficult to say goodbye to your dear ones. It is very common, perfectly understandable yet strange to see how priorities change.
    Tarang Sinha recently posted…Why would you un-follow people on Twitter? #SocialMediaMy Profile

  6. What you say is right, Rachna! Once we grow up we become busy with our own lives. But when we meet at some function/celebration, we become the old selves. We forget that we are old now with our own responsibilities. Whether we celebrate festivals at home or not, we tend to go to our elders’ place to be with them…I am seeing some youngsters doing this in our complex. Religious celebrations are taboo with some youngsters. But thank god, now, they have got at least one or sometimes two, brother or sister to meet and chat. The fast life do not give them time to be together even if they like to do. The advertisement shows, how old people miss their young family members. If old people are not of the criticizing or imposing type, they get many young friends, wherever they live.
    Sandhya Kumar recently posted…Vaalpaarai Trip – A Meeting With The Gaurs (Indian Bison)!My Profile

    • Totally agree, Sandhya. It is a delight to be in the presence of a benign elder because they have the experience and love to share and the generosity and wisdom to do it mindfully. It is terrible that in today’s times we are so far away from our families.

  7. Once I was on a train, really upset about something and the tears just would not stop though I was aware of becoming an object of curiosity to my fellow passengers. A lady got up, just handed me a packet of tissue before alighting…. I don’t think I would ever forget her
    Jaishvats recently posted…Glasses, sunglasses!My Profile

    • So lovely, Jaish. I remember doing the same for a lady who was quietly crying at an airport. I remember writing a post about it. Just tiny gestures but they can mean a world to a person in distress.

  8. There is something about this video which is very Indian..not the customs or the food that is generally related to Indian-ness…It is the capacity to love a stranger and also the bond of a family, the strongest of all..

  9. Lovely video and lovely post. It brought some tears and lots of memories.

    Every time I part a loved one who I won’t see for sometime, it always wrenches my heart. And on most occasions during the journey, there would be someone who would stir up a conversation and make me forget my sadness. 🙂
    Raj recently posted…MY SECOND FIRST LOVE LETTERMy Profile

  10. I’ve read many posts on the theme without watching the video. Every post mentioned about tear drops. When I finally watched the video, my eyes also welled with tears. There’s something in the video that touches some chords within. May be the emotion that the old woman had weaved in the handkerchief. In the busy world, when someone takes time to made something for you by his/her own hands and treats you special, it’s really most precious & extraordinary.

    It reminds me of the line, “Har taraf har jagah besumar aadmi fir bhi tanhaiyon ka shikar aadmi.”
    Ravish Mani recently posted…Abhaya by Saiswaroopa IyerMy Profile

    • This video really touched me. The warmth of family, the benign grandmother, the parting and the stranger who forges a strong bond. Very beautiful lines, Ravish. In a way, we all are so alone in a crowd. It just takes a beautiful person to reach out to another and share some compassion and love despite not knowing them. It makes humanity worth trusting.

  11. There are those times when you miss the days of yore; joint families and all…but then…
    C. Suresh recently posted…PicturesMy Profile

    • I never really lived in a joint family. Loved the childhood outings to my grandpa’s house but a couple of months were enough for the entire year. But yes, do miss my siblings and parents.

  12. I enjoyed this video a lot and yes I shed a sentimental tear or two. People may call me mushy and old-fashioned but there’s something gorgeous about nostalgia and goodness and I never feel ashamed about expressing it either. Gy watched the ad too and was touched by the whole concept.

    Such a lovely campaign and one we all need to reinforce the fact that relationships can go beyond blood many times.
    Shailaja Vishwanath recently posted…Is Your Child Ready for Adventure Camps?My Profile

  13. Rachna,

    Great way to talk about this video. I like how travel always make strangers close friends.

  14. My closest friend, began as a stranger. So yes, I have forged friendships with complete strangers. I have always believed that it does not matter how long you have known the person, it is about how deeply you connect and how well you know the person.
    Jaibala Rao recently posted…The New Age BullyMy Profile

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