Thyrocare is a trusted name in diagnostic testing. I have been using Thyrocare’s services for years now. Blood tests are an integral part of our lives these days. Most investigations whether it is a simple cold and cough or high fever are often diagnosed based on blood tests. In my experience, readings vary across labs and hospitals. So much so that once I got Thyroid readings done at two labs, both in prestigious hospitals and both results varying by quite a degree. Hence it is important, as my doctor told me, to take regular blood test readings from one lab in order to compare them fairly. Sometimes that is not possible as we move houses and our old lab may be too far for us.

Now, I have been getting a comprehensive health check done annually for my husband and I every year since many years. It helps us maintain our health and also catch any unforeseen problems in the bud. But I must tell you that these blood tests are quite expensive and the rates vary wildly. Thyrocare was a name that stood out to me when I was doing an online research for blood tests. They offer an extensive portfolio of tests ranging from individual tests to large packages. The website is comprehensive and offers good information. Their customer service is quite helpful as well. They offer attractive rates and do blood testing right inside your home.

Thyrocare review



thyrocare review

So, I recently booked a health check called Aarogyam B profile for my husband on the website. Once you register on the website, you are entitled to future loyalty discounts. You can also call their customer service number and do your booking over the phone or download the recently-introduced App and book through it. You can choose your package/tests and the date and time of your appointment. You get SMS on your phone and email confirming your appointment. You can also modify the booking. You can pay online through cards or opt for cash payment. The best part is that they come and take the blood sample from your home.


The lab technician comes right to your home with his bag. Everything required for the blood test is carried by the technician. New needles and syringes for blood test are opened in front of you. Your blood sample is collected and the bottles labelled and saved for dispatch to their large facility in Mumbai or Regional labs in major metros that process about 30,000 samples daily catering to about a lakh customers!


That’s it! Sit back and relax. You generally get your e-report by email the very next day. If you opt for hard copies of report at additional courier changes then those are mailed to you in 2-3 working days.

That’s it!

My Experience:


Right in your home: Get testing done right in the comfort of your home for me is a huge plus. For me commuting to a laboratory and then waiting for my turn is a real killer especially when I am fasting as one has to for these tests. They are punctual even at 6.30 am. Thyrocare is available in 2000 cities/towns across India and internationally.

Efficient: The whole process is smooth and timely. The samples are sent to a central diagnostic laboratory hence ensuring that the testing is credible and trustworthy. Also the reports are sent within a day which is very helpful when you need the reports quickly.

Economical: Since Thyrocare does testing on a large scale, it offers some excellent pricing on packages. You get to choose individual tests, choose from one of their packages or build a package of your own by adding tests. Hence, it is very flexible and cheaper than your neighbourhood diagnostic laboratory.

Quality, credible results: I have been using Thyrocare’s services for years. Have been doing annual checkups for years through them. Gives a great base to compare readings year on year and have found the readings to be trustworthy. Their labs are ISO certified for quality.

Good Customer Care: I have found their customer care to be responsive to any issues. Their technicians are also good, punctual and efficient.


Cannot think of any

Final Word:

If you get blood test done either regularly or routinely, do give Thyrocare a try. I was completely satisfied with the entire experience right from booking the test to collection of sample and delivery of report. They offer quality services at reasonable prices helping you opt for regular blood tests for preventive healthcare.



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16 Thoughts on “Thyrocare Services – User Review

  1. I’m going to check this out once I’m back home.. Shobhit is so lazy for health check ups so hopefully this way we can get it done..

  2. I’ve used Thyrocare’s services and still use them, due to some malfunctioning thyroid gland.
    A very detailed review, Rachna.
    Sid recently posted…65 days of SummerMy Profile

  3. That’s pretty cool. It’s convenient even for the elderly who may not be able to go out for this. I guess when I was in India, the convenience was having my dad as a doctor. So he would sometimes take blood or a friend of his would come over and take our blood. I didn’t realised how spoilt I was in that regards until I came here and had to doctor shop!
    Sanch @ Living my Imperfect Life recently posted…The girl on the busMy Profile

  4. Doctors these days have their specific list of labs they rely upon… The at home service seems awesome
    Jaishvats recently posted…Silly things can make one happy! 🙂My Profile

  5. That is a good service and i am sure many benefit from…

    Bikram recently posted…Rip Off People – THE Idiot me 🙂My Profile

  6. Helpful App. I will install and see if they have listes labs and services in my city too.
    Sapana recently posted…How to Prepare Your Body for a Baby?My Profile

  7. Yes, thyrocare is reputed brand in diagnostic.

  8. Prashanth on June 19, 2016 at 7:37 am said:

    I would advice everyone here to double check the report of Thyrocare with another laboratory, before embarking on treatment. Thyrocare reports have been found erroneous and a consumer court also penalized them for the same. BEtter to be safe than sorry.

    • Thank you, Prashanth. I would say not only with Thyrocare but with every diagnostic lab, one must cross verify with another trusted lab. As far as my experience of using Thyrocare over the years goes, I have found them to be satisfactory.

  9. anamika on October 8, 2016 at 3:36 pm said:

    i have done my thyroid test on 01.10.2016 and in the report i have been also given the references ranges of TSH in pregnancy …this made me confused .Does this range is there in al report or only in case of pregnancy.please help me

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