of jeans, food pipes and maps

This is another edition of the life and times with the younger son. Never a dull moment when he is around. So the other day, we went shopping for jeans. He needed some and I am always game for some. So first we went to buy him jeans. Now have you noticed that the fit in jeans are getting clingy and clingier by the day? So much so that regular fit is almost out and slim fit seems to be the starting point of fit these days. No wonder I see so many belonging in Asterix comics walking on the road – twiggy legs tightly encased in denim valiantly holding on to a generous midsection that threatens to fall all over the place. It doesn’t look comfortable at all. But what can they do if no comfortable fits are on offer?

So anyhow, the son having a grand total of 3 colour choices, it was quite a breeze to shop for him. Once done, I was looking around when he pointed the ladies section of jeans to me. There words like Skinny, super skinny and pencil fit jumped at us. He was quite bemused. What could pencil fit mean? Do they fit a pencil in the jeans? The elder son and I tried our best to explain. He was flabbergasted. Why would someone wear jeans that are so tight?f How will you sit, he was worried? Son, you know nothing about women’s fashion. The more they punish themselves, the more aesthetic and stylish they feel. He kept shaking his head. Well then we went over to Levi’s which is the only brand I buy for jeans. And well, I bought a super skinny one and left. I dropped a size which I felt mighty pleased about. Or it could be that the denim is super stretch and fools you. Who cares? The jeans felt quite comfortable. 🙂

So then I was helping him study for his first unit test. I have seen a marked change in how he studies now. He can sit in a room and not fidget or waste time. Then he asks me to revise and boy, he has studied. As he inches closer to his 10th birthday, is this the mature lining in the mischievous cloud that I had been waiting for? Too early to tell. But I am pleased. So we broke our heads over archipelago and constellation spellings. Of course, Hindi is another story. Tyag, sadbhav, ahimsa, sneh – who speaks these words he asked me as I stifled a giggle. Then he has got Science as a subject for the first time. I was impressed with the digestive system that they learnt about. He struggled a lot with oesophagus. Can I just call it food pipe? If you forget, sure, I told him.

The diagram was super cute too as he made these gooey intestines. He got so carried away with the intestines that the stomach and liver were pushed to the chest cavity. 🙂 Oh and did I tell you that he has maps this year so after learning latitude and longitude, he moved on to Indian states and capitals. Of course, he was struggling with the lesser known names. At least he could mark all of India’s neighbours on the map correctly. While marking The Great Indian Planes, he took his own child license to stretch them into Rajasthan.

The best part is when he comes home after the test. How was the test, I ask? Piece of cake, he always says with a beaming smile. Though he griped that he spent so much time learning the right spelling of archipelago and it wasn’t even asked. Oh and this is the first year when they will know their marks even though their report cards will still only reveal grades. Let’s see what new complications this introduces.

So, that’s all in this edition of younger son’s chronicles.

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22 Thoughts on “Of Jeans, Food Pipes and Maps

  1. Your younger son’s chronicles are really interesting. Fun to read.
    “Tyag, sadbhav, ahimsa, sneh – who speaks these words he asked me…” It made me laugh too.

  2. That’s an interesting post. Your son is well versed with Hindi, must say and sometimes I wonder on futility of words. I am a huge fan of Levis and first time will try for Celio, the new French brand of jeans. Need to buy a pair of jeans this month and it’s been very long.

  3. He’s so cute…Children are so innocent and their questions sometimes fill you not only with love but lots of laughs as well…as he grows, he’ll understand how skinny seems to be the starting and ending point of every fit that women desire…But he has a long time before that 🙂

  4. So much fun this was like the other story you had shared earlier. Their questions are so logical that I wonder why we did not think. I am sure he will know why marks don’t matter, a pair of jeans needs to be tighter and food pipe is food pipe and not oesophagus. 😉
    Fun post, Rachna!
    Parul Thakur recently posted…I remember..My Profile

  5. This post made me smile. G is so cute and so right with his questions. Thank God for Levi’s, they have styles that appeal to me though I miss the comfy straight fit which has become a rarity now-a-days! Aah! Hindi is a struggle for AG too.
    Shilpa Garg recently posted…HesitancyMy Profile

    • hehe Thanks. Sometimes, it is so difficult to answer them. Me too, so love Levi’s. I loved their regular fit as well which has disappeared now.

  6. So sweet to read how you rant about your son. Ahh, those were good times when we had so little to learn and tests really were a piece of cake :p . I remember having the ‘oesophagus’ troubles at the same age. And yes the right type of jeans is so hard to get. There was a time when I couldnt find anything that wasn’t low waist, and ended up adjusting with long tops.
    Dashy recently posted…The Pantaloon – 6 of #Seven AgesMy Profile

  7. This was such a fun, light, chitter chatter kind of post and I completely loved the tales with your son and how beautifully you expressed them. School days sure are the best and his logics with the jeans go perfect 😛


  8. Well, it was a smiling post, Rachna. The thing that made me smile for the longest time is about the statement regarding women’s fashion that the more they punish themselves, the more aesthetic and stylish they feel. 😀

  9. I love reading your tales because they’re so like mine. Yeah we’ve been through the oesophagus too and marking places on the map. They’ll be having exams too this year and that makes me realise how quickly they’re growing up. It’s almost scary.
    Obsessivemom recently posted…Friendship lessonsMy Profile

    • Yes, they are. ? Yes, sometimes it hits me. The elder son is 14 and l wonder if in about 4 years he will be out of the house. ? I was too holds on these memories.

  10. Do they fit a pencil in a Jeans!! Hahaha How innocent. My kids too attack with such questions. Its sometimes very confusing, should you explain? leave it? lie or tell them truth?
    Sapana recently posted…9 Reasons Why Mineral Makeup Is More Than a Beauty FadMy Profile

  11. Nice chronicles Rachna.. great reading your previous one too one this.. looking forward to reading more !
    Asha recently posted…The Debut of TektoksMy Profile

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