letting go

I glanced at her taking her ageing looks in. No, she is not glamorous anymore, not very pretty either. Her heyday long behind her. Her wrinkled body hides a solid, reliable soul. Not once did she not come through for me. My children have grown up in her lap. The younger one came home from the hospital after his birth with her. Even my Coco shares a special love for her having shed a lot of hair on her and sniffing her every nook and cranny. To me, she has been my rock steady partner over the years, and I have fought long and hard to keep her with us.

But now she is way too old, and it was time for us to let her go. As is inevitable in life. Before you get too worried about her, let me tell you that I am talking about my old faithful Santro car. Finally we decided to let her go and got a small, zippy cutie in her place. No big cars for me thank you! I drive in India. I am very partial to hatchbacks with a large boot and window for Coco to get a clear view of the world and a tall boy design that protects me from crazy speedbreakers and gives me a full view of the road.

But my heart felt heavy as I let her go. Oh how we get attached to the material possessions. Our books, our homes, our cars! It feels like you have grown roots in them.

I was talking to a couple of women friends and found them musing about their old cars as well. Is it something about women? We forge bonds with our old, faithful cars as if they are a reliable girlfriend. Stepping into one almost feel like stepping into your warm, comforting home with their familiar scent and each control that you know like the back of your hand. You feel as if the car and you are an extension of each other so well she understands you.

Men, on the other hand, are more matter of fact and dispassionate in these matters. They lust after a new larger beauty and have no qualms in letting the not-so-old one go. They find your attachment to that ‘ugly’ car amusing. 🙂 Sentiments for a car does feel strange but that’s just the way we are.

Now, I look at the new car with love extending a hand of friendship. The kids have already taken on warmly to her and so did Coco. They adapt so easily to change. I will take a little time but I am sure that the new girl will be my close friend soon.

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42 Thoughts on “Letting her go

  1. You had me there for a moment :-). Letting go is hard. And you’re right, it’s more for women than men. Unless maybe it’s a bike or something.
    Obsessivemom recently posted…Friendship lessonsMy Profile

  2. He he, since we had chatted I knew who you were talking about but yes, I loved the way you introduced the new woman in your life 😉

    I think it’s tough to let go- family, friends, possessions. Doing it regularly may help though in helping us understand why we need to let go. I so hear you about the tall boy and the traffic in Bangalore. Am more than a bit fed up of fighting for space on the roads. Good luck to you and the new woman to take on the traffic with all its challenges and I am sure you and she will ace them 🙂
    Shailaja Vishwanath recently posted…Depression: An anonymous survivor’s taleMy Profile

  3. I can understand your feeling, Rachna! My husband talks about his Premier Padmini whenever he gets a chance to talk about cars. We changed 3 cars after that. Still he loves his Padmini!
    Sandhya Kumar recently posted…A Most Nutritious Fruit, Nungu/Palm Fruit/Ice Apple/Thaale Hannu/Borassus Flabellifer, The Summer Fruit!My Profile

  4. In beginning of the post I was wondering what it is.
    Old is gold but many congratulations for the new one. This gonna serve even better.

  5. When it comes to cars and bikes, I feel attached to them too. Yes, they get old and start creating trouble, but that’s part of accepting them… They’ve been steadfast by our side for so many years…

    When it comes to humans… ermmm… not so sure 😉

    • I don’t feel attached to all cars. The first car I drove was dad’s Maruti 800. I used to feel like a million bucks driving that one. 🙂 Then the first car G and I owned in the US. I cried when we had to sell that beauty and now this one. It has been with me since 14 years. We have owned other cars in the interim but this has been my favourite. It was time for an upgrade but with a heavy heart.
      Rachna recently posted…Letting her goMy Profile

  6. You had me there for a moment! Well, I’m not attached to any car yet..That’s probably because I’m petrified of driving and every time I have tried, I have stopped midway for one thing or the other..But I’m really attached to my books, my home and so many other material possessions that I can’t let go of either..So, I can understand..But in sometime, I’m sure you’ll love this new girlfriend of yours too 🙂
    Nabanita Dhar recently posted…#ViewFromMyWindow – Nuances Of LoveMy Profile

  7. Our car is fourteen years old, and its brand isn’t even manufactured any more. I feel attached to it each time dad says he’s planning to get a new one. There are so many memories connected to our dear car, we grew up with it! I thought it was just me, feels nice to read this. 😛 Hope you get to have great times together with your new friend ?
    Dashy recently posted…Richer than the RichMy Profile

    • Mine is 14 years old as well. Almost as old as the elder son. 🙂 As you are aware they have phased out Santro but it still rules the road. I wish they were still making them because I would have just bought a new one of the same kinds, so attached I was to it. 🙂 Thanks for the lovely wishes. And good to meet a friend who is emotional about her car.
      Rachna recently posted…Letting her goMy Profile

  8. I totally get the feeling. cars are not just possessions they have so many memories associated with them
    It is not easy to let them go. And I kind of think men are more attached to the vintage cars than women.
    Prasad Np recently posted…Rath Yatra PuriMy Profile

  9. For men, first car is like first girlfriend. They can never forget.
    And yes, it’s funny how we get attached to stuff, mainly because we associate pleasant memories. I miss our second car as it served us so well.

    • Yes, for men and women alike. I still remember my dad’s Maruti 800 which was my dad’s car and while driving it, l felt like a queen. ? After this Santro, we’ve owned two other cars but this was always closer to my heart. A very sturdy and dependable car.

  10. I assume I am more of a ‘man’ when it comes to cars. Perhaps it is because I don’t own one and I see my father striving hard to drive our old car, because of it’s grogginess. I have been coaxing him for long to buy a new car, simply for the sake of his safety and ease of driving. But I guess, he is attached to his car, that he shrugs away my request every time 🙂
    Maliny recently posted…Let Me Write My Heart Out, Please – A Note To SelfMy Profile

    • I hear you. In my case, the car was still powerful and drove really well. Safety and ease of driving are very important in cars and must not be compromised at all.

  11. God….you almost scared me gal…thought what was wrong….heheh congratulations on your new car…I know it is hard to part way with things that we had for a long time. I had a similar feeling with my bicycle..I had a hero ranger and mine was the 2nd one in town…so 🙂 also with our first Toyota Camry that we owned in the US. It served us so well in the worst of times and maintained its loyalty 🙂

  12. Yes, letting go is hard even for materiel possessions. I still remember fondly our first car, first laptop. But I do look forward to newer additions too. For instance, I am more keen than KG to let go our current car. 😀
    Shilpa Garg recently posted…Maiden AdventureMy Profile

  13. When we got our new car, our entire family Grieved at letting the old Santro go. That car has seen, my brothers entire courting period, his wedding, S’s Birth. It was so hard to let go. So I get your point. I find it particularly hard to let go. I still have greeting cards from my school days, My first Fountain pen, and a lot of other material collections.
    Jaibala Rao recently posted…2016: IntermissionMy Profile

    • You’re the person after my heart, Jaibala. And being a co-Santro owner and lover is another tick. ? Me too, I find it so hard to let go off old possessions especially cards and notes.

  14. nice post….letting go is difficult, especially if it is something that is close to our heart!

  15. Letting go is hard. I am overly sentimental about stuff too. Small or big – I get attached easy. It used to be the same with people, but thankfully I have ensured a stronger shield around myself for self preservation.
    Shantala recently posted…The Yoga of Max’s Discontent by Karan Bajaj | Book Review (New Release and New Favorite)My Profile

  16. Letting go is hard, but sadly, must be done.
    Damyanti recently posted…How to Structure a Novel #WritetipMy Profile

  17. Awww. It IS sad to let go, but necessary, and make space for fresh experiences and things. I am sure you are thinking of your good memories with the Santro and getting ready to make plenty more with your new cutie car. Safe happy travels to you Rachna! Hugs.
    Vidya Sury recently posted…21 easy ways to make you feel instantly happyMy Profile

  18. life changes in so many ways in such short time. Sometimes we age in decades and sometimes we are young kid once again. Beautiful post.
    Hemangini recently posted…The Snow Merchant By Sam GaytonMy Profile

  19. I am equally caring about and attached to my car, as Saru is. So, men are emotional too 🙂

    I too would have to big good bye to my Camry in a few months, it would be difficult to let it go 🙁

    Anyway, enjoy your new friend!

  20. Well ! I actually felt the same way when we gave away our car and was wondering if I was insane to feel that way 🙂
    Asha recently posted…The Debut of TektoksMy Profile

  21. We’ll be getting our first car soon and I’m already consumed by emotion.

    Cal had a dio when we first met and our whole love story has been on it. It has seen our good and bad days. But then he grew really old and we had to replace him with another bike. Initially we thought of keeping him as a memoir, but then I knew the people around would use him for petty chores and ruin his value for us. We gave it away to someone who needed it and someone who would take care of it just like we did.
    Soumya recently posted…Action Replay: July 2016My Profile

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