Our home – that one place, big or small, luxurious or functional, is where the heart resides. It is a place that energizes us, where the giggles of our children fill the air with joy, where the grunts of the dog instantly uplift the mood and where the sight of my man lounging on a bean bag makes me feel well at home.

Home is where we build memories. It is so much more than walls. It is an expression of our being. But, it is not so easy to find the perfect home. Neighbourhood mailing lists, flyers and classified ads can only take you so far. Something is missing isn’t it?

As a parent, my dream home must not only look good but satisfy a number of criteria as well. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Connectivity: We urban dwellers especially those of us living in Bangalore know how difficult it is to plough through that commute to our workplaces daily. So, our number one priority is to find a home which is closer to our places of work but as a parent I also want it closer to my children’s school. So you see there is a balance I wish to strike. Closer to school and relatively close to the workplace. You never want the children to travel miles daily.

Area: This must be a no-brainer because as a parent, I wish to have most of the amenities in my neighbourhood. So easy access to school, hospitals, pharmacy, malls, shopping and so on. In all, a neighbourhood that is self-sufficient and well developed.

Location: Yes, I prefer the home to be in an area that has good roads, is relatively peaceful, well-connected to the places we wish to go to and safe for children. So an area that has a playground and lots of families definitely gets a tick in its favour. Since I own a pet, I look for pet-friendly communities and gated ones that are safe for the children.

Price: Of course, the budget is very important and hence I am always looking for a balance between cost and features.

Builder reputation: If it is a new project then certainly builder reputation is very important. That will decide whether the project will be of quality construction, will get handed over on time and also if the project will get good finance option from banks.

And, you know the biggest pain point in achieving all the above– credible information. Hence there are many portals but one really does not know what information to trust. The search features are so complicated that you get results with great variance. Besides, I get really peeved when I reach out to a contact information thinking it is a home owner and reach a broker. The last thing I wish to do is to break my head with a property broker. And given that weekends are so busy anyway, how many actual locations can we really visit?

That is when I chanced upon HDFC RED. This portal seemed so different. They are happy to handhold the confused me. I could see that their useful filters helped me clear my head as to what exactly was I looking for? They have something called prioritized search that puts certain search criteria above others thereby customizing search based on my criteria. Very useful, really.



And then my neighbourhood concerns. Well, they have a neighbourhood guide for most locations in Mumbai and properties in Bangalore and work in progress for other cities. The list of amenities are stated for each home option to give the user a holistic view of the property. That was a huge tick for me. They currently cover 23 cities and counting.


With a large database of over 24000 properties and a brand name of HDFC backing it, I see HDFC RED as a great move to add credibility to the home search segment. Certainly when I browsed through the website and there is a nifty App as well, both iOS and Android, I quite liked them. What can be better than searching properties on the go!

The gamified interface and card design architecture gave a very ‘real’ feel to experiencing the property taking out ambiguity from the experience.

I felt that the entire experience of using HDFC RED was user-friendly and geared to reduce stress and uncertainty in searching for that dream home. So that you and I make an informed choice when it comes to our homes.

HDFC RED is a fabulous new addition and I see it as demystifying and simplifying the entire process of home search and buying for the consumers.

How do you search for renting/buying homes? Do share in the comments.

Top image courtesy: Tiko Aramyan on Shutterstock



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10 Thoughts on “Are you Looking to Buy your Dream Home?

  1. Looking for a house is the toughest of jobs specially since it’s a long term commitment. We’ve mostly gone by word of mouth recommendations while choosing ours. Till we didn’t have kids it worked fine. But now factors like location and distance from school are becoming crucial. HDFC RED seems like a good idea. Need to check though how useful it is for my city.
    Obsessivemom recently posted…Have you played Uno cards?My Profile

  2. You have already mentioned all the details one would consider while buying homes. Safety, area, location and connectivity are the key pointers. This app seems handy and easy to use.

  3. Currently in the wait zone as we hope to hear from our builder and when he’s handing over the house to us 😀 But I completely get the whole thing about looking for homes and covering all these points too as we ponder them when house hunting. The same things applied when we were looking for rental spaces too. So far it’s all worked out well. I hope the app is useful for future home buyers 🙂
    Shailaja Vishwanath recently posted…Battle of the bulge shouldn’t be a warMy Profile

    • Yes, this wait can be quite something. 🙂 The other day a friend was looking to rent a house and I realized how easy it has become now with these portals and Apps. Such detailed reviews and information at the fingertips. Technology has made so many things easier for us. 🙂

  4. To be honest, I don’t yet have my dream home. But I love the home we have now. We had bought that because we had a dream of owning and shifting to our own property before reaching 30. But I do have the dream of a home with a front porch. And I also know searching and looking for it isn’t going to be easy, let alone funding it. But I agree with the points you said we need to take care of while buying or renting one..
    Nabanita Dhar recently posted…#MommyTalks – What If My Daughter Has Gap Teeth Like Mine?My Profile

    • Owning your own home is a huge high. And you both have gotten there. Maybe, you will own that dream home someday soon. Bangalore is so overpriced in terms of its real estate prices. But then I look at Mumbai and Delhi. They are much worse.

  5. true true a lot of reserach needs to be put in.. I am still looking for my dream house and saving towards it.. but then my idea is to get back to india sometime, sell the current house in chandigarh and then build my own little small one at my village.. hopefully one day god willing 🙂
    BIkram Mann recently posted…K – for Kudi. and this is FOR YOUMy Profile

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