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Rather weird, isn’t it? I mean everyone hates Mondays especially on social media. Even before Monday dawns, people start cribbing as if it were the end of the world. It has almost become fashionable to do so. After the portrayed or real indulgence of the weekend, Monday seem like a groan. For starters you have to wake up early. Me, I get up almost at the same time all through the week, give or take a few minutes so well! Get into the same routine of getting the kids ready and packed off to school and then settle down after breakfast and sometimes workout with your laptop and work for the day. All of this is true, and that is why I dig Monday.

Why, you ask? Because I work from home. And while I am truly grateful that I don’t have to commute to work and can work in my PJs, I do need everyone in the house to be out especially kids to function optimally. That brings me to the realization that we all need that distance from our loved ones to continue to feel connected and actually look forward to spending time with them when they are back in the evening. There is something called as too much of a good thing. And I am not sure if having kids yelling and screaming at home over the weekend even classifies as too much of a good thing anyway. So, come Monday I want them in school in the loving care of their teachers while I get to breathe normally and do my regular work.

There is something else that I dig and that is silence. Is it with age or was I always like this? I know I have never enjoyed parties or loud, noisy pubs. The exception is with family or friends and even there I need to take some time off and go sit in my hole to detox from all that noise. Hence, I actually cherish silence. So, I sit alone with my thoughts hearing the sounds of the birds chirping, someone talking in the distance, strains of a lovely song wafting up to me or Coco grunting from his perch and I feel so much at peace. Close your eyes and imagine that. Yes, that’s why Mondays are welcome.

Now, if that talk of sending the kids to school sounds cruel to you, I am sure that you’ve never been in a hassled mother’s shoes at all. This morning while Bengaluru came to terms with a bus drivers’ strike, many schools including private schools called for a holiday. Luckily, the school my kids go to sent out a message that the school will function as usual. God bless their souls! They even offered that those children who normally don’t avail of the school transport could do that today. How very generous! I want to prostrate before the thoughtful Principal. The kids groaned and complained while we mothers gloated. 🙂 Okay I felt a little bad for them but only for 5 minutes. And just like that, I had claimed my Monday. 😀

So tell me do you look forward to your Monday? Come on, office cannot be that bad, right?

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39 Thoughts on “The Welcome Mondays

  1. I like Mondays other than the waking up early bit. There are very few things that spell ‘comfort’ for me more than a leisurely morning in bed. Then there are some Mondays when it is dark and wet and I feel a little sorry for the kids. But I do cherish the silence once they’ve left. I like that I can put my routine on a priority – go to the gym and finish off my assignments. I completely love being alone at home. I even grudge the maid’s presence sometimes.
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    • Ah, the dark and wet Monday still playing on your mind? Oh yes, I do feel sorry for them but for some time. See they are resilient and they have fun while we keep worrying unnecessarily. I love the silence and like you mentioned I can put my routine on priority. I hardly speak with the maid so I don’t mind that she works as long as she does not bother me. 🙂
      Rachna recently posted…The Welcome MondaysMy Profile

  2. I am SO jealous of you today 😛

    But I completely and heartily agree with all your points. I need my space, my quiet time and my work from home space to myself. One of the biggest pluses of working from home is silence and I lose that when people stay home when they’re supposed to be at school/work 😉 And yes it’s not an age thing, it’s a personal thing.

    It’s why I love Mondays too 🙂
    Shailaja Vishwanath recently posted…Social Media and my childMy Profile

  3. Ahh!! For us its the Sundays here that are Mondays in the Middle East! For the last two years of being a SAHM I always hated it because hubby goes to work which means me and my kiddo has to stay home and I have to find ways to entertain him all alone at home. Then it happened that he started Nursery and I started getting some me time and some everyday time to work on the blog, which was when the first work days of the week started to be like a blessing for me 🙂

    Now I am back to work in the office and I kinda don’t hate Mondays (Sundays here) like most people do. Maybe because its just been around 2 months since I got back to work 😛
    Bilna Sandeep recently posted…How to stay productive as a Blogger with a Full Time Job?My Profile

    • Yes, it is stressful to be around a little kid for longer stretches of time. Been there and definitely did not dig it. Now I am in a happier space with older kids who can take care of themselves and hence I get more leeway to do things my way.

  4. hehe..well, you must know, I used to hate Mondays before. But all that changed post maternity leave. I love Mondays. I love coming to office. And I love it even more because my team is not in Bangalore , so I can be, quite do my work, listen to music and have ginger tea in peace 😀 I don’t have to engage in conversations I don’t want to be part of..All work related things can be done on emails, chats or calls. I love Mondays now, Rachna…I have changed 😀

    • See. This is what I meant. The moment we have families and especially kids, we start treasuring our Mondays. We crave our work and our time away from our children. I don’t say it in a bad manner but just as a fact. I am happy that you have a team far far away that lets you engage in some solitude. I think as we grow older, we just start digging solitude. 😀 I think by the time I am a decade older, maybe I will become a hermit. 😛

  5. Lata Sunil on July 25, 2016 at 3:48 pm said:

    Monday mornings is actually restful for me. Everyone leaves the house, except me. Because of timezone differences, there is not much action on Monday mornings. So, I can relax a bit.

  6. Haha, I wonder if mom feels that way. But then we are not little kids creating tantrums anymore (I think ) 😛 . Never thought of Mondays that way, but lately all days have been carefree and fun being the vacation time…for me. College starts this week, will see what Mondays are like then 🙂
    Dashy recently posted…A to Z of me #WritingWednesdaysMy Profile

    • I can bet that your mom feels this way as well. Unless you guys are really are quiet and well-behaved at home. 🙂 Aha, so college starts. Good luck with that.

  7. Oh, I love silence and my solitude! We need our shares of solitude.

    I am a stay-at-home person so Mondays don’t bother me, rather I like weekdays better. Loved reading this post! 🙂
    Tarang Sinha recently posted…Dealing with the Emotional Burden of Your Child. BM Day 11My Profile

  8. When I used to work in an office, I used to hate Mondays. But now, I actually love it – for most of the reasons that you’ve mentioned, Rachna 🙂
    Sid recently posted…Would you like to know me better?My Profile

  9. Have loved Monday’s as I felt rejuvinated after weekends to start afresh as I loved my work:) Sounds unusual but true!
    Rahul recently posted…Mind Your LanguageMy Profile

  10. I actually sometimes ( not always ) look forward to Mondays as they bring back the discipline and action back in life , bringing the sedentary of weekend
    Prasad Np recently posted…Let us Go to Kolkata with Alto 800My Profile

  11. Very contrary to your post, I dislike Monday. I find it very difficult to give up laziness and comfort of my bed for office work.

  12. I hate mondays 😛 But then I have to face the commute and office ! If I had your reasons htough, I would love Mondays too !

  13. I love every day. I love Mondays especially because I work late on Sundays so I have Monday mornings off to…. yep …. crank up the music and … clean! I keep Mondays kind of light on work these days. I enjoy working from home and catch up on little chores and errands. But when I had a regular job, I still adored Monday. It always implies a fresh new week with so many possibilities.

    Hugs, Rachna!
    Vidya Sury recently posted…Practice the GLAD techniqueMy Profile

    • I love Fridays a wee bit more than Mondays. I like your strategy on Monday. For me, except for household chores, I avoid working on a weekend so I am raring to go on Monday morning.

  14. I am a full time SAHM now but I love Mondays because you get back to your routine and packing off the husband to office and the kids to school does give one a sense of calm and orderliness…Weekends are chaotic…When I used to work it depended…If I had the whole weekend to myself to relax, I would really look forward to the Monday all rejuvenated…But there were times when I was working during the weekend and Monday just brought on the frustration that I could not avail my two day off that I deserved,,,..:D

  15. Ha Ha, I so agree with you. Sometimes I do feel guilty as hell for wanting that silence. And feel a wee bit jealous of mothers who seem to actually enjoy the ruckus. But I have made peace with myself. I am the one who enjoys the quiet, loves my job(though I do have to get out of my pjs for that!) and feels that schools were God’s gift to mothers! My only wish is that I had one sunday to finish my chores and another one to do what I want to!!

  16. I don’t mind Mondays. Wasn’t a big fan of it during my school days only because I had to get up early. But still, I liked going to school. Now I like all days the same. Of course, weekends are special because both the husband and kid will be home. And when Kanna doesn’t have to go to school, I’m very happy, because that means I don’t have to drop and pick him up and he helps me around the house. So it’s a bonus for me. 🙂

  17. True. I think it depends on what you are doing in life.. if you really enjoy what you do.. everyday.. then every day is great 🙂

  18. I also do not hate Mondays. My angle is different and I goes like this – after a break, it’s good to go to work. Get into the craziness called life and wait for another weekend to come. I enjoy the cycle 😉
    Parul recently posted…A hectic day and my kitchen windowMy Profile

  19. A very honest post, Rachna! I have never disliked Mondays. Neither as a full-time working mother nor as a stay-at-home-mom. That space, that silence, that alone time is much deserved after all the chaos that we handle with the children. I guess they also need that break from us. The girls happily hop on to the school and that many a times make me wonder if I am that big a monster mom. 😀 Honestly the Monday Blue posts on social media give a very awkward feeling when you’re feeling exactly the opposite. I don’t comment on many because I see a lot of people start trolling for no obvious reason. I am happy without that kind of an interaction to spoil my mood and my day. 🙂
    Rekha recently posted…Discipline and Morality: Collective Lessons through Parenting and TeachingMy Profile

    • Thanks, Rekha. Yep, I try to avoid responding to such posts as well. People turn offensive very quickly these days. Even banter is taken so seriously that it is only safe to crack jokes with people you know. I agree with you, even the kids want a break. I think we all want some period in the day away from each other to do our own things and also to renew our affection for each other. I sometimes wonder the same question about being a monster mom. 🙂

  20. Seema on August 2, 2016 at 2:53 pm said:

    Yeah Rachna, I also agree, Home moms scenarios are bit different on weekends. Weekends are our full working days for us lol, when with kids studies, we need to cook special food. Its not wrong to say, Sunday to family ki farmaishen puri karne main hi nikal jata hain. On Monday when husband left for office and kids for school, that’s our time, which we give our self, I love Mondays. I usually call that time to my mother, she is still my best friend 🙂

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