Rains bring to mind beautiful weather, petrichor, a blanket of pristine green and a feeling of comfort as nature renews itself. The showers not only satiate baked earth suffering from harsh Indian summers but considerably cools down temperature eventually cooling heated bodies and minds. Monsoon is also the time when mothers worry about viral infections, cold, cough and mosquito -borne diseases for their children. I start giving my kids turmeric milk and ayurvedic remedies to build their immunity. The most annoying about rains is that the clothes just donโ€™t dry. The bedsheets go limp and a dampness envelopes the house. I hate it. Not only do I notice ugly moss and seepage problems become evident in some places but the air also smells musty. Guess who takes the maximum brunt of these rains? Our homes. The ugly mossy patches and water seeping in are some of the problems monsoon brings that I struggle with every year.

My husband who is an avid gardener grows some organic veggies on our rooftop. Our biggest concern is of water seepage through the roof as watering of plants with an add-on of heavy rains keep the roof wet for long hours.


And these problems proved to be a bummer, as you can see from the picture. Not only do the water spots from seepage look ugly but it also weakens the walls as moisture starts eating through them. If not addressed properly, it could lead to structural damage.


Dampness and mold are also a major health concern, even more so, as the kids and I are prone to respiratory allergies. For this reason, I always be very careful and take immediate action for any signs of water leakage in the home.

When we first noticed this issue, my husband who manages a lot of the work around the home deftly got Dr. Fixit waterproof solutions for portions of the roof. We still have to rectify the leak on the internal roof. Their team also helps by offering the right solutions for the seepage and other such problems that your home or community faces.

It is important to keep our homes in ship-shape especially during the rainy season to safeguard the health of our homes and families. It is best to look for any signs of seepage or cracks and get it fixed before the rains hit the ground as it becomes difficult during monsoon to do waterproofing especially on the external surfaces or roofs. I think that checking for leakages and weather-prone spots should be a part of our annual routine just before the rains set in.

Freedom from Dampness with Dr.Fixit:ย 

Have you inspected your house for rain-related damage this year? What do you do for rain-related problems in your home?



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16 Thoughts on “Beautiful Rains and its Ugly Effects on our Homes

  1. I lived in Pune for few months and I hated the moss and the mustiness..There is dampness all over..and clothes don’t dry..I hate that feeling..here in Dallas, we have more hail storms than rains. And hails the size of a golf ball and sometimes cricket ball too. Our cars get damaged a lot along with the roof. These roofing guys keep roaming in the community to do a free inspection..we send them away as ours is a new home..but you never know…should get it checked oncce
    Found In Folsom recently posted…Ammusings – 5!My Profile

  2. Rains are the bane of roofing and walls especially these days. I wish my neighbor upstairs would fix their leaks so our ceiling would dry out. Sigh. So important to attend to these before they become big repairs and scary expenses. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Vidya Sury recently posted…How to teach your kids to play Pokemon Go safelyMy Profile

  3. I’ve always overlooked these concerns and looked forward to rains…it is a beautiful season no? But thinking of all the down sides that come with it, it does seem like a nuisance. You’re right about checking on our homes prior to the rains for the sake of our safety.
    Dashy recently posted…SisterhoodMy Profile

  4. You’re right. That moisture and dampness is not good for homes. I live in a rented apartment and our owner has done a good job with that so I don’t see those issues but I remember how my mum used to dread the rains owing to these issues.
    Parul recently posted…Lessons from the Rio OlympicsMy Profile

  5. Dampness and seepage are genuine problems, definitely! During last year’s heavy rains and floods some parts of our home got quite a bit water damage, some of it is already fixed now, but one portion still remains where part of the wall needs to be fixed/repainted. Our main monsoon season is November, so hopefully we will have a chance to get that task completed by then.

    Interesting how good and bad always come together, even with the rains ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s life, in a way!
    Beloo Mehra recently posted…Reading Political Speeches โ€“ 2My Profile

    • For us it rains almost throughtout the year and waterproofing is something we’ve to get done quite regularly. Hope you get time to fix the problem.

  6. Such a coincidence that I should read this today, Rachna. A part of our apartment wall has sort of borne the brunt of the haphazard monsoon this year. And I was just looking for a solution ๐Ÿ™‚
    Sid recently posted…What’s your Shampoo?My Profile

  7. yes, the molds and fungus are a big worry. and the peak time of bugs multiplication. Its like Rains beautiful for others and ugly for mothers! Hehe.. it rhymes.
    Sapana recently posted…Swelling During Pregnancy: When to Worry?My Profile

  8. I love that Amitabh Bachchan ad. This year rains have been so plentiful that mould is almost expected. Waterproofing would be a good idea.

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