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Can anyone tell me why schools give a study leave between each exam? I mean, we all know that it will be the evening of the second day when the kids will actually start studying. It just increases the nuisance element for parent read work-from-home mother.

My elder son is having CBSE papers for the first time and is suitably nervous. Yes, they are sending different sets of papers from the Board but they will be checked internally. Good experience certainly. The younger son, studies, forgets, gets screamed at by me, rants a little and is very nonchalant about attacking his paper the next day. I like his lack of stress though not his haphazard manner of studying. This year, he is having an actual paper with answer sheets. Until last year, it was a worksheet format. But the best part, he comes home all sunny and happy believing that he did well. The eternal optimist! 🙂

So anyhow, that study leave. These guys continuously quarrel and pull me into their fights and ask me to referee. Makes me really lose it. That when I am on calls or working hard to handle my deadlines. At 10 and 14, I wonder if they will ever start behaving peacefully. Does any parent have any good news to share with me in this regard? Like them turning into angels or actually trying to imitate Lord Buddha whose names they share.

Add to that my maid’s 2-day leave stretched to the 3rd day, and I was on the verge of losing my sanity. Looks like all good things happen together. And then I had allergic cold and fever for a day. My cup truly runneth over. But it is these times when you are completely hassled that you count your smaller blessings: call up and rant to a friend, feel happy that the husband is working from home and you can take things easy.

So well things are back to the usual crazy normal. The maid is back and I can spend most of my time breaking my head over content, strategy, editing and writing. It can be mentally exhausting, but it is challenging and invigorating too.

So the exams are half way through.

Wish me luck to endure now and the 10-day Dasshera vacation as well.

What has been going on with you folks?

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21 Thoughts on “Exams, Maids and Things From Here and There

  1. Oh Rachna, I hope you are feeling better. The younger ones are always like this I think. And you know what, that’s a gift I think. As for me, we’ll as you know already I’m worried about my next project, worrying about M too and also feeling very anxious lately. Then again, I’m trying to remedy all these. With sis at home, we are also having some much-needed sister time . Life is going on, I guess, is all I can say.
    Nabanita Dhar recently posted…Choosing To Be Grateful – A Way To Inner PeaceMy Profile

    • Oh yes, feeling much better now. Yes, I think the younger ones are that way. 🙂 I just wish these two would quarrel a bit less.

      I hope things are better with you. I am so jealous of you that your sister stays in the same city and is with you. I miss my sister. I guess some days are rough and then some are so much better.

  2. It’s the first time the twins will be appearing for an exam about a week from now. I used to worry that they seem unconcerned but when one of my friend’s told me about her daughter, who at 9 years, couldn’t sleep for anxiety I was grateful for my carefree bachchas :-). As for the maids – they have a way of needing leave when you need them around the most too. Your younger one gets his optimism form you I’m sure. You seem to handle it all so well – the maids, the exams, the cold, the fights. I’m sure Dussehra vacation will be great.
    Obsessivemom recently posted…Giving the heart its dueMy Profile

    • Oh yes, it is better that they are unconcerned than being anxious. My younger son, I wish was better organized but then he is still quite young. As we say, khelne koodne ke din hai. Oh these maids, when they take these serial leaves, gosh!

      Thank you, my dear, for your soothing nerves. I wasn’t that calm when handling all these. I was all hyper but cranky but somehow managed it. Fingers crossed for the vacation.

  3. and I thought these stories are unique to our household but kids are same everywhere… I was reminded of my squabbles with my siblings… Let us hope peace prevails on kids , maids and all other things 🙂
    Prasad Np recently posted…Ode to LesvosMy Profile

  4. Oh gosh, those gaps between exams used to be a virtual movie fest at home. Most annoying. And they’d always have one difficult exam with no break before it. All the very best to your son. Nice that they didn’t cut the Dussera holidays short – I hear most schools are doing that, thanks to the unwelcome bandh holidays.
    Vidya Sury recently posted…10 ways to express gratitudeMy Profile

  5. Same pinch…same story everywhere…schools started and there is nothing called peace…13, 7..same story. 😀 Maids also….though it’s a once a month affair, they trouble the same. Just last night we were talking, once we are done with this guy, she will be ready and more harrowing years ahead….baring teeth
    Found In Folsom recently posted…I hate Desis!!My Profile

  6. Oh, Rachna! I hope you feel better soon. I can only imagine the catastrophe at your home but hope things fall in place soon. Till then, grin and bear- especially the maid’s situation 🙂
    Shalini R recently posted…Quick and Easy Rava KesariMy Profile

  7. He he he, with you on the study holiday thing. Seems pointless really. Just finish the exams at one stretch. Here it’s lots of trips to the kitchen and bathroom for madam. But I’ve let go. Honestly, I’ve told her that her paper, her marks. In my case, she talks non stop so that drives me nuts! Waiting for the routine to return. Hugs about the cold. Had a couple of days like that this week too.
    Shailaja Vishwanath recently posted…A Strange Kind of GriefMy Profile

    • Hope you are better now, Shy. Oh yes, me too. But at least he must study something. Just drives me nuts because he keeps doing everything but. Waiting for the week to get over.

  8. Hah…you make it sound as if you are not exactly looking forward to the 10-day holiday! A full house, ready to test your sanity again! 😀

    I only just realized that both the boys are named after Buddha.
    Rickie Khosla recently posted…Raghuram Rajan’s Last Day At The OfficeMy Profile

  9. My maid takes a day or two off and my entire life seems like a lie. I guess, doing bartans brings out your philosophical side.
    Purba Ray recently posted…Bharat and Pak – It’s So Damn Complicated!My Profile

  10. I think, gaps in between exams are certainly not needed for unit tests when the syllabus is less, but yes for finals, when they have to study the entire syllabus.
    Your sons are named after Buddha… that’s soo cool! Maid issues… aah… just dont ask. I am ok with a day’s leave, but 2 or more days gets on my nerves!

    • These are end of first term, Shilpa. They do have quite a bit of syllabus but you know how they take it easy on the day they come home and only gather steam by next morning.

      Yes, they are but it was not intentional. Just sort of happened that way. 🙂 Exactly. One day, I don’t even say anything but more than that it just drives me nuts.

  11. Thank god, I have crossed that stage. I remember both of them complaining all the time that I am partial to one son on one day and partial to the other the next day! So, when I shouted at them I combined both of them and shouted at them together. I remember them being pally pally after half an hour!

    But they were always better days, Rachna!

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