kent cold pressed juicer review

Fresh, homemade juices are tasty and nutritious, there is no doubt about that. But making them is a pain. At least it used to be. I remember in my childhood, my mum slogging for hours, peeling, chopping and cutting carrots, then blending and sieving all to get one glass of carrot juice for my dad. The process was laborious, not to mention how much of the carrot was wasted in the process. I have made juices on and off but mostly using centrifugal juicers that I wasn’t really happy with. I’ve heard that they leave behind a lot of nutrition in the process. Thus I stick to whole fruits and vegetables most of the time.

Then I heard about cold pressing. Cold pressing as a technique retains maximum nutrients from the produce and is preferred these days for oils as well as juices. When Kent sent me a cold pressed juicer for review, I was curious to see how it would perform and here is my review:

What I liked:

Taste: There is no doubt on this one. The fresh juice really tasted wholesome and good. It felt like consuming the fruit or vegetable in the liquid form. The best part, you can squeeze in more servings of fruits or vegetables per glass if you have juice. You can even include veggies and fruits that are often not eaten otherwise in your glass of juice. You can also make nut milkshakes with this.

Nutrition: Cold pressing helps to retain the maximum vitamins and minerals and also most of the pulp and fibre from the fruits and veggies.You can also use peels except for the really rough or inedible ones thus retaining even more nutrition. Make sure that you consume the juice fresh and don’t store it to avoid loss of nutrients.

Ease of use: It is a sleek machine. It is easy to assemble and use. It has two clear spouts for the waste/roughage and for the juice.

The juice spout has a leak-prevent mechanism that prevents your counter top from getting dirty.

Low on noise: It has a powerful motor for optimal juice extraction and yet the juicer operates with barely any noise. It did not heat up even after continuous use for some time.

More Juice: The roughage feels quite dry thus showing that the juicer is effective and takes out most of the juice from the produce.

Suitable for almost all kinds of fruits and vegetables: It has two filter meshes: A fine-mesh filter for the rougher fruits and veggies like beetroot, carrots, cucumbers, green vegetables, apple and a wider-mesh filter for pulpier fruits/veggies like oranges, mosambi, tomato etc. The juicer is not suitable for making juice from starchy fruits like bananas.

Safety: The Juicer only operates after it is locked in. That is a good safety feature especially with kids or even adults.

Less preparation: This Juicer has a large feeding compartment hence you just need to cut your veggies/fruits in large chunks saving on prep time.

Quick: The Juicer juices a lot of quantity of produce within minutes. If you have your prep done, you can juice a large quantity in minutes and serve.

What you need to pay attention to:

Heavy: The Juicer is pretty heavy so ensure that you make space on your bench where you do not need to move it regularly. You will not be able to store and move it on a daily basis.

Cleaning: It is best to clean this or any other juicer immediately after use. Fruit or vegetable that has dried in a fine mesh is a nightmare to clean later. It comes with a brush to clean the filters effectively.

This Kent Juicer comes at a price of Rs. 15000 and seems like a great buy if you enjoy fresh juices in your diet.

kent cold pressed juicer review

I prepared beetroot, carrot and apple juices and the juicing itself was very quick and hassle free. The juice was really very tasty and looked gorgeous too.

kent cold pressed juicer review

You can mix and match juices, add herbs and spices like ginger to perk up the juices and make them even more delicious. Needless to say, kids love juices; a product like this is every parent’s delight.

So, are you a juice person? If yes, what do you use for juicing?

Disclosure: I was sent a Kent Juicer for review. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.



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14 Thoughts on “Kent Cold Pressed Juicer — User Review

  1. It looks like a perfect fit for someone who loves juices and healthy diet. I am so lazy that making juice is something I know I just would not do. But maybe I should start, at least for M…
    Nabanita Dhar recently posted…#MommyTalks – The Parenting ChallengeMy Profile

  2. I love fresh juices but making them is a pain. I wish I was rich enough to hire a help only to make different juices for me every two hours.
    That reminds me to use my juicer grinder today.

  3. I am not a juice person. I love whole fruits. But it was fascinating to see this one work so quickly. The beetroot looks fab, but I am not allowed to have it 🙁

    How did you make nut milkshakes, Rachna? 🙂
    Vidya Sury recently posted…Postcards from the edgeMy Profile

    • I love whole fruits too. But sometimes l enjoy juices as well. For nut milkshakes, just soak the nuts in water and then grind them with some milk. How has your experience been with the juicer?

  4. Wow those juices look pretty delicious! I love juices and like Alka said, I wish I had someone to make them for me fresh everyday. This definitely looks like a great product but I think the price is a bit out of my budget.
    Shailaja Vishwanath recently posted…The Mirror doesn’t LieMy Profile

    • They were really yummy. Much better than what passes off as juices otherwise. Yep, l wish someone could make them for me daily as well. Sigh! A little pricey certainly but if juices is your thing, perhaps worth it. The product is good.

  5. I like juices but the pain of making them wins over the liking. If I do, it is usually watermelon. If it wasn’t so expensive, I would have thought about this one. A good review, Rachna!
    Parul Thakur recently posted…A blogging milestone – 505My Profile

  6. The juices look delicious and I could have them for that reason alone. I’m not much a juice person though because I find eating up the fruit just easier. H however loves them. I need to get my juicer working.
    Obsessivemom recently posted…Oops I forgot!My Profile

    • Same here. Eating the fruit is easier. But you know I had that beetroot, carrot, apple juice and I was surprised at how tasty it was and how much of fruit/vegetable I got in that one glass. But yes, doing it daily does not seem a possibility at all.

  7. Actually there is a Juicer we have here that is so easy to use and it is much cheaper than this one .. make a juice in a jiffy .. and the fun thing is it is not painful to use.. you can actually juice up anything ..

    I love fresh juice so much so that in the evening if i have to have a drink i drink it with a juice.. 🙂

    this one is quiet expensive …
    BIkram Mann recently posted…N- No goodMy Profile

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