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Most days, my mornings are very hectic. As I get up sleepy-eyed and work my way down the stairs, the potent aroma of freshly brewed coffee instantly assails my senses and lifts my spirits. The husband has hot, fresh coffee ready. God bless him!

Nescafe Plan

Yes, coffee is a passion for me. My day does not go well if it does not begin with coffee. Especially good quality coffee. I have visited coffee plantations earlier on travel and marvelled at the green coffee beans that transform into a kickass brew for us. So when Nestlé India offered to host me along with some other bloggers for a tour of their Coffee Demo and Training Center in Kushalnagar, Coorg, I was game.


The road trip from Bangalore was exciting and I was looking forward to understanding more about coffee.

It was morning when we made the trip to the Coffee Demo and Training Centre in Kushalnagar, Coorg.

The familiar red sign of NESCAFÉ that greeted me instilled a warmth that we’ve all grown up with.

Nescafe Plan

Next, I got to understand more about how Nestlé actually works not only to get the finest coffee to our tables across the world but also works closely with farmers for sustainable, environment-friendly coffee growing. Nestlé also undertakes a number of community outreach initiatives.

The NESCAFÉ Plan is an initiative launched by Nestle in 2012.

It is a collaboration between Nestle and coffee farmers to help them develop agricultural practices that are sustainable, produce good quality coffee and high yields. In this endeavour, Nestlé works closely with the farmers by training them, conducting workshops and helping them obtain certification from the Common Code for the Coffee Community (4C Association) which monitors and helps with maintaining consistent coffee quality.

The NESCAFÉ Plan has benefitted more than 2000 farmers in the past 4 years since its launch.

The initiatives undertaken under NESCAFÉ Plan are:

  • Providing training and technical assistance to farmers on better farming practices, waste management, soil and water conservation
  • Soil Testing/Recommendations
  • Help with environment-friendly methods of cultivation
  • Help with optimal fertilizer and pesticide use
  • New and improved methods for drying of coffee beans
  • Getting them competitive prices for high quality produce
  • Creating value in their communities
Nescafe Plan

A useful book given to farmers with information and charts in local language

This initiative has ensured that coffee farming stays sustainable and remains lucrative as NESCAFÉ coffee continues to grow in demand.

Apart from this, there are a number of corporate social responsibility initiatives that Nestlé has undertaken for the wellbeing of the community:

  • Clean, drinking water in schools
  • Free medical health checks and distribution of medicines
  • Nutritional and health awareness programs
  • Sanitation facilities
  • Distribution of stationery to children in schools
  • Scholarships to children
  • Support to sports
  • Nestlé India sponsors Hockey Cup every year in the coffee growing regions of India

Nestlé does go beyond the cup in nurturing the global ecosystem around coffee cultivation.

A Tour Through The Coffee Plantation

After this session followed a tour through their coffee plantation where we got to understand how coffee went from seed to our cup. Interestingly we got to see coffee in all its glory from blossoms to green cherries to the ripened red cherries. It was quite fascinating.

Nescafe Plan

Nescafe Plan

Nescafe Plan

Nescafe Plan

Green Coffee Sensory Labs

Every batch of green coffee is 100% tested for taste profile. This physical tasting of coffee is called cupping. The Green Coffee Sensory Labs were established by Nestlé Nanjangud Coffee Factory for cup tasting of the pre-shipment samples. These labs help support coffee suppliers and farmer who can ascertain cup quality, moisture and defect analysis of their coffee bean at these facilities. This helps them to better the quality of their coffee production.

We made our way to a Green Coffee Sensory Lab in Kushalnagar which is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Cup tasting is carried out by well-trained sensory experts against Nestlé’s global reference. They check for how close the samples are to the reference sample. Batches have been rejected and sent back to the farmers if they did not adhere to the stringent quality and taste standards for NESCAFÉ.

These Sensory Labs have contributed to the high quality and consistent taste of Nescafé coffee products.

We tried our hand at some coffee tasting ourselves. It was a unique experience which only told me that my palate was not as intuitive to differences in taste as I thought it would.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That was quite an informational tour. It was eye opening to see the community initiatives and the commitment to quality by Nestlé. It also showed me the blood, sweat and tears that went into that perfect cuppa.

A win-win proposition for the farmers, the suppliers as well as Nestlé while we end consumers continue to enjoy the rich taste that we’ve all been loving for years.

Hope you enjoyed this tour with me.

Do you like coffee and enjoy Nescafé?



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27 Thoughts on “Coffee: From Seed to Cup – A Commitment to Excellence #NescafePlan

  1. I’m a tea person but Nescafe is my favorite coffee brand. Wasn’t aware of the social initiatives. Interesting.

  2. It was quite a tour, Rachna! So much of hard work goes into getting us that perfect brew, with its perfect taste! And, what I liked reading about the most was about the kind of social work Nestle is doing for the farmers! It’s worth an applause!
    Yes, I am a coffee-lover and I am so grateful to these industrious souls for providing me with my ‘saviour’ – Coffee! 🙂

    • True that, Shilpa. I guess Nestle knows that a happy farmer and distribution network is key to great quality coffee. And they are working hard towards it. Me too. A coffee lover and who does not like Nescafe?

  3. I have to confess I was completely clueless of the coffee journey. I’d never seen that coffee cherry. It is so far from the coffee beans we get to see. Loved this tour. The initiative is of course commendable.
    Obsessivemom recently posted…Notes from a happy momMy Profile

    • Thanks, Tulika. I have seen the coffee cherries on my earlier tour of coffee plantations. We, in Bangalore, live in the close proximity of many of them. But knowing the effort that goes into maintaining the quality of that coffee was new and informative. Glad the post was useful to you.

  4. I love tea more than coffee but I still think that this was a great opportunity to know more about the initiatives by the brand. Great experience and loved the pictures.
    Parul Thakur recently posted…Why I chose to live away from my parentsMy Profile

  5. Wow! That’s one interesting tour you had, a brilliant opportunity I must add. And I love Nescafe 🙂
    Shalini R recently posted…Son-in-law EggsMy Profile

  6. I must confess that I don’t drink coffee. But you knew that already 😉 I do love the smell of it wafting across the home early in the mornings when I visit my mother-in-law, though. You’ve done such a fabulous job of covering the entire trip, Rachna! Such depth of detail with respect to the making of the brew. I am especially proud to see the social initiatives they have undertaken. So glad you decided to go on the trip.

    Now, where’s my gift? 😉
    Shailaja Vishwanath recently posted…6 simple home truths from the Demonetisation sceneMy Profile

    • I know that. And I can never fathom why. 🙂 Oh yes, she makes great coffee as I remember. Thanks. Glad you liked the post. It was good to witness the story behind the brew for myself. Haan, haan you will get your gift. 🙂

  7. Wow! That was informative as well as interesting. The collaboration of the brand with the farmers is fantastic and the CSR initiatives would be making a big difference in the lives of so many people. Kudos to Nestle India for that!
    SHILPA GARG recently posted…10 Reasons to Love AudiobooksMy Profile

    • Thanks, Shilpa. I agree. I was quite impressed with all that Nestle India is doing for the farmers and their communities and also promoting sustainable coffee cultivation.

  8. Great opportunity Rachna. I loooooove coffee 🙂
    Kalpana recently posted…Comment on No gain without pain by KalpanaaMy Profile

  9. I love their red and white mugs..they some how wakes me up.

    Good one Rachna!

  10. Typical Madrasi that i am, love good old filled coffee… Nescafe, the hazelnut favorite one that i had tried in the Us is my all time favorite… Had been to Coorg in Dec last year… Beautiful place
    Jaishvats recently posted…Whats news?My Profile

  11. What a lovely visit, Rachna! I wish I had gone with you! I adore my coffee. It is wonderful to read about an organisation whose products we love, that cares about fulfilling its corporate responsibility.

    Thank you! ❤️ Nice photos!
    Vidya Sury recently posted…Inspiring Quotes on Mindfulness from Thích Nhất HạnhMy Profile

  12. Looks like you had a very interesting visit to the plantation and good to know about the CSR initiatives aimed at helping the local communities…..
    Prasad Np recently posted…Samvaad A Tribal Conclave by Tata SteelMy Profile

  13. I loved walking around with you Rachna! Didn’t know all that goes in the making of a cup of coffee so this was even more interesting to know. Good to read about their brand plan and how it has benefited so many farmers across the country. Next time I am having coffee I will be remembering this post!
    Arti recently posted…… And Therefore I Blog: 7th Blogging Anniversary of My Yatra Diary…My Profile

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