The other day I was browsing through old photos when I chanced upon the baby pictures of my elder son. I am a sucker for pictures and can spend hours leafing through them, reminiscing over fond memories. It seems just like yesterday when the husband and I had rushed early morning to the hospital after my water broke. Many anxious hours later, my little bundle of joy was placed in my arms. The elation and love that I felt cannot be expressed in words.

new mother

He was so tiny. I remember gripping his fingers, looking at his wide eyes and suddenly feeling overwhelmed at the responsibility I now had.

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6 Thoughts on “I’m Sharing an Excellent Trick That Helped Me Manage My Anxieties as a New Mother

  1. Can’t agree more 🙂 Each kid is different and each parent is. I go by my gut instinct most of the times and each mom knows how their kid reacts and adapts. It’s a journey where we all grow and learn together.

  2. Relying on your gut instinct is right on dot. In India though, with advice coming from all quarters, it can become a challenge to go by your gut instinct.
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  3. True each child is different and mother knows the best

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