This is my follow up post to the introduction of PediaSure usage that I did a few weeks ago. As promised, I am sharing my experience with PediaSure nutrition and its progress with my younger son’s nutrition. Of course, I’m not a professional, so this is essentially an account of my personal experience with the product and my child.

pediasure nutrition

My son eats reasonably well and hence, that is not a concern for me as a mother, but his nutrition intake is. As I had mentioned in the previous post, he doesn’t like the milk supplements that I give him daily. He did, however, quite appreciate the Premium Chocolate flavour. He took an instant liking to it and now asks me to give him milk with PediaSure powder every evening. I liked that!

My concern was that during winter, he ends up falling sick with colds, coughs and allergies quite regularly. Post researching the brand, I found out that PediaSure for kids promises to increase children’s’ immunity. This is what I was more interested in. One month of its usage with milk along with the other home remedies that I usually include during winter and I noticed that his sick days were reduced, considerably. As a matter of fact, he did not succumb to a fever at all during winter. Touchwood!

So yes, PediaSure did work for me in that regard. I can’t say too much about his growth, as it seems too early to tell, but I am sure that it is doing its job there as well, along with the balanced diet he has at home. Of course, giving him Pediasure also gives me some peace of mind; he is getting the added vitamins and minerals that are essential for keeping him healthy.

Overall, my experience in the first month with PediaSure for kids has been positive. Perhaps I will try out the vanilla flavour as well for him. That is another favourite with kids. I’ve heard some of my mommy friends mention that they have tried various PediaSure recipes, especially when it involved making sweets. I can see how that can be an interesting way to get your kids some extra nutrition by offering it to them in a variety of ways. But do remember that you cannot heat PediaSure. That reduces its efficacy.


If you would like to buy PediaSure as a nutritional supplement for your fussy child who’s a picky eater or to help add a little more healthy nutrition to their diet, you can get it from your local supermarket, kirana store or even pharmacy. It is also available online at PediaSure website.

This is part of #MyPediaSureJourney where I explore #90DaysWithPediaSure. Stay tuned for the next milestone on this journey.

Disclaimer: Although I was approached by Abbott to try PediaSure with my child, the opinions shared in the post are purely my own.

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6 Thoughts on “One Month Later with PediaSure Nutrition Supplement

  1. Wow.. I would like to try it out on my younger fussy eater.

  2. I think Pediasure is a good product but somehow my son always got constipated when I used it for him. Maybe something did not suit him since my nieces and nephews love it.

  3. Hmm… I haven’t been too keen on any kind of additives to the kids’ daily milk. I feel they’re more about flavour than nutrition – that’s what the Ped told us. But if pedicure increases immunity I’d be very interested.

  4. It’s great that you followed up the earlier post with this update. Glad to see that he didn’t catch cold… Touch wood. I wonder if they have something for adults.

  5. Isn’t Pediasure supposed to be mixed with water ? Read that it’s suitable for lactose intolerant kids.
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