July draws to a close, and this month has seen many more downs than ups for me.

Healthwise, this was a month of concerns. I’ve had cough and allergies on and off for 3 weeks now. They abate and resurface. It has been quite dismaying. But, yes, I am managing with home remedies and have vowed to restart my pranayam. Also the entire family went through the cycle of viral fever and respiratory problems that was sweeping the city. But grateful that everyone is doing better.

Fitness has been an area where I continue to do well. Despite the health issues, I have been regular with exercise. I have not been doing strength training since a couple of weeks but have been regular with my walks/jogs. I have realized that exercise helps me with my emotional health as well and lightens my moods too. Also this month we started taking Coco for walks. He has been getting a bit sloppy, fitnesswise. He has made some progress in stamina but is yet unable to do 5 kms. with us. It is always a slow start when you begin something.

Kids just finished their first quarterlies today. It has been relatively stress-free with the younger son. He has been more disciplined in his studies though he is still not studying daily. And there are still glitches to be ironed. But this is a constant process and any improvement is progress.

I am immensely grateful for the fresh produce that comes from my roof top garden. This month we started getting fresh cucumber. Chillies, brinjal, beans, ladies finger, cherry tomatoes and tomatoes are coming in regularly. And the best part is the regular greens. Amaranth, spinach, Malabar spinach, fenugreek leaves and so many greens I was not aware of. are growing steadily. Hence, despite monsoons, we get to eat crunchy, fresh greens daily. We also got a stray ash gourd and musk melon too that grew on its own. You can follow the updates of my rooftop garden on my Instagram handle rachna.parmar. Also, I uploaded the first video on growing your own food on my Youtube channel. Do watch it if you haven’t done it till now. Let me know if you like these kinds of videos. And what can I do to improve them?

GST created havoc for small professionals like me. First the ambiguity and then the confirmation from my CA. Got my registration done. But once you are registered, there is a process of depositing GST, filing returns that has to be followed every month. Early days still, but I think I have things under control now. Have been a good girl and completed gathering and sharing proofs for my ITR filing. Phew! For other freelancers out there, if you have any clients in any states apart from your home state, you will need to get registered for GST. Once you do, include GST in all your invoices. Please do not forget to do this.

Caught a few old flicks on Amazon/Netflix and have been watching The Mentalist. Completed Season 2 now. Simon Baker is an addiction. 🙂 I like the rest of the cast as well. It is so much better than spending time on social media and discovering unpleasant sides to people you liked earlier. Social media will hardly ever give you true friends. Once you have that understanding, you will enjoy the platforms more. That and spending less time on them. These days, my favourite is Instagram.

So well. One more month went by. It left me with gratitude for my family. The husband who puts up with my crazy wild moods and has been very supportive during my ill-health. Not only does he grow fantastic produce, but he is a wonderful cook as well.  Since I put up with his idiosyncrasies, I guess we are well-balanced there. 😉  My sons who while driving me crazy with their incessant bickering give me multiple joys and give me a reason to feel joyful and grateful every single day. My Coco who just makes my life immensely better by being himself. I also am grateful for being the person I am – I don’t get deterred easily, and I find my way out of the toughest of situations.

I am also grateful to my work that keeps me sane, happy and makes me learn something new on an ongoing basis. Have also been spending more time with friends. The chatter, laughter and fun times are such good stress busters.

I need to read more and hopefully will make amends starting this August.

August has some promising things on the anvil. Will tell you more in my August post. 🙂

How did your July go?

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21 Thoughts on “#Gratitude This July

  1. Hope you have a better August healthwise, Rachna.
    I love to see pictures of the produce from your rooftop garden and I liked the video as well. Anything I try to grow ends up dying on me so I have stopped now.
    My July was fairly good. No complaints. I have made peace with the things that worry me and make me uncomfortable because somethings I just can’t change. Apart from that, I’m looking forward to a better August and eagerly waiting for 2 more months to go by so that I can go home for Pujas 🙂
    Nabanita Dhar recently posted…#MommyTalks | Fellow MomsMy Profile

  2. Wishing you best of the health and happiness in all your endeavours, Rachna!

  3. Hope the next month is better in health wise.
    Like Naba, I also like to see your garden. I am not very keen in that area, even when I love all the greens. My July was pretty busy with work. Actually only work happened mostly and also I’m getting back to blogging after a long break, which is definitely the highlight. Looking forward to Aug as I’ll be taking a small break and leaving for home. The happy-lazy place. 🙂
    Sheethalsusan recently posted…Moving Away …My Profile

  4. Hope your health gets better in August, Rachna. Somehow for me, July had more ups than down and that is a welcome relief for me.

    If you liked ‘The Mentalist’ you would love ‘Castle’. Nathan Fillion is way too adorable than Simon Baker.

    The cucumber video was very helpful. I’m thinking of a kitchen garden soon and this will be the first I’ll plant.

    Here’s to a wonderful and peaceful August, Rachna.
    Soumya recently posted…Action Replay: July 2017My Profile

    • Feeling better now and fingers crossed it stays this way. Yes, many have recommended Castle to me. Must watch it, but I am only on 3rd Season of Mentalist. I think August will go in watching the remaining seasons. 🙂

      Glad to hear that you enjoyed the cucumber video. I am planning to do simple videos to share about produce that one can easily grow in a pot in one’s balcony or ledge. Hope you like them too.
      Rachna recently posted…#Gratitude This JulyMy Profile

  5. I love reading these Gratitude posts of yours. It’s almost like catching up with a friend in real life, except this is a virtual catch up.

    Is your cough better now? If not, try saturating your throat with honey, just before you hit the bed, and don’t talk to anyone after that. I had gone through a particularly bad bout of allergic cough last month, and this helped me calm my late night coughing fits, and get some sleep.
    Shantala recently posted…My Quarterly Goals for Summer Quarter (Jul– Sep 2017)My Profile

    • Thanks, Shantala. I can imagine. I enjoy reading gratitude posts for the same reason. You must write them as well.

      I loved your tip. Will do that now. Yes, the throat does get dry at night and causes cough. Cough is much better now but the weather being the way it is now, one can never say.
      Rachna recently posted…#Gratitude This JulyMy Profile

  6. Certainly been a rough July on the health front, hasn’t it? Great to see the garden flourishing! I’ve not been that active on FB through July so I probably missed your updates there. But we’re connected otherwise too, so no worries there 🙂

    Super glad to hear of the fitness goals even through the ill health. That’s very inspiring. Also, ahem, I told you about the Mentalist 😉 And I second Soumya’s suggestion on ‘Castle’. You’ll love Nathan Fillion 😀

    Have a wonderful August, Rachna!
    Shailaja Vishwanath recently posted…Learning & Growing: A constant processMy Profile

    • Yep, rough on the health front. Oh, don’t worry about FB, I hardly update there. 🙂 You know me, the moment I am feeling better, I have to go out and walk/run. 🙂 Yep, Castle is definitely next on my list, now that both of you have given your go-aheads.

      You have a great August as well.
      Rachna recently posted…#Gratitude This JulyMy Profile

  7. I am so jealous of your vegetable garden… You are so dedicated and hard work… I really really hope I get half of your motivation this summer to grow more vegetables. I am catching up a lot of sitcoms on Netflix too. I used to watch Mentalist a lot. I think I missed the final season.
    Take care. Wish you a healthy and productive month.
    Rajlakshmi recently posted…Changing trends: Strong is the new SexyMy Profile

  8. I hope you are feeling much better now–we’ve been going through weather-vagaries for weeks now, but have been plodding on regardless, refusing to stay down! Great that you are able to exercise–that and home remedies are amazing for recovery.

    GST…Grrrr. The less said the better! I’ve finally managed to file my returns.

    The Mentalist…mmm. Love that series. Have seen all the seasons, and yeah, Simon Baker is gorgeous. I prefer Columbo, though and am in love with Peter Falk.

    Love the pictures of your garden and produce on instagram, Rachna!

    Thank you for being a part of the Gratitude Circle! Hugs! Looking forward to good things in August!
    Vidya Sury recently posted…Growing Old is Hard to DoMy Profile

  9. I was also not well, health wise in July. It was inspiring to see how you found reasons to be grateful even when the month had more downs than ups. Wishing you all the very best in all your endeavors 🙂
    Purba Chakraborty recently posted…My third novel “Canvas of a Mind” is now available!My Profile

  10. You have a roof top garden! I am quite fascinated to know about this. It is aspirational for me to grow plants or rather my own vegetables but I have never been able to overcome my fear of killing my plants. I will be watching your YouTube videos for gardening. Hope you have a good August health wise and also in every way.
    Anamika Agnihotri recently posted…Book Review #3: The Busy Red TractorMy Profile

  11. I LOVE the produce from your terrace garden. It’s so fresh and you grow almost everything. Really cool and commendable. I have a big list of recorded movies on Tata Sky which I just dont have the time to watch, so I am just not giving in to the temptation of Netflix/Amazon Prime. Plus my internet gives me grief too. But am so keen to watch Narcos, Permanent Roommates and GoT.
    Hope you have a fit and healthy August. Take care, Rachna!
    Shilpa Garg recently posted…The HomecomingMy Profile

  12. Such a wonderful things to have produce from one’s garden. My mil has a terrace garden too and this time was lucky enough to have home grown greens and vegetables. Hopefully your health issues are behind you Rachna and wishing you a happy and content August, with so many festivities in this month.

  13. Oh wow! So all those veggies I’d been seeing are from your roof top garden? So cool. I’ve got a black thumb (it’s getting a little green now). So I’m so in awe of people who are able to keep their plants all green and so alive. 🙂 Go girl!!

  14. A lovely heart felt post. I need to stop by here more often Rachna.
    And I think I’ll also sign up for the gratitude circle.
    Amazed by your green thumb.


    Natasha Sinha recently posted…Star-Struck: #WanderlustWednesdayMy Profile

  15. Hope your health is better now, Rachna. I love your garden and all the posts of fresh green veggies from your garden.
    Vasantha Vivek recently posted…Gratitude Is The Wine For My Soul ….. #GratitudeCircleBlogHopMy Profile

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