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The month of September has flown by pretty swiftly and there is a lot that it leaves me grateful for. This was the month when the younger son had his birthday. From what gifts he wanted (cajoled, demanded) to where he had his lunch and what else he wanted to do, he had it planned pat. All we needed to do was to play along. Since, I don’t throw birthday parties anymore, he just called a close friend of his to play games in the closeby mall and then cut a cake at home. His granny was here and he was very happy.

We also did a short trip to Coorg, to a coffee plantation. It was quite relaxing as we spent a lot of time chatting, playing Scrabble and watching the stars.

The hosts were so genial and they had many pets which made it even more enjoyable for all of us. I really must do a travel post on this visit. Hopefully soon. Coco, who travelled with us, enjoyed thoroughly. He had his first experience to swim in a pond and also explore the coffee plantation with his guide, the in-house German Shepherd called Tiger.

September was also among the wettest months I’ve witnessed in Bangalore. There were many nights when it rained through the night and many areas were inundated repeatedly including the main road of my gated community and many neighbouring areas. I wish to express my gratitude to:

  1. The maintenance staff that worked tirelessly to clean the stinking roads so that we had a dry road by evening.
  2. The generator backup that runs through the night if needed and gives us power even when BESCOM does not bother about the incessant power cuts.
  3. My neighbours and friends who help each other when we suffer from water woes or any other kind of trouble.
  4. The fact that we have a roof on top of our head and cars that make our living comfortable in the most inclement weather.
  5. The volunteers in our community who constantly liaise with the government authorities to ensure that the broken stretch of road is repaired.
  6. Our civic workers who get into knee-deep muck and clean the drains when we couldn’t even bear to stand close to the stench.

Fitness wise, I have been reasonably regular but don’t worry too much if I miss out a few days or gorge on the festive food. After all it is the festival season.

Health wise, I felt better as I started with some multivitamins this month. I could see that my constant sore throat and niggles pretty much disappeared which is quite a relief.

The kids had their Dussehra holidays though the elder son had his classes all through the holidays, it still gave us time to do what we enjoyed. Both the kids have exams as soon as schools reopen. The younger son has been trying self study with some help from me. He has drawn his own time table with the help of his brother. Apart from quizzing him off and on, I have been hands off. His elder brother has been more of a guiding force for him. Slowly, I am trying to make him responsible for learning on his own. It is not easy as I want to grab control but I am trying.

This month has been calmer on my nerves as I actively incorporated meditation daily in my routine. I have also been taking other steps that orient me towards choosing happiness.

I also traveled to Delhi for a brand engagement this month with other friends. It was time well spent in the company of friends though the trip was very hectic.

Work has been good and pretty hectic, as I started on another project this month. I am very grateful for the new and satisfying work that comes my way. I am also grateful for my current projects, brand collaborations and the wonderful people I work with.

My reading is still not on par but I am not stressing too much. I try to read as much as time and other engagements permit. My new learning is to be not too exacting on myself.

October signifies Diwali and it is the time of the year when I immerse myself in Diwali cleaning. So that pretty much occupies my plate for now. God bless my helpers at home and also services that enable me to accomplish these goals with minimal effort. Here’s hoping that this Diwali blesses all of us with health, wealth and prosperity.

And please God, no more rain now.

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20 Thoughts on “September Reloaded — Gratitude Helps

  1. I was looking for your gratitude post, Rachna 🙂 Just popped up in my Twitter feed and I came over right away.

    You’ve had a lovely month and I am so glad for you! You’re among the closest of my online friends and among the healthiest relationships I have. Where we are openly and kindly critical as well as laudatory of each other. It’s a friendship that grows. Happy friend-versary on Facebook 😀

    I loved your insta updates about the Coorg trip. Missed catching up on the Maggi ones as we were traveling and packing that day and the following three days. So glad to hear about G’s exam prep! I loved the way September ended, away from the stress of the routine and relaxing in the lap of Nature. We need these breaks.

    Here’s wishing you a lovely October.
    Shailaja Vishwanath recently posted…‘A Man Called Ove’ & lessons in writing and readingMy Profile

    • So happy to hear that. Got a little late in penning this due to all the travel. 🙂 Feel the same way about your Shailaja. Not looking to amass a large number of friends on social media. Am very happy with a few that I can pick up a phone and laugh with, argue with and know that we can still stay friends. That they are as comfortable with my flaws as I am with theirs.

      We surely need these breaks. Wish you a lovely October as well.
      Rachna recently posted…September Reloaded — Gratitude HelpsMy Profile

  2. I look forward to reading your gratitude posts, Rachna. You have such a wonderful way of writing them, that it is almost like a monthly catch up with you.

    I am glad you had a wonderful September. I did too. Though not in my usual goal-focused way. This month I learnt to not obsess over the many tasks & give myself some grace. It’s been a mental adjustment, but I am so much more relaxed now, that it has been well worth it.

    Diwali cleaning is high on my October agenda too.
    Shantala recently posted…Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg – Book ReviewMy Profile

    • That’s so lovely to know. Shantala. I love writing these posts. You are right. It’s my monthly reflection post. I can understand what you mean by goal obsessing. I am letting go of that as well. It is so relaxing, isn’t it when we are not this harsh on ourselves?

      Half of my Diwali cleaning is done. It’s so lovely to see it coming to fruition slowly. Have a lovely October.
      Rachna recently posted…September Reloaded — Gratitude HelpsMy Profile

  3. Aha! You have had an eventful month. Your pics from Coorg are amazing. And so must be the trip to Nestle plant.
    Thankfully, I have finished my Diwali cleaning. I was a woman possessed, as usual and glad that it’s all done and the home is Diwali ready!
    Shilpa Garg recently posted…Pattern #WriteBravelyMy Profile

    • Thanks, Shilpa. Yes, Coorg is quite gorgeous. I’ve been there 3-4 times now. This time we went to another part which is close to Kerala border and got to see another dimension of this lovely part. Kudos for being so quick with your cleaning. I still have some good way to go in my cleaning but getting there.
      Rachna recently posted…September Reloaded — Gratitude HelpsMy Profile

  4. I was wondering where is the Gratitude post, Rachna and here it is. Coco having the time of life and yes, Diwali is here and looking forward to it. Healthwise! I’m also up for some challenges and getting on vitamins, with some dizziness and weakness here and there. Have an awesome October filled with goodness and festive times ahead?
    Vishal Bheeroo recently posted…In conversation with Lightweaver Bhavana NissimaMy Profile

  5. The thing that absolutely stood out for me is the way you are trying to be hands off with your younger one. But first – wishing him a very happy birthday.
    I struggle constantly with letting the twins study on their own. it’s a bit complicated since one of mine can manage on his own but won’t while the other one cannot but wants to. Another year perhaps.
    Loved your Coorg pictures. it has been on our travel list for a long time.
    Obsessivemom recently posted…Blogging challenges and a gratitude postMy Profile

    • Thanks Tulika. it’s not easy but I am trying hard. With 2 papers through, it has been relatively easier on both our nerves just now. But it sure is a beginning.
      Coorg is really beautiful and this time we went to another relatively quieter and less touristy part of Coorg. It was really good staying with a Coorgi family who treated us like their own family. The food they cooked for us was so delicious and it was lovely hearing tales from them. I would love to go back to their place again.
      Rachna recently posted…September Reloaded — Gratitude HelpsMy Profile

  6. You have been really busy this month. Awww look at Coco… So adorable… He must have loved playing in the pond, and I guess he got a good washing too ?
    So nice of you to show gratitude to the maintenance guys and workers… They are always forgotten in these times. And it’s wonderful to know they are doing their job so well. I miss the festivities here, but that doesn’t stop me from grabbing some kaaju katli ?wish you an awesome month ahead.

  7. Yay, September! October promises to be just as festive and celebratory. Just this morning i was musing on how quickly this year has whizzed by. Time flies when we are busy, I guess!

    It is wonderful to read about your getaway and most especially about your younger son. See, he’s amazing because he has a great mom.

    Good to hear about your health & fitness, Rachna. Wishing you a great October! It was really nice to spend that day together in Delhi!
    Vidya Sury recently posted…Gratitude Is My Magic PotionMy Profile

  8. Happy to know Month of September was great for you. September is always special for me as its my younger son’s birth month and also the Ganpati Festival is celebrated at grand scale in Pune. I love this month always!
    Sapana Vibhandik recently posted…Do Shapewear Help You Lose Weight?My Profile

  9. When a month has a trip, it usually is peaceful. And I hear you on the rains. Bangalore has become so wet that it hurts to step out these days. The power cuts are another thing. The people you have expressed gratitude to are the ones who deserve it the most. They work endlessly everyday so that we have a decent life. For all you know, they might go back to the same situation at their place.

    Wishing you a much dryer and happier October, Rachna.
    Soumya recently posted…Action Replay: September 2017My Profile

  10. There are so many things to be grateful for if we pause to think.Nice post Rachna.
    Like you,I too gave up on chasing my younger one for studies very early.My reason was that I would get angry and it spoiled our rapport.Thankfully it turned out well.

  11. Wow your september seems packed with a lot of fun trips and family times!! Infacts trips for work too – quite a trave laden september.
    I have been heairng about the incesssant rains this year everywhere and its been a boon to have civic helpers/RWA who work around the clock to clear the water and debris and make sure our lives are smoother.
    I have been following y our insta feed and loving the pics from Coorg and news about your terrace garden too!!
    Hopefully october pans out equally brilliantly for you and yes I pray with you for no more rains. Its time for winters to come now!!! 🙂

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