You have already read how I introduced Pediasure in my younger son’s diet with the sole aim of improving his immunity. Luckily for me, he is not a fussy eater hence more often than not I am not worried that he is not eating well. As we live in Bangalore, our encounters with respiratory allergies are quite common and frequent. As soon as the monsoons descend upon us, the changing weather brings with it regular coughs and colds that just don’t seem to go away. They are especially worse for children.


Pediasure claims to boost immunity and is also a wonderful protein supplement for children. Most of us who are on a vegetarian diet often do not adequately suffice the protein needs of our growing kids. I know of friends who give their children Pediasure to supplement their nutrition from meals. It helps kids who feel tired easily and fall sick often. Since I started giving my son Pediasure in his milk, I have noticed that his energy levels do not drop even in the evenings when he cycles/jogs with us and our Labrador.

Also, he did do much better on the immunity front with his allergy incidents coming down and also becoming milder. With Pediasure and my home remedies, I managed to keep him free of sick days and no antibiotics or any strong medication for him in the entire 90 days when I tried Pediasure. Isn’t that just wonderful?

He has been growing well, and I think he is very close to his second growth spurt. I am happy with his eating habits, stamina and immunity, and as a mum that is saying a lot. I hope he can continue to thrive and stay disease resistant. We also tried the vanilla flavor of Pediasure, and it was quite enjoyable. So, I guess both the chocolate and vanilla flavours are kid friendly.

Overall, my experience with giving Pediasure to my son has been positive. Though, I have only been mixing it with milk for him as he likes to drink it as is, I think I can try some recipes of sweets too with it.

If you have a fussy child who has a poor appetite or does not seem to eat well and falls sick often, maybe you could try Pediasure and see if it helps.

It is easily available at your neighbourhood grocery or online store at PediaSure website.

This is part of #MyPediaSureJourney where I explore #90DaysWithPediaSure. This was a fun journey filled with learning for me.

Disclaimer: Although I was approached by Abbott to try PediaSure with my child, the opinions shared in the post are purely my own.



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12 Thoughts on “Improved Immunity and Better Stamina #90dayswithPediasure

  1. Can I give it to M? Or is it too early? She keeps catching a cold at the sightest change of weather, and it makes me really worried about her immunity. Always, always worried about her health!

    • I used to give pediasure to Kanna after he turned 2, Naba. Here in the US it was for kids 2 and above. He used to like it very much and yes I have seen good improvement in his immunity too. We have stopped giving him pediasure after he turned 4, (that’s when we moved to UK and it was not much available there and what I was able to find online was way costly) but in the last 4 years he had never been sick for more than 2 days at a time, just cold and temperature, no antibiotics during this time too. Now I don’t know if it is pediasure magic but I will give some credit to pediasure too considering I’m not a diet conscious mommy.
      Vinitha recently posted…Goodbye #writebravely #WritetribeprobloggerMy Profile

  2. Since we dont get all the vital nutrients from our food, a nutritional supplement which has Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals as per RDA is a great way to boost immunity. Pediasure seems like the right option for better stamina and good health of kids. Thanks for sharing, Rachna!
    Shilpa Garg recently posted…Be a #YesMom – Say Yes to Immunity @Immuno_BoostersMy Profile

  3. Pediasure has worked well for us too. My daughter used to catch cold every now and then, but it has certainly become better now. I too use plenty of home remedies like you. 🙂
    Priya recently posted…Pampers Baby Dry Pants : What every mum needs to knowMy Profile

  4. As a supplement, it does seem to fulfill the deficiencies commonly encountered by the general public… should be good for the child, I agree.
    Roshan Radhakrishnan recently posted…Recipe – Golden Crumbed Fish #LivogenIronChefMy Profile

  5. Already a fan of pediasure. My son was a fussy eater after he turned 2 and he used to fall sick a lot as he started his play school at that time. Then his pediatrician recommended pediasure for him. He loved the chocolate flavor. Anyway, he stopped falling sick so often and his immunity is much better now, though we are not giving him pediasure anymore. ?
    Vinitha recently posted…Goodbye #writebravely #WritetribeprobloggerMy Profile

  6. Love pediasure… N my kids too like it.. My job done :)..i am happy that they are getting all the vital nutrients..

  7. Pediasure has been working well with my nephew too.. he used to fall sick a lot. Now I can see his energy levels are up and he has not missed school in past 3 months.. touchwood

  8. My friend’s son has really poor appetite and she’s struggling with his frail frame and all the other accusations from family. I’ll definitely suggest this to her. I hope it helps her and her son.
    Soumya recently posted…Of Heartbreaks & Digital FootprintsMy Profile

  9. I have the fussy child and I always make sure she has her vitamins. These sound good Rachna. I do notice how weary all the children seem to be since starting Secondary School. Thanks for sharing with #tweensteensbeyond

  10. This is an interesting post for me Rachna. My youngest suffers from a allergies/eczema and anaemia and despite taking iron tablets is still quite lethargic.
    I do give her a range of vitamins but as she is also quite petite and not a big eater I have recently been looking for a natural protein supplement that I can add to smoothies etc. I will check this out. #TweensTeensBeyond
    Jo – Mother of Teenagers recently posted…Tweens, Teens & Beyond #30My Profile

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