Remember the good old Orient ceiling fans from our childhood? I certainly do. In my home, the fans saw many moves and yet delivered diligently. On May 2, I attended the launch event of Orient Electric’s Wind-PRO table, pedestal and wall-mounted (TPW) fans at Taj Vivanta, Bangalore. Orient Electric is very well known when it comes to fans in India. It is an established company that has a reputation for quality products at reasonable prices. And I was curious to see and experience their new offering for myself.

The event started with Mr. Atul Jain, Senior VP and Business Head (Fans) at Orient Electric taking us through the presentation about the new products. He then unveiled the Wind-PRO TPW fans to us. The fans are aesthetically very good looking having a snow-white body with 5-leaf transparent blades. Even with so many fans whirring, the noise was minimal which reiterates the company’s claim of low noise.

What is different in Orient Electric’s Wind-PRO TPW fans?

Orient fans

  1. Concentric Winding: This helps the fan to have much lower noise and higher reliability. It produces noise that is 3 decibals lower than high speed fans. Orient is the only company in India offering concentric winding.
  2. Extra high Air Thrust which helps the fans to produce more air while operating silently
  3. Lower Power Consumption: The company claims that the fan consumes 20% less power than other high speed fans. This is certainly a desirable feature.
  4. Thermal Overload Protection Device: This helps in protecting your TPW fan from any thermal overload.
  5. Excellent Aesthetics: The fans look really pleasing and impressive as I experienced first hand.

orient fans

Mr. Jain shared with us that their research and consumer feedback that had shown that since the South of India had more humid weather, air coolers were not very effective. Hence there was a need for Table, Pedestal and Wall fans that produced more air but were silent in operation. Noise was a major deterrent in fans. Keeping this in mind, Orient Electric launched its new 5-blade Wind-PRO range. The range starts from a very affordable Rs. 2370 and can be ordered through stores or online.

The fans run silently and smoothly and produce a lot of air as I saw for myself at the launch event. They are so good looking that anyone would love to have them as a part of their home. And with the Orient name, good quality is assured.



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17 Thoughts on “Orient Electric Raises the Bar with Silent yet Powerful 5-Blade Wind-PRO TPW Fans

  1. I agree that in Bangalore, given the higher altitude and more penetrative heat, we need air coolers and fans more than air conditioning. We’ve consciously invested in air coolers in the last 2 homes we’ve been in and it’s always been a boon. Still don’t have air conditioning even in the new place and hopefully we won’t need it either.
    The new fans look sleek and cool 🙂 pun intended 🙂
    Shailaja Vishwanath recently posted…How to make a Weekly Blog and Social Media CalendarMy Profile

  2. We just bought home a Crompton pedestal fan after our Bajaj broke its spine. Had we waited maybe we could have picked this one. The features look good and like Shy said, they do look sleek and cool.

    Also, if Bangalore’s heat continues to go this way, we may end up buying this one too, looks like.
    Soumya recently posted…Not A Stranger To The DarkMy Profile

  3. orient is oldest most popular company thanks for sharing information about new products of orient

  4. Good fan. Perfect for summers.

  5. This looks great and has some nice features. Lower power consumption and zero noise will definitely be a crowd-puller.
    Priya recently posted…Breastfeeding Challenges for Millennial Mothers – With Dr. Asavari DongreMy Profile

  6. We have bunk beds in a room with low ceilings.. and so regular fans are not an option.
    A silent fan would be much appreciated.. Will check it out

  7. Reliable brand it is…
    Shrinidhi Hande recently posted…Top air travel news this weekMy Profile

  8. This looks great…with lower power consumption, less noise and great performance.. This is definitely going to be a hit this Summer

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