As parents we want our kids to be readers, don’t we? Reading is an activity that helps children improve their creativity, vocabulary, enhance their imagination and knowledge. It literally opens their eyes to the world, and we must encourage our kids to read.

I am very happy to let you know that Neev Academy, Bangalore, is organizing the Neev Literature Festival in Bangalore. This literature festival has a lot of exciting events and sessions that you and your kids will absolutely love to attend. This event will be held on 28th and 29th September, 2018.

The focus of this Children’s Literature Festival is to celebrate books and the joy of reading. It will also help your reluctant reader feel happier to be among books, readers and authors.

28th September is for students from schools, that have registered for the event. The second day – 29th September 2018 will be open to everyone.

Participation in the event is FREE. Just register on the website to attend the event. Here is the registration link:

Highlights of Children’s Literature Festival at Neev Academy:

  1. Distinguished authors and speakers will be gracing the occasion.
  2. Various Reading, Writing, Storytelling workshops and panel discussions will take place with these authors, the children and the parents.
  3. Neev Book Awards 2018 will be given for distinguished children’s literature. The aim is to recognize and honour outstanding writing that leads to a better understanding of India and her lives and stories.
  4. You can see the nominations for the Neev Book Awards here

As a parent, I am really excited as this promises to be an amazing event with lots of learning and fun. So what are you waiting for? If you are in Bangalore, don’t miss this opportunity to attend the event with your child. For more information and the schedule of the event, please check

Pics courtesy: By espies and By Nowik Sylwia on Shutterstock



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21 Thoughts on “Experience the Joy of Reading with Neev Academy’s Children’s Literature Festival in Bangalore

  1. That sounds like a great event. Would love to attend.
    Priya recently posted…Kajal for baby – Is it Safe to Apply Kajal/ Surma/ Kohl in Baby’s Eyes?My Profile

  2. Sounds pretty exciting. Children’s literary events are always a good idea as it’ll get them engaged from early days. I wish we had stuff like that growing up!

  3. Ah this was the event you meant.? We covered this as a part of events last year and also because their kids were at the school. Sounded lovely and the pictures from the event were fabulous too. Plus they got to meet some lovely authors and that’s always fun. So good to see more book and reading based events in the city. Now if only it weren’t on the other side of town. Distances in Bangalore will kill me one of these days.
    Shailaja Vishwanath recently posted…Practising the art of Detachment as a WriterMy Profile

  4. Nice Post about Neev Literature Festival in Bangalore

  5. That looks like a good event.. will try to attend with my kids..
    Smitha recently posted…5 Reasons Why I Prefer Onlilne Food Delivery In Train …My Profile

  6. I am sure it will be a good event. Such wonderful opportunities for our kids at these festivals. Lots of fun and learning and the books! Reader’s delight ?

  7. Raksha Kamat on September 17, 2018 at 7:58 am said:

    Hey.. This is a good event. Will go for sure

  8. Good event. Going there with kid for sure.

  9. Let me forward this to people who will find this important.

    Thanks, Rachna.
    Soumya recently posted…The Art & Comfort Of FoodMy Profile

  10. Sounds super promising. Let me check out if a few friends are interested to join me. Thanks for the info ?

  11. Hope you had fun there. Such lit fests targeting children should be encouraged for it’s the age to inculcate the joy of reading and creative writing. Superb to spread word about it.

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