Making people happy is not an easy task. Sometimes a small gesture goes a long way, at other times a thoughtful gift will come in handy. Gifts are beautiful and who does not like a gift — young or old? You don’t really need a occasion or a special event for gifting each other, it is the intent that matters. Sometimes gifts are the perfect way to show someone you care.

gifts for Diwali

While soft toys, cakes and flowers are gifts close to the hearts of your girlfriend, a family member like sibling or spouse may cheer up with chocolates, a meal or movie outing or flowers. Your mum or dad may like something classy and timeless like a watch or jewellery. Remember it is the thought that counts the most much more than the value of the gift. Gifts for birthday, gifts for anniversary or gifts for any other occasion, you will love to gift something to your loved one.

So let us look at some common options that can be gifted to our loved ones:

Diary or notepad

gifts for Diwali

Despite our mobiles taking care of most of our jotting needs, there is an old world charm about a diary or a notepad. Remember the days when we all scribbled and poured our hearts out in our diaries? Well, I still like keeping a diary. I have a lovely one made with handmade paper, very quaint and nice. A diary is personal and is a welcome gift for most people.

Cake and flowers

Gifts for Diwali

A decadent chocolate cake or in fancy flavours like Tiramisu, chocolate truffle or just fresh fresh is a gift for all occasions. Sending a cake along with a bouquet of fresh blooms is a popular gift idea for a loved one that never goes out of fashion. These days you can order them online and have them delivered at the exact hour. I recently sent one such gift to my niece when she turned 18. And they delivered at 12 am. So perfect!


Gifts for Diwali

Whether you are a man or woman, a swanky new mobile phone is a great gift. Look out for great deals around festivals and you can land a really good phone at a steal. You can be sure that your man or woman will dig the gift. To the reader in the family, get a Kindle. What can be better than a gift of unlimited reading. My kids love their Kindle.

Fitness Trackers

gifts for bhai dooj

These days fitness trackers also make for a great gift. From kids to adults everyone needs to be aware of their daily activity and exercise routine. My younger son recently got a fitness tracker from his aunt. He is delighted with it and uses it regularly. Makes them conscious from a young age to do enough physical activity.


gifts for bhai dooj

A jewellery box, makeup kit, wallet, grooming kits, a starter kit for gardening and fashion accessories are great gift ideas. They are unique and you can personalize them depending upon the person you are gifting them to. If your wife enjoys dabbling with plants, get her a lovely started kit to grow her own herbs. a set of aromatic candles make for a beautiful gift and so does a pretty jewellery box.

Any of these gifts will light up the eyes of your loved ones. When you pour your heart and feelings into the gift, the receiver feels the love and enjoys the sentiment. Nothing matters more than bringing a smile to the face of your loved ones. Hope you liked these gift ideas. I enjoy gifting on every occasion: mother’s day gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts or daughters day gifts. After all, our loved ones must feel special no matter the occasion.



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9 Thoughts on “Bring a Smile on Your Loved One’s Face with Beautiful Gifts

  1. A many ideas for gifting.. Loved all of them

  2. Gifting these days is so hard because everyone seems to have everything. These are all such great ideas. Stationery, cake, fitness trackers – they’re all top of my list.

  3. This is a lovely post with unique gifting ideas. Thnx for sharing ?

  4. I’m gifting my mom a kindle this year. Some good suggestions for Diwali. Will check them all out.

  5. Nice ideas Rachana… I love self gifts too ?

  6. Such a timely post! Perfect for the upcoming festive season. My fitbit broke last year. Maybe I can gift one to myself.

  7. I love the great gift ideas to our loved ones. A small act of kindness can make us so happy and keep getting amazing tee and perfumes from cousins in UK. I always give a book as a gift since I’m bad at choosing but diary are great ideas since I always use them-can’t go without it-in today’s digital age.

  8. Those are some great ideas!


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