Is it only me or have you seen that despite greater awareness towards health and fitness, our generation is suffering from a surfeit of health problems? Lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity, hypertension, heart diseases are growing significantly.

health insurance for women

And that omnipresent stress is taking such a tremendous toll on our health, that even seemingly fit people seem to be having life-threatening illnesses. With healthcare getting more effective yet exorbitantly expensive, there is not really an option but to have formal health insurance.

Buying a health insurance plan can be often very confusing as there are many such plans in the market. They range from individual health insurance to family health insurance, critical illness insurance, etc. Yet, it is essential to account for them when we do our annual financial planning.

Remember that one must buy health insurance for women, an area often overlooked. Women must have maternity insurance as well as insurance against critical illnesses. Often women do not take their health seriously putting their needs behind those of everyone else. But, their unique health needs and health insurance requirements must be addressed.

Here are 5 reasons why you need health insurance:

  1. Expensive healthcare costs: Healthcare and hospitalization costs in a decent hospital are pretty much outside the affordability of most of us. Buying a health insurance plan gives one a good health insurance cover at a nominal annual premium. It is the much needed peace of mind we must have in our daily lives to know that in an emergency medical situation, there is a backup available. It is a relief to be able to have access to the best of medical care for our loved ones that is not compromised due to lack of funds.
  2. Specific insurance plans: These days one can take specific plans eg. Critical illines plan, dengue insurance, family floater plan etc. to protect oneself against difficult diseases and for specific requirements . These are very useful coverages to have.
  3. Additional benefits: You can also claim apart from hospitalization, other benefits like reimbursement on consultation charges, OPD charges, medication, pre- and post-hospitalization benefits, free ambulance etc. depending upon the type of plan that you have bought and its terms and coverage.
  4. Wide coverage: Insurance plans now cover alternate treatments like Ayush treatments, surgeries, vaccinations, and so on. Did you know that you can claim free health checks upto a certain amount when you have health insurance plan? That’s an added advantage of buying a health insurance plan.
  5. Tax benefits: One gets income tax benefits on the Insurance premium paid for self and family. There is additional tax benefit that one can claim on the insurance premium paid for parents. Hence, it definitely makes sense to go for a sound health insurance plan for your family.

It is absolutely essential to buy a health insurance plan for yourself and your family. Do buy a plan that is tailored to your needs from a reputed Insurance Provider like Royal Sundaram. Hope these pointers were helpful for you.

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