I remember on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, my son Siddharth came to me and said mama are the North Indians not allowed to come and live in the south. Gurdev and me were a little taken aback with the question. I asked him why he was saying that? He said that his friend Yash Read More →

Where do I begin??? And I am still recovering.. Well, last Thursday when we discussing innocent details about Gautam’s birthday which was the next day, I developed severe pain in my lower tummy, pretty severe and by night fever too. The fever was not going away, so next day morning Gurdev decided to take me Read More →

Day before yesterday I ended up getting a parking fine. I had parked the car in a No Parking area which is done pretty commonly in India ;). I came home and realized that I had to pay a parking fine. So yesterday I went to pay the fine to the Police Station. Sid said Read More →

Being a mother of two young sons should have made it easier to figure it out. Far from it…. I have so many questions. How should one be firm yet not too strict, loving but not border on pampering, listen but not indulge, love but not spoil, stay connected yet not be interfering, practise and Read More →

Last evening some of us friends went out for dinner and some fun to Radiant Retreat which is very close to our house. It is a nice, quiet place, green and we had the place to ourselves. We took full advantage of that πŸ™‚ . We played kho kho with the kids to teach them Read More →

I want to store these gems of wisdom which come out of gautam’s mouth before he moves on to newer things. When Sid says “mujhe copy mat karo” meaning don’t copy me sick of gautam imitating him all the time, gautu says mujhe copy copy… I have taught him to say “akkal khatam” which means Read More →

We had been to Shoppers’ Stop last weekend and I was trying out some sandals. I liked them and told Sid that we will ask papa what he thinks of them which is my annoying habit:). Sid asked me mama if u like it why do u have to ask papa. I said because he Read More →

First came the surprise in the form of Abhinav Bindra who took the whole nation by surprise by claiming the first ever Individual gold by an Indian. Frankly no one was expecting it. In a nation of 1 billion people, where children are raised to study and build a career for themselves, sports is not Read More →

This was a special raksha bandhan in a very long time. For the first time since our marriage, Gurdev’s sisters were there to tie him a rakhi in person and Sid’s first rakhi where his cousins could tie a rakhi to him. The girls were all decked up for the occasion in their very beautiful Read More →

The last weekend was the most hectic in a long time that I remember. My sis-in-law from the US came down for a couple of days with her 2 young kids. To add to the misery my maid fell sick and was on leave for 3 days. Even though we ate out almost all the Read More →