I watched this truly good movie Khuda Kay Liye yesterday. It is a movie made by Pakistanis. It shows the state of the Muslims after the 9/11 attacks in the US. It is based in Pakistan, Afghanistan, US and the UK. and shows the eternal war between the fundamentalists and the liberal thinking Muslims. It Read More →

On July 25, 2008 which was a Friday, we were shaken late in the afternoon that bomb blasts had struck Bangalore. Bangalore had been on the terror radar for some time now but it still shakes you when you feel that it is happening so close to you. Luckily Gurdev was working from home that Read More →

Well, we went through 2 days of nationally televised debate on support to the N-deal. The BJP and the Left primarily wanted to bring the government down as they did not agree to the N-deal as negotiated by the Congress. BJP presented a sorry discourse with no reasons coming through and opposing only for the Read More →

Gautam is such a wonder with each passing day though his temper tantrums are getting on my nerves. He is very headstrong and any which way, he wants his way. Else he’d start rolling on the ground and yelling and crying and just would not give up. He has picked up quite a few words Read More →

Today surely is a much better day. Last evening we had the elections of our Association of which Gurdev was the Secretary. This job has been so thankless and draining albeit with its good moments. So happy that he will have much more time to spend with us and also on his career. Yesterday we Read More →

Andheri raatein in Bangalore. Our generator is not working since more than a month and with the monsoons being deficient, there are regular power cuts. It has been three nights in a row and it is pretty frustrating…. Watched jaane tu….. last night. Nice movie, comical towards the end… But these guys sure end up Read More →

The day began on a good note when I found the cellphone I was searching for like crazy last night. Another good thing is Gurdev started wearing his helmet for my peace of mind. Also got the news that a girl Siddharth’s age has got hospitalized due to her typhoid not getting controlled…. Sad news….. Read More →

I began my day with a headache after a night of broken sleep. Sid being sick disturbs my sleep just when I am slipping into some sort of deep sleep. My daily morning walk is disrupted since the past one week and makes me feel fidgety during the day. The weather is cool and depressing Read More →