When they are really tiny, you swaddle them in blankets so that their hands and feet are kept away from scratching their own faces. You protect them as you must, tiny, fragile things that they are. When they are a little older and start crawling, you are always keeping an eye on them to prevent Read More →

Satyamev Jayate is back with Season 2. I had loved the first Season. You may not share my views or enthusiasm but that is fine too. Yesterday’s episode brought on the tears and even the guffaw at one juncture. I know it is depressing to watch the pitiful state that prevails in this country for Read More →

I remember as we were growing up, we idolized people for their success. What was success? Money, fame, popularity, shiny cars, big houses, jewelry, and expensive vacations – did they signify success? Yes! We studied hard to get good jobs in well-known organizations. Life was meant to be lived in the fast lane. Hang around Read More →

As a mother, it is a rewarding experience watching my children grow from tiny infants to toddlers and kids. Each day in this journey has been filled with delightful memories, documenting each milestone, squealing for every tiny progress they made and squirming with every little trouble they encountered. Yes, children are precious! Yet, there are Read More →

I still remember how email first came into my life. Initially I had a hotmail account and one that was given by my dial up internet connection. The idiots had spelt my name incorrectly, so my email account had an extra “a” in my name and half the emails were thus lost. Then came the Read More →

  The spotlight was on me. I was trembling inside. It had nothing to do with butterflies in my stomach. I knew I was very good at what I did. I knew I could do this even in my sleep. But the exhaustion was almost killing me. I glanced at my mother and father sitting Read More →

It was the “International Breastfeeding Week” last week and the “World Organ Donation Day” today. The sole reason why I like particular days or weeks for good causes celebrated is because they really do enhance awareness and can help get more people on board. Also they can point us towards the direction of the problems Read More →

I yearn to be appreciated here and now. I yearn to be remembered today and not paid tributes to after I am gone. I yearn to not be used, misused and abused. I yearn to be not told what I did not do but to be helped if I missed something. I yearn for some Read More →