Whatsapp don'ts

Since the launch of WhatsApp, it has caught on like fire. People think that just because they have your mobile number, it is their duty to WhatsApp you quotes, good morning, good night messages, jokes, videos and add you to groups where you don’t know anyone. All this without once finding out what your wish Read More →

The rosy scenario: Plan a vacation with family to Europe. Book airline tickets with Etihad for its wonderful reputation for hospitality. Get tickets booked through BudgetAir. Eagerly dream about European cruise.  That very same night, a massive itinerary change by Etihad that adds an overnight stay at Abu Dhabi. First prick in our happiness balloon. Read More →

This Post was also published on Huffington Post India here: A Call for Compassion on Social Media Recently, this story was avidly shared on twitter showing us how some of us can run away with the freedom that social media platforms now provide us. How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life While, social Read More →