Though we have a number of online shopping portals, one thing I personally missed was online classifieds that brought buyers and sellers together with no middlemen. Often there are things in the house that you wish to sell because you could be relocating, interested in buying a better model or simply because you don’t use Read More →

Since I regularly shop online, I am always on the lookout for additional deals. And nothing lures more than additional discounts. This is where coupons with added discount hold a special charm. On one such foray, I came across CouponzGuru which is a coupon website. I was pleased to note that it offers coupons for Read More →

I am an avid online shopper! I do everything from shopping for groceries, apparel, movie tickets, hotel tickets, accessories and gifts online. Yes, it is extremely safe to shop online. And with excellent return and refund policies in place, it is also risk free for those times when things don’t fit or match your expectations. Read More →